2015 July Best Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.8

Do you know that Minecraft Seeds always keep upgrading? Here is the guide about the best Minecraft Seeds for 2015 July that are actually restructured from those seeds popular in 2015 June. They are : Stronghold in Ravine, Spawn beside Jungle Temple and Minecraft village Seed - Great Loot. Now let tell you about their environment. 



1: Stronghold in Ravine [1.8x]


Minecraft Stronghold Ravine Seed


This Minecraft 1.8x seed constructs a world where a stronghold interconnects to a ravine. There are more than one intersection point between the stronghold and the ravine. When you get across the point, you can view the library with missing walls. You can spot that a End Portal room that hovers around above the ravine and a lava as well as waterfall nearby. 

The place where you start in the game is not the thing you should worry about. You will find you’re adjacent to an ice plains spike biome and ravine (155 68 251 ). You can begin exploring and appreciate the snowy views here,and wander around the the ice plains and go back to spawn.

As the picture shows, you can see there is the second floor of the library and the ladders exposed outside. The structure of the stronghold is a it broken and missing. If you want to teleport straight to it, it is located at 236 34 -668. 


Minecraft Seed: 7352190906321318631
Seed Verified with Version: Minecraft 1.8.3



2: Spawn Beside Jungle Temple


Minecraft jungle temple seed


This Minecraft seed makes you spawn in a deep and thick jungle, which makes difficult to observe where you’re located or where the temple is. However, if you dig down to the ground level or climb up, you can find there is a jungle temple made of cobblestone and moss stone. It just cost you a few minutes to reach it. 

In addition to the jungle temple, there exists a shallow cave that can serve as a shelter to protect yourself. But first you need to drive spiders away. To the north of the spawn (and the jungle temple) there is a river that separates the jungle biome from plain, birch forest and swamp biomes. Under spawn we didn’t see anything spectacular.

Minecraft Seed: 3083175
Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0, 1.7.10



3: Minecraft Village Seed – Great Loot


Minecraft village seed great loot


This is a village where you can obtain diamonds, gold, emeralds, iron and a saddle. There are also bread, bones as well as rotten flesh. When the game starts, you’re on the border between a desert and savannah biome. There’s some good places to be explored, but now we focus on the one village with all the loot. 

The exact position of the village-plus-desert temple is (X/Y/Z) -219/69/312. What you can get are : 3 emeralds, 26 gold ingots, 2 diamonds, 6 iron ingots, iron leggings, a saddle, 3 bread, 15 bones and 11 rotten flesh. Besides that you may run into another village (Village (X/Y/Z): 162 66 357) and a temple (Desert Temple (X/Y/Z): 232 73 65). 

Minecraft Seed: -516687594611420526
Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.1


Content above is about the best Minecraft Seeds for 2015 July. I will continue to upgrade the newest and best seeds for you, thank you for reading.




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