Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Farming Strategy Guide: Barch at Full Collectors 


Town Hall 8 has more buildings and researc available for upgrade than previous Town Hall level. That means you have to master the faming units such as Barbarian, Archers, Giants and Goblins to grab Gold, Elixir from other players to speed up your progress.


This post will talk about one of the usual farming strategy - BARCH strategy. If you're already familiar with BARCH in Town Hall 6 or 7, you can skip this post for good. Some players don't like raiding and they don't think it neccesary to command this skill until merely sitting on the village and waiting for collectors to collect enough resources don't work any more. So this is kind of a beginner's guide to BARCH attack.


Town Hall 8 BARCH strategy: Army Composition


- 2 Barracks of Archers
- 2 Barracks of Barbarians


The exact composition is not important. They are cheap troops to train and fast to get. You can raid frequently using them.



Town Hall 8 BARCH strategy: choosing the right target base


In general when you are browsing the bases just skipping around for those with full collectors or mines outside Walls. If you find some inacitve bases that's even better. You can gather many elixir and gold without spending too much. Also seek for those with around 100k gold and 100k elixir to be worthwhile to attack.



Town Hall 8 BARCH strategy: troop deployment


Barch is perhaps the easiest attack in Clash of Clans. Just spraw your Archers around the base looking for full collectors and mines and snipe them as you see them. 


Then spraw your Barbarians immediately to soak up the damages as they would rush ahead of the Archers in closer proximity to defenses. 


If the Town Hall is exposed, take that out with a few Archers to keep up your trophy count.


That's it, it's simple and easy. You should be able to consistently raid many times in a row if you play it right. Mind that this is good for stealing Gold and Elixir, you need extra support to get Dark Elixir as most Town Hall would place the Dark Elixir storage and drill inside the base.


Thanks for your reading and hope you find it useful for your farming. If you have any question please leave your words in the comment section. I'd really like to know what you think about this game. 

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Clash on!

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