CSGO Skin Pattern Guide: Top 7 Stunning Random Patterns

As you know, Valve can make skins for CS:GO. However, there are many stunning and cheap weapons skins with random patterns on steam market which not many players know. Pattern is a texture which randomly generated weapon skins. Here are 7 fantastic weapon skin patterns expecially the knife skin patterns in CS:GO, including Case Hardened Patterns, Fade Patterns, Kami Pattern, Sandstorm Pattern, Slaughter Knife, Crimson Web Knife and Doppler Knife.

1. Case Hardened Patterns
Case Hardened Patterns can be found on AK-47, FiveSeven and many knives. They are of great diversity.


1) Blue
Blue Case Hardened Patterns are also called Blue Gems which are the most popular and valuable pattern on AK-47, FiveSeven and knives.




2) Gold
Gold pattern is the second rarest pattern on AK-47 Case Hardened. It is the only full golden AK so many players spend hundreds of keys on it. However, Golden pattern are not so popular on Knife. Besides, the gold Case Hardened skins are easily mistaken for silver which is much cheaper. 




3) Rainbow with Purple = Galaxy
Rainbow with Purple Pattern, Galaxy Pattern, is the third rarest and cool pattern which is a lot of big purple, red and blue spots on gold-silverish background. I think it is pretty cool!



4) Silver
Silver is the most common and cheap pattern which mixes with gold and blue spots. 




2. Fade Patterns
There are many different fade patterns on the steam market, including Fade, Amber Fade, Acid Fade and Marble Fade.


1) More vs. Less Fade
As for these weapons, the more fades it has, the more valuable the skin could be.






2) Karambit Fade Color
Color tone can influence the weapon price. For example the more purple on the knife Karambit Fade, the lesser the price. The more gold and pink, the higher the price. Therefore, the left knife is less valuable than the right one.



3. Kami Pattern




4. Sandstorm Pattern
Sandstorm pattern is of great diversity which has 3 different types, including Gold, purple-gold and purple. Purple is the most rare one. 



5. Slaughter Knife
The value of the knives depend on the position of the pattern. The pattern on the playside or center is much better than on the backside or edge. The pictures are ordered from the most common (zebra) to the rarest (diamond).






6. Crimson Web Knife
The number of web centers in the pattern decides the value of the Crimson Web skins. The more web centers, the higher value.

1) no web
2) 1 web
3) 2 webs
4) >3 webs



7. Doppler Knife
You can get 7 color choices by trading Doppler knife skin.


1) Common - Phase 1-4
Phase skins have black color combined with red and blue color.


2) Infrequent - Sapphirre and Ruby
Clean blue or clean red color.


3) Rare - Black Pearl
Clean purple color without any black, blue or red hues.



The price of the weapon skin patterns fluctuate. However, rare weapons change more, such as AK-47 and knives while other weapons change less such as Sawed-off shotgun or Galil AR.


Do you love these weapon skin pattern? Do you think they are incredible? Why not pick up some cool random patterns on Steam? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on CS-GO-GUIDEfor more guide videos and strategies!

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