CS:GO World Cup: 5v5 Football Map in Counter Strike

Hey, guys. Welcome to CS:GO community. I am excited to share an interesting map called mg_5v5_football with you. You can play football or socceer with your friends in the 5v5 competitive football gamemode in Counter Strike Gobal Offensive. It is pretty cool and funny. Enjoy your football match in CS:GO!


You can check this mg_5v5_football map on Steam. Please remember to select Casual game mod or else you will not spawn with a knife.






Here is the description of the map.

Mouse 1 to do a low shot 
Mouse 2 to chip ball in the air 
Mouse 1+2 to do a high powerful shot 

Update: Fixed knife not spawning. 

IMPORTANT: use "mp_autokick 0" to disable the auto kick since the map kills the conceding team. 

Servers with this map and all the custom maps for SoccerMod Pro 3.0 (updated) 

Europe 1 
Name: Football (Soccer) – FUR - UEFA – FIFA 
Location: Moscow (Russia) 
Europe 2 
Name: Football (Soccer) – DFB – UEFA - FIFA 
Location: Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 

Europe 3 
Name: Football (Soccer) – FFF - UEFA – FIFA – http://AimingHard.com 
Location: Paris (France) 

North America (CONCACAF) 
Name: Football (Soccer) – CONCACAF - FIFA 
Location: Atlanta, Georgia(USA) 

Oceania (OFC) 
Name: Football (Soccer) – OFC - FIFA 
Location: Sydney (Australia) 

Asia (AFC) 
Name: Football (Soccer) – AFC – FIFA 
Location: Hong Kong (China) 

Africa (CAF) 
Name: Football (Soccer) – CAF - FIFA 
Location: Johannesburg (South Africa) 

Do you like the 5v5 Football Mini-Game Map? Why not play the socceer or join FIFA in Counter Strike? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on CS-GO-GUIDEfor more guide videos and strategies!

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