Dragloon When ADs Are in the Core: TH 8 Trophy Hunt Guide in Clash of Clans

This article is a supplement to my TH8 Dragloon Attack strategy guide series. 


I've talked about How to Use Dragloon at TH8 to 3 star trophy base before. As you can see from that piece of article, those are bases with Air Defenses spread out. So today I'm gonna talk about how to 3 star war bases with ADs and heavy defenses all in the core. 


Army Compostion:

- 10 Dragons

- 5 Balloons

- 2 Rage Spells

- 1 Healing Spell

- Barbarian King


Break down the base:


- We can see that there are three layers of defenses to take out . Our main target is the 3rd layer which is the core where ADs and Mortars are placed. 


- Since all ADs are in the center, all we need to do is to make a tunnel for Balloons to go into the core and take out ADs.


- Dragons can take up many hits while Balloons can not. So wait until the Dragons take down the second plane, then release your Balloons with Rage Spells on them to take down ADs.



- Drop Dragons at the upper left side to make a tunnel. 


Note: A tunnel is to make way for the LOW HP Balloons to the center.


Attention:  No matter where the ADs are, the order to put Dragons are crucial. It decides whether they would stray away and ruin your raid or they go according to what you planned.


Dragons Deployment Order:


Note 2: It's adviced that you deploy your Dragons accroding to the numbers in the picture. Because when Dragon 5, 6, 7, and 8 are deployed, they would go straight to the buildings nearest and ahead of them. Buildings on their left and right sides have already been cleared by Dragon 1, 2, 3 and 4. That way the Dragons would gather in the center and head to the core as a group (as marked in blue arrows). 


- When the first and second planes are down, drop a Rage Spell


- Release your Balloons after that to go behind the Dragons, who by now are attacking the core and have made a way for Balloons. Balloon would have no other way than to go for the core.

Note:It's important to make sure that the first and second planes have no defenses left. Or else your Balloons would be stranded by those defenses and they won't make it to the core.

- Drop another Rage Spell to support Balloons




Note: Rage spell works better with Balloons than with Dragons. So we are depending on the Balloons to take out the first 2 ADs and the Dragons for the last one.


- When ADs are all down, deploy your King to clear the village.



Compared to bases whose ADs are spread out, bases with ADs clumped in the core are rather easy to tackle. Just remember to deploy your Dragons in the right order, and to make sure that your Balloons are undisturbed by other defensive buildings than ADs before they are in the core.


Here is a video that shows Dragloon in actual practices. Click to see how it works in trophy wars. 


Thanks for your time and patience. Please keep an eye onclash-of-clans-guide for more video guides and strategies.


Clash on!

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