3 Best Snow Village Seeds Minecraft PE 0.15: Snow Biome Village

Snow village seed for Minecraft PE 0.15, 0.14, you will be either in snow biome village at spawn or closed to them, and all of these villages have blacksmith to provide you enough items. And Minecraft PE zombie village seed in snow biome appears for the first time! Share and Like, guys!



1. Seed ID: 1404809164


This snow village seed for Minecraft PE 0.15 makes you spawn in the junction of snow biome and plain biome, and closed to the first snow village with blacksmith, which is back behind in diagonally direction. This first village have one blacksmith with a chest of

  • 1 saddle
  • 1 iron helmet
  • 1 iron pickaxe
  • 1 iron boots
  • 6 oak sapling
  • 12 ink sacks

Minecraft pe snow village seed


minecraft pe snow seed with village

When you reach the first snow village, go straight into deep snow biome, you can met the second snow village without blacksmith.


Continue to go straight, the third village is actually a zombie village in snow biome.

minecraft pe zombie villager



2. Seed ID: 343145341


This seed has 3 snow village with 3 blacksmith respectively. Moreover, they are located very closed to each other, which saves your time in searching village in vast snow biome. The first village with blacksmith is diagonally in north of you spawn, you just need to fly higher to catch it in eye. The second one, also called Savannah snow village, is combined with the third one to make double village.

minecraft snow village


Discoverer: ipodzgaming



3. Seed ID: Kaboom


This seed is quite convenient because you just right spawn at a snow village which is in front of you. Unlike previous two, this village with blacksmith is partly in snow biome, plain and mountain! You can get:

minecraft chest


minecraft snow village seed


minecraft snow village seed


Discoverer: Pr1me


Minecraft PE snow seed with village:

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This list will keep updating all the time, if you feel it helpful, please feel free to share, thank you.



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