GTA V parody fun video recreation: Spy vs. Spy in Grand Theft Auto V a tribute


Today we bring to you a tribute which is starting to edge closer to the obscure end of the spectrum, though we’re not truly on unknown waters yet. You can imagine what will happen when GTA V meets Spy vs. Spy in tribute video.

Spy vs. Spy is a segment about Black Spy and White Spy battling against each other, with the spy who starts the conflict usually losing because of the other spy's counter plan or Grey Spy's plans. It is based on the monthly wordless comic strip feature in MAD Magazine bearing the same name as the show.

The awesome recreation video was made by the GTA fans and skilled video creators TeamPower AwesomeTeam, who have put together some short-n-sweet tributes to the unique comic series using the Rockstar Editor. The shorts capture the feel and atmosphere of the original comics perfectly, incorporating the kinds of twists typical of them. Whenever you think one spy will win, the other makes a victorious comeback.

The two agents involved in espionage activities, one is dressed in white, and the other in black, but they are otherwise identical. The only thing missing here is their particularly long, rodent-like noses.

Take a look and enjoy!


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