CS:GO Guide: How To Install Custom Maps?

How to install a custom map in CS:GO? Many CS:GO likes using custom maps. This guide teaches you how to install a custom map step by step.


1.Download a custom map that you like. 


2.Copy ①the map file (.bsp) and ②the navigation file (.nav) into:
C:\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Counter-Strike-Global Offensive\CSGO directory

3.Find a file named gamemodes_server.txt in your CSGO directory (if you haven't renamed this file before).


4.Open the file up in Notepad and rename it to gamemodes_server.txt. Scroll down to the Map Group section of the file.


6. Save the TXT file and exit Notepad. Load up CSGO, open up your console with the tilde key (~) and type: map "cs_kismayo". Hit ENTER for confirmation.

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