CS:GO Ranks List & All 18 Ranks Explained Guide

There are 18 ranks in CS:GO, including Silver, Gold Nova and Master Guardian. However, do you know how ranks works? Are you struggling to rank yourself up from Silver to Master Guardian? Leveling your ranks is important so this guide explains all 18 ranks in CS:GO for players.


1. Silver 1

A newbie of no keyboard, no mouse and no gamesense. You should play more and practice more in the game.


2. Silver 2

If flashed: panic and throw all your grenades! Purchase the most expensive gun and never eco. Reaction time of a walrus.


3. Silver 3

Run n' Gun rank. P90 and Autosnipers. Never stop moving. Throw your flashbangs when all enemies have died.


4. Silver 4

You begin to notice a small circle which seems to rotate as they rotate on their screen. Besides, you can begin to use M4A4. However, your major activities are still running and gunning.


5. Silver Elite

You have achieve small success. However, you sometimes stop before firing and is easily shocked. For example, the sound of a Negev lets them come back to Silver 2.


6. Silver Elite Master

In fact, you are entitled to reach Gold Nova 1 but your teammates drag you down. You begin to learn complicated callouts at this rank. Using more Minimap here.


7. Gold Nova 1

Euphoric Explosion Rank.


8. Gold Nova 2

You finally reached the rank of two star General in a bomb planting game. You are using minimap more frequently as well as smokes. Kenny_S is the guy who picks up the sniper rifle.


9. Gold Nova 3

You have super intense about CS:GO.


10. Gold Nova Master

All of the AK are yours. However, you are likely to be hit by your friends because betray, cheat and hardships come with getting out of this rank.


11. Master Guardian 1

You are a decent csgo players. You know what a smoke is and how to use a flashbang.


12. Master Guardian 2

Everybody is hacking in this rank.


13. Master Guardian Elite

You are a skilled CS:GO player.


14. Distinguished Master Guardian

The eagle rank is in insight. Nothing can let you leave this rank. The star is forever.


15. Legendary Eagle

You are the Macklemore guy who walks down the street with this pimp jacket in the thrift shop song. You spent your reaction time on a startled Teenage girl.


16. Legendary Eagle Master

You are familiar with CS:GO very much, including every smoke, every flash.


17. Supreme Master First Class

ALL those syllables and you still don't know what the smoke for vents from truck on Cache is! Your Gold Nova 2 friend. Seasoned player, has played with nearly every type of Toxic individual CSGO has to offer.


18. The Global Elite

You are a pro players of CS:GO. You can win the laurel of an ESEA match.


After reading the ranks list and ranks explained guide, do you know all 18 ranks in CS:GO? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on CS-GO-GUIDEfor more guide videos and strategies! 

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