GTA V Excel Drawing Version - How to draw GTA 5 Franklin on Microsoft Excel


Have you ever heard of drawing pictures with Excel, which we often use to make tables or sheets? I guess never. Me, neither. Cause we will be more likey to come to Windows drawing board, or Photoshop, instead of EXCEL, when we are to draw. However, nothing is too strange in the world. A genius player who has a creative thinking has drawn the original GTA 5 painting with Excel lately. 

I finally realized that Excel is indeed a very powerful tool. But accurately speaking, the guy who did this must be a real artist. He made the original painting of Franking walking the dog. Although the extent of the fine can not be compared with professional graphics software, the graphic effect is enough to give us a shock. Let's have a look below.


The quick glimpse of the drawing process:











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Leah Crystal

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