Fallout 4 Guide: How To Kill Deathclaw Fast - 5 Steps

Deathclaw, an armored monster, is a hideous beast coming in several variations who looks like a small T-Rex dinosaur in Fallout 4. Besides, this aggressive and swift creature is good at leaping and one hitting players with its powerful claws. However, it is challenging for some players to take down this monster because of its excellent resilience and great health, especially for new players. Therefore, this guide tells you 5 steps about how to kill deathclaw quickly, easily and accurately in wasteland.



Step 1: Get Your Power Armor
When you are helping the Minutemen in Concord, you are likely to face with your first Deathclaw fight. At the same time, you are receiving your first suit of Power Armor which is introduced in a Deathclaw fight scene. Power Armor increases greatly your damage resistance, protecting you from the swipes of the Deathclaw.  


Help The Minutemen In Concord


Besides, the partial radiation resistance from Power Armor comes in handy when hunting down Deathclaws in radiation heavy regions, for example Glowing Sea. It is crawling with at least 1 rad-resistant Deathclaw and a whole host of other mutated creatures. The Glowing Sea is found in the farthest southwest section of the map, and can be located during the Main Quest: The
Glowing Sea. An upgraded suit of Power Armor, especially the X-01 model, helps you resist the damage dramatically so make sure to suit yourself up with power armor before fighting against aggressive Deathclaw.


Power Armor


Step 2: Look For Deathclaw
After wearing protective Power Armor, you should start to look for Deathclaw in wasteland. However, you are supposed to keep the creature from spotting you, keep a distance between both and start aiming.


Step 3: Use V.A.T.S. To Slow Time & Aim The Vulnerable Positions

Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, VATS, is a cool machanic that slows time for players to kill enemies by selecting certain hit points and dealing critical hits to a target foe. Since V.A.T.S. has great function of slowing time, this mechanic is especially useful against a fast moving Deathclaw because you can fire off some powerful hits that may not have landed successfully otherwise.



Besides, deathclaw is relatively vulnerable on its head, chest and stomach. Therefore, attacking its deadly positions with V.A.T.S makes the greatest contributions to critical hits and damage on deathclaws. However, V.A.T.S. consumes Action Points which can deplete the Fusion Core on your Power Armor fast so cherish every shooting opportunity.

Last but not least, deathclaw have high energy resistance so you should use heavy weapons and ballistic rifles to help you out.  


Step 4: Keep Your Distance
Deathclaw is extremely dangerous when it gets close to you because the swift swipes with its claws can easily take you down. Therefore, try to keep it far away from you which keeps you safe from harm as you prepare to engage in V.A.T.S. or fire off a distance shot. However, deathclaw is notorious for its lightning speed so be ready to back away immediately.


Step 5: Utilize Weapons
At last, utilize reasonable weapons to help you kill Deathclaw. Grenades and Molotovs deal an amazing amount of damage to enemies from a distance and high-power sniper rifles always play an important role in long range damage.


Sniper Rifles


After reading this guide, do you know how to kill deathclaw quickly, easily and accurately in Fallout 4? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on fallout-4-communityfor more guide videos and strategies! 

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