How to Make a Wooden Mansion in Minecraft - 5 Steps

Today I share how to make a 2-floored wooden mansion in Minecraft within 5 Steps. Wooden house, as name tells, what you mostly need is wood blocks, additionally some stone,bricks, fence, and decoration items . Leave a like if this Minecraft mansion tutorial helps you! laugh



Step 1 Lay Mansion’s Foundation and Shape

The first step you should decide what is the size, shape and style (modern or traditional) of house. Usually we will start with a house base, from the bottom floor.  

- Take out some dirt blocks on earth’s surface, make a square base and fill it with wood as house’s floor. 

- Decide the shape of mansion, and build wall on the first layer. Leave some place to install door and window. 

minecraft house frame



Step 2 Finish the Mansion’s First Floor 

Add a layer of wooden planks to separate the first floor and the second floor.  




Step 3 Build the Mansion’s Second Floor 

- Set up walls of the second floor. 



- Extend the second floor to make a balcony. 



- Add fence to surround the balcony to avoid you carelessly fall down. Besides fence are also used to decorate your wooden mansion. 




Step 4 Build the Mansion’s Roof 

Minecraft mansion roof



Step 5 Further Decoration and Refinement 



- Build stairs inside the house on two sides to connect the first floor and second floor. 


- Put furniture and tool you need in interior room. 

Minecraft bed





- Add stairs on two sides to make this Minecraft mansion not so monotonous. 

minecraft wooden mansion 03


- Use dirt blocks to surround the wood mansion as if it were laid on a small mound. 

Minecraft wood mansion

- place stone blocks to make two path outside the house, place all kinds of flower around the mansion, so that you now own a simple garden! 

Minecraft wooden mansion



This is all about how to make a wooden mansion in Minecraft. Hope you enjoy it!


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