GTA 5 Vehicles: Top 5 Best & Fastest Motorcycles For Racing in GTA V



As a unique racing class of their own in GTA V, motorcycles can be extremely fun to race with while being some of the fastest vehicles in the game. A few days ago, we also reported that a group of biking enthusiasts in GTA Online have created a petition in the hope Rockstar consider releasing motorcycle-themed DLC. For the GTA 5 bikers, the most exciting moment is racing with their favorite moterbikes, which actually needs a slightly various racing method and once mastered makes it an adrenaline rushed experience competing against fellow racers. Below you will find the top five motorbikes for racing in GTA V with specific descriptions for what makes each bike good – as each bike may present a better purchase for specific types of races.



1. Dinka Akuma

The Dinka Akuma is the motorbike in the game with the fastest acceleration than all others coming in at a 10.0 rating. Its top speed is fast without leaning forward, but unfortunately, the Akuma is unable to wheelie at top speed, reducing its effectiveness on long straights where motorcycles which can wheelie will fly ahead of the Akuma. 

The Dinka Akuma’s incredible cornering abilities and acceleration make it a very easy vehicle to use effectively, but that comes at the cost of a very low skill cap. As such, the Akuma is a very good choice for those inexperienced with motorcycles.



2. Shitzu Hakuchou

The Shitzu Hakuchou is a power-house motorcycle with a beefy body shell that has a strong, powerful engine. It is a more powerful sports bike compared to the Bati 801, bearing a longer wheelbase compared to other sports bikes. This is a great bike for those long straight races, it however lacks some traction when cornering with it being a little heavy. The Hakuchou is a good choice for someone that values speed over handling, or for highway riding because of its power in a straight line.



3. Pegassi Bati 801

In GTA V, the Pegassi Bati 801 is one the fastest bikes in the game. With its excellent acceleration and good handling, it is a very stable and nimble bike. One should be careful with the Bati 801, as its light body can often result in being launched or even wasted when encountering bumpy terrain. Compared to the similarly priced Dinka Double T, the Bati 801 feels slower, but it’s more stable and more user-friendly to operate, making it an ideal sports bike for beginners.



4. Nagasaki Carbon RS

The Nagasaki Carbon RS is a lightweight bike with a short wheelbase and as expected, it is very nimble, it can easily perform a wheelie and a stoppie’, the bike, however, has only average top speed, which can be easily beaten by the Pegassi Bati 800, although its acceleration and maneuverability compensates the top speed, matching the other sports bikes.



5. Pegassi Ruffian 

As one of the fastest bikes in GTA 5, The Pegassi Ruffian is a very quick and versatile sports bike. Like other high-end motorcycles in GTA V, it is powered by a water cooled L3 engine giving it excellent acceleration and decent top speed. Greater stability is credited to its longer wheelbase, which makes cruising at high speeds safer than other shorter bikes.

When you are about to race in GTA 5, the above five motorcycles are good choices for you and can meet various needs for racing.

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