3 Popular Witch Hut Seed for Minecraft PE 0.15, PE 0.14 + Village at Spawn Seed

Today I list 3 popular witch hut seeds with village for  Minecraft PE 0.14, Minecraft pe 0.15. Village at Spawn and Witch Hut Seed for Minecraft PE is very suitable for survival. And in last witch hut seed you can find a dungeon with chest right updown under the village well. Just leave a like if this guide helps you, hope you enjoy it! 



1. Seed: 77301621

In witch hut seed for Minecraft pe 0.15, Minecraft pe 0.14, witch hut is usually located in swamp biome. In seed 77301621, witch hut is very closed at your spawn. Once you spawn in the world, just walk to your left until you reach a village. 



Walk along the shoreline on the left, after a while you can spot a witch hut located out in the swamp. 



The hut is usually habitated by one witch, inside the hut is a crafting bench and a cauldron. 






2. Seed: -334399639 


This is a village and witch hut seed just right at spawn in Minecraft pe 0.15 and Minecraft pe 0.14. Village with a blacksmith is located on foothills is not far from the witch hut, where you can gold, food and labor tool in blacksmith's chest. 











3. Seed: -1918652647

This is a freshly discovered village and witch hut seed at spawn for Minecraft PE 0.15 with an underground dungeon: -1918652647.


Firstly, with Minecraft PE 0.15 apk installed into your phone, use seed: -1918652647, then you spawn at a swamp village with a witch hut in MCPE 0.15, located between forest biome and swamp biome.









The farm in this village seed provides you with enough food like sugar cane, potato and wheat, reach to the waterside, sometimes you can find mushroom.


Witch hut:

Usually witch hut for Minecraft pe has working table, a cauldron and a witch hut. This seed for Minecraft pe 0.15 combines NPC village and witch hut together, so it’s both village seed and witch hut seed at spawn at the same time. The witch drops stick and potion of strength.




Underground dungeon:

This underground dungeon in Minecraft pe village seed / witch hut seed is usually secretly located beneath the village well. Grad some glowstone, jump down into the well until you reach the end, place glowstone while you keep digging down at the same time, until you reach the dungeon. Be careful the dungeon has skeletons, but also 2 chests of items! So don’t worry about your resource, though there is no blacksmith in the village on the ground






chest 1                                                          chest 2

minecraft_chest_items                         minecraft_chest_items


Try to dig a little further, you can obtain some iron ore nearby the dungeon.



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