Fallout 4 Glitch: How to Earn Infinite XP & Level Up Fast

In Fallout 4, Experience Points, XP, are the important lifeblood which greatly helps you level up your character fast as many other RPG games. There are many ways for you to earn XP quickly, including killing enemies, unlocking doors, discovering new locations, crafting gear, completing the quests and inputting cheat code commands. However, this glitch guide tells you the 4 most effective ways about how to earn infinite XP and level up super fast in the most cost-effective ways. 



1. Farm The Learning Curve Quest Repeatedly
One of the significant methods to earn unlimited XP is farming the Learning Curve Quests repeatedly. 


1) Active The Learning Curve Quest
After completing serveral Brotherhood faction quests, you can hit the faction’s airship, Prydwen. And then head to the main deck and speak to Proctor Quinlan who will provide you with a Radiant quest called Learning Curve. You just need to agree to help out on patrol to activate this quest.



2) Prepare For The Learning Curve Quest
To prepare for the quest, you are requied to equip a long-range and powerful sniper rifle with a scope. Though you’re asked to protect a fellow the Brotherhood, you need to kill this person later instead.


3) Complete The Learning Curve Quest
Firstly, head outside to the outer walkways and go to the far end so you’re as far as possible from the Brotherhood Knight on patrol near the door. If he sees what you’re up to he will kill you. 

Secondly, crouch to reduce visibility and shoot the target you’re meant to be protecting in the head. He will be down in Boston Airport below you.

Finally, when the quest objective changes, go and see Proctor Quinlan and tell him the target didn’t make it.



4) Repeat The Quest And Farm Infinite XP
You can obtain XP between 300 - 400 from Quinlan depending on your Perks and Intelligence. At last, agree to help on patrol again and complete the quest repeatedly which rewards you infinite XP.


2. Copper Shipment Exploit
Copper Shipment exploit is another effective way to gain infinite XP in Fallout 4.


1) Collect 3 Picket Fences Magazines
3 Picket Fences magazines are required to be collected for the sculptures needed for this exploit.



2) Purchase 5 Shipments of Copper 
Besides, you should purchase 5 shipments of copper from Arturo, the arms dealer in Diamond City Marketplace. However, you can only buy 1 shipment of copper from his at a time and then wait for 48 hours so that Arturo replenishes his supply.



3) Empty All Junk Items Into A Trunk
After having 5 shipments of copper, you need to return to your primary base and open up the Workshop menu. Then, build a Steamer Trunk and empty all of the Junk Items in your inventory into the trunk, except the copper shipments.


4) Exploit The Copper Shipment Glitch 
Return to the Workshop. Access the "My Junk" section in the Workshop and highlight the copper shipment. To perform the exploit, you must press the Store All Junk button, followed by the Take All button in a very short time. 

PS4 players should press the triangle and square buttons while XBOX One players are supposed to hit the Y and X buttons. Slide your finger quickly from one button to the next to engage the exploit.



5) Keep Duplicating The Copper Shipment
You can duplicate the amount of copper shipments each time you roll between the 2 buttons. Continue duplicating the copper shipments until you have 30,000 stack.


6) Building Status
Tab over to the Decorations section in the Workshop and prepare to craft a TON of statues which fills up your settlement. Begin quickly building and placing statues in a row in your settlement until reach your settlement limit. You can know your settlement size from the bar in the upper right corner of the Workshop. Building each statue rewards you 32 XP.


7) Keep Building And Scrapping A Statue
After reaching your settlement build limit, hit one of these statues and Scrap it. Keep building and scrapping this statue, spamming the 2 buttons to earn XP. You can reach level 50 soon and hit max rank in 12 hours.


3. Intelligence Perk & Idiot Savant Perk

1) Intelligence Perk
Another way to farm infinite XP is to unlock ranks in the Intelligence perk early on, which applies a bonus XP multiplier for each unlocked rank. This will grant a extra percentage-based XP bonus on top of what players already earn. Though unlocking a high Intelligence rank can dramatically increase the amount of XP earned, it takes time and doesn’t receive massive XP until later levels.



2) Idiot Savant Perk
In the Luck column, the aptly named Idiot Savant perk can randomly multiply XP for any action between 3 to 5 times the normal amount at lower levels. The lower your Intelligence perk, the bigger the opportunity is to earn this multiplier for actions.



4. Cheat Command 
Inputting a cheat command into the console is the fastest way to level you up. Simply press the tilde key (~) and type player.setlevel [insert number], with the desired level number in place of the brackets.


After reading this guide, do you know how to earn infinite XP and level up super fast in Fallout 4? Why not exploit these useful tips, tricks and glitches to farm unlimited Experience Points in Wasteland? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on fallout-4-communityfor more guide videos and strategies!  

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