2015 Top 4 Town Hall 8 War Base Anti Dragon and Hog Design in Clash of Clans




At Clash of Clans Town Hall level 8 you would face constant raids from Town Hall 9 and even Town Hall10 players. It's a stage where you don't have enough defensive power to protect your resources especially your trophies. So a good war base is very important to at least keep you from losing too many stars. This post will introduce some of the best TH 8 war base design I've seen in 2015. 


Before we go to war bases that defend against attacks, it's important to know what is actually attacking you at Town Hall 8. In general, your Town Hall 8 war base need to fulfill these purposes:

  1. Have funneling setup with Spring Traps to guard against Giants;
  2. Double Giant Bombs to take care of Hog Rider rush;
  3.  Well protected and positioned Air Defenses to intimidate mass Dragon attack


Now Dragons are expensive units and usually attackers using mass Dragon raid only aim at big cash or absolute 3 stars. So if you're attacked by mass Dragon army, you are doomed to lose. What you CAN do is to guard against low level Dragons and unsophisticated players. 


Here I present 4 Town Hall 8 war base with strong defenses:

1. Town Hall 8 war base Anti Hog Rider layout:




- Attackers using Hog Rider raid would need maxed Hog Riders and also high level Healing Spell to take out this base.

- Note where double Giant Bombs are possibly placed.

- Skeleton traps will be triggered early in the attack and will deal quite some damage at Hog Riders. 


2. Town Hall 8 war base Strong Funneling layout:



- this design would works great against Giants as one Spring Trap can bounce away 3 Giants in seconds.



3. Town Hall 8 war base with strong Anti Hog and Air capabilities:




- centralized Air Defenses makes it difficult for attackers to get 3 stars with mass Dragons raid.

- the Giant Bombs packs make it good against Hog Riders.



4. Town Hall 8 war base Anti Dragon layout:


- Air Sweeper facing all 3 Air Defenses. That makes Balloons difficult to take out ADs.

- Air Defenses are separated in different cells yet all near the core, providing strong protection for the Town Hall and Clan Castle.


Hope you find these Town Hall 8 war base design applicable to your own use.


Keep an eye on clash-of-clans-guide for more video guides and strategies.


Clash on!


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