Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Building Upgrade Order Strategy Guide: Upgrade Defenses or Troops First

When you reach Town Hall 8 you'd unlock many defenses and have a lot of upgrades to do, it's easy to be lost among so many tasks. Should I upgrade Collectors first or Defenses? Should I buy new buildings or should I level up the existing ones first? Or should I max the Laboratory before everything because I need to raid for more resources?

That's pretty much the mess most players get into when newly upgrade to Town Hall 8. The unappropriate upgrade order would waste you many time and would make the process tedious.In this post I'm gonna show you the Town Hall 8 upgrade order that ensures a smooth and efficient leveling process.


 Town Hall 8 Upgrade Order #1: Buy new available Defenses and the 2rd DE drill


It's always better to have all storages full when you just upgrade to Town Hall 8. If you do, buy all new defenses available to you, here is the list of the new things you unlock:


- Wizard Tower
- Archer Tower
- Air Defense
- Tesla
- Walls




After you get all these new buildings, take time to let them upgrade to resonable levels before you max out the existing ones. You can also unlock the new DE drill before other non-defense buildings once you buy all available defenses. It's recommended to have one builder unoccupied so that you can level up your Walls whenever you have enough Gold.



Town Hall 8 Upgrade Order #2: Upgrade your Army


1. Laboratory

It's almost a common sense that the Laboratory is the first upgrade at Town Hall 8 along with the new defenses. This would allow you to level up the regular troops - Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Wall Breakers - to level 5. Level 5 troops have a significant improvement on damage and health which is very important for the whole construction of Town Hall 8. Level 5 troops would guarentee a quick and economic way to get loads of resources that you despartely need at this level.


2. Which troop unit to upgrade first


When you are done with the Lab, you have to decide which troop to upgrade first. While that depends on what each player use most often, the most common choice is the Archer. They are extremely versatile, the most cost effective unit and are a great troop to donate to your clan mates. Here is a list of troops to upgrade according to priority:


- Archers
- Giants
- Goblins
- Barbarians
- Wall Breakers
- Wizards
- Balloons


Note: though level 4 BARCH is enough to farm gold and elixir, they aren't sufficient to gain you DE from Town Hall 8 base. The recommended all resources farming strategy at Town Hall 8 is using level 5 Arches, Giants, Goblins and some Wall Breakers (Level 4 Wall Breakers are quite capable to perform their duty
at this stage so they are not the top priority).

3. Spells


Your Spell Factory would still be level 3 and won't be available for another upgrade till TH 9 (If you haven't maxed it out at TH7 you should do it now). Your Healing Spell and Rage Spell are great support to help you gaining loot in battle so prioritize them first.


Town Hall 8 Upgrade Order #3: Max out Existing Defenses


When you finish the first two steps, it's time to move on to maxing out your defenses(you're supposed to raid constantly and have quick access to enough golds for the defenses' upgrade cost).


1. Splash Damage Defenses - Mortars and Wizard Towers


When Mortars reach level 6 they deal a huge amount of damage and can one shot a group of level 5 Archers. Level 6 Wizard Towers can take out large hordes of Goblins quickly when they are attacking Walls so they are essential in protecting resources.


2. Single Target Defenses - Cannons and Archer Towers


Since at Town Hall 8 especially early stage, your attackers would mostly be farmers using ground troops to grab your resources (they are in as great need of resources as you do), so Air Defenses aren't as urgent as Ground Defenses at this stage.


It's recommended to upgrade Cannons first as they are cheaper (level 10 Cannon costs 1.6 million Gold while level 10 Archer Tower costs 2.5 million) and faster to finish upgrade. After that upgrade your Archer Towers since they can target both ground and air units and at least make a difference against Dragons or Balloons who so like to take out Air Defenses.


3. Air Defenses - Air Defenses and Air Sweeper

After you finish upgrading ground defenses you should be at higher level Town Hall 8 when you constantly get mass Dragon raids and Balloonion attacks.

It's recommended to upgrade Air Defenses first before Air Sweeper and do that one by one or your air defense will be too weak.

4. Clan Castle

This allows you to keep more defending troops and increase the holding capacity of war loot bonus. Keep your CC in the core so that they are not easily lured out and killed.


5. Barbarian King

At early Town Hall 8 the King is not the priority because he is quite lame in defense. But whenever you have a surplus of DE upgrade him to spent the DE so they won't attract aggressive attackers.



This upgrade order is referential of cource and you may switch the priority according to your own needs and goals. When you do finish all important buildings and troops upgrades, stay at Town Hall 8 for some time to get familiar with attack strategy using air troops and take time to save as many resources as possible to prepare for Town Hall 9.




Hope you enjoy your stay at Town Hall 8 and hope this guide is helpful to you in some way. Don't forget to keep an eye on clash-of-clans-guidefor more Clash of Clans strategy guides and videos.



Clash on!



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