5 Best Minecraft Snow Seeds 1.10: Snow Biome Seed with Igloo, Village, Mineshaft, Dungeon

Here is 5 best Minecraft snow seeds for Minecraft 1.10 / 1.10.2, these awesome snow biome seeds have igloo, village, mineshaft, dungeon to be explored, and the vast snow plains, ice spikes and cold taiga biome won’t let you down!

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Minecraft snow seed list:

  • -2788760844838102142
  • 719187021
  • 1410403532
  • 8902591296
  • -1909441585306167820
  • -3849106820459127492



snow seed: 1410403532


In this snow seed, you spawn in snow plain very closed to the first igloo, which is in northwest of your spawn. This seed has 2 igloos in total, and 1 igloo has no basement but a huge abandoned mineshaft under it. Two mineshaft bears under both two igloos, you just need to dig under in the middle of igloos.


The mineshaft bears diversified ores such as redstone, gold, lapis lazuli, and minecart with chest contains lots of useful items.


minecraft seed map


minecraft igloo


minecraft igloo basement


minecraft mineshaft


1410403532 ore


minecraft snow village

The village is located at XYZ: -244 / 64 / 301.



snow seed: -2788760844838102142


There is an awesome snow igloo at spawn, once you spawn, an igloo is right there. The igloo has a basement with a chest containing red apple, gold apple, wheat, coal, etc.


minecraft snow seed map


minecraft snow igloo


minecraft basement



snow seed: 7191870218902591296


In this snow seed, you spawn on snow plain closed to coastline, you need to fly across the vast snow land and reach the ice spikes, then find the tallest ice spikes. There are some frozen water ponds there, and two hollow holes. One hold is dead end, but the other one leads you to a dungeon down there, where there are two dungeon chests!


minecraft snow seed


minecraft snow seed


minecraft dungeon




snow seed: -1909441585306167820


This snow biome seed has village, ravine, mineshft and typical scene of snow world. Once you spawn, take a compass to make it point to southwest, then walk straight forward until crossing snow ice spikes and snow mountain. If you want to save time in searching, the village coordinates is XYZ: 130 / 75 / 584 with a long ravine there, the mineshaft is right down beneath the ravine.


minecraft snow seed


minecraft snow village 

snow village is located at XYZ: 130 / 75 / 584



snow seed: -3849106820459127492


This snow biome seed has many igloo, one of igloo is XYZ: 235/71/135, it has a igloo basement with chest, more funny thing is that the mineshaft is only 3 blocks beneath the basement!


minecraft igloo


minecraft mineshaft


minecraft mineshaft


Mineshaft is located at XYZ: 235/71/135, the torch is your land point when digging down in the igloo basement.


All these Minecraft snow biome seeds have igloo and mineshaft, but dungeon and village in snow biome in Minecraft is quite rare, hope you find them!

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