2015 Best Town Hall 6 Base Design in Clash of Clans

This article will introduce a TH 6 base design newly invented in 2015.


Many Clash of Clans players can't resist the temptation of going after trophies and the glory of winning every battle.


Some would rather farm their village in low profile and march to higher level only when all their buildings are maxed out.


I call the former ones "trophy-seekers" and the latter "looters". But whichever group you are in, a good base is definitely hard to find.


Here is one of the best Town Hall 6 farming bases.



This base has all the buildings fully upgraded. We can see that the Mortars cover everything, with the Wizard towers complement its coverage and defense.


Main Storages are in the centered but also sectioned. It also got a centralized Air Defense and centralized Clan Castle.


The base owner is obviously one of the ''looters", so the Town Hall is placed out on the side to get a 12-hours shield when attacked. The Cannons and Archers Towers are also situated by the side with everything else scattered on the outside.


Hopefully you can learn something from this layout. Please leave your comment if you have a better formation of TH6. Thanks.


Please keep an eye on clash-of-clans-guide for more video guides and strategies.



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