Fallout 4 Guide How to Cure Molerat Disease - 2 Ways

If you receive a notice which saying you have Molerat Disease in Fallout 4, please don’t worry and calm down.Many players are also infected by Molerat Disease. It is my pleasure to tell you why did you infected by Molerat Disease and how you can cure it.




1. Why Did You Infected by Molerat Disease?

There is a mission which is called Hole in the Wall in Vault 81. You need to find a cure for a sick little boy who had been bitten by a molerat.


If you or your companion got bit or were splashed by the blood, you were infected by the Molerat Disease which cause you losing a permanent 10 hit to your HP.


2. How to Cure Molerat Disease?

At the end of that mission you were given a choice to keep the cure, split the cure or give it all to Austin.


Unfortunately, if you choose the latter , there is no cure for you. However, if you split or keep the cure then you can easily cure yourself.


What is more, a bug can be used to get all the good of giving away the cure while actually using it for yourself. During the dialogue with the doctor, when he asks if you will give up the cure, you should simply move around until you break the conversation, go into your Pip-Boy, and use the cure. When you look at the doctor again you should still be able to pick to option to give away the cure.



After reading this passage, do you know why did you infected by Molerat Disease and how you can cure it in Fallout 4?Let’s avoid or cure Molerat Disease together in Fallout 4. If you want to know more, please keep an eye on fallout-4for more guide videos and strategies!


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