2015 Minecon News - Minecon Held in London on July 4-5


2015 Minecon was held on July 4-5 in London. But the problem is some players are feeling disgusting with the new story mode.


Minecon 2015 London      Minecon 2015 London



This Minecon (minecrafters party) might be the biggest off-line activity since Microsoft's acquisition of mojang. The remaining Minecon really relieves players, but the main problems still exist - like the future charging mode of Minecraft. And when it comes to the news of Minecraft, some players are feeling disgusting with the new story mode, as in their mind, there is enough elements for players to enjoy Minecraft (like the self-made RPG maps). Most of them don't understand the reason why Microsoft's doing so, and they insist that if the story mode came out, high and unaffordable unit price is with no doubt.


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