How to Make Easy Mob Spawner Trap in Minecraft to Get Items - 4 Steps for Lazy Players

Today we learn how to make a very easy Mob spawner trap in Minecraft to make mob fall to death and drop items. Some lazy players desire to get skeleton’s arrow, creeper’s gunpowder without killing mobs personally. This mob spawner trap is to spawn mob in the dark and make them fall and die automatically to get useful items. This mob trap is also called mob grinder. Let me show you how to make it. 



Before building Minecraft mob trap, you need to know 3 essential conditions about how to spawn mobs in Minecraft first. 


1. Any place where you spawn mobs should have no resource of light totally. So torches are not allowed in this spawn area. Moreover, it should be completely sealed to avoid moon light penetrate in to stop mobs from spawning. 

2. Minecraft mobs spawn on solid block instead of any liquid such as water, lava, nor transparent blocks like glass. I recommended cobblestone blocks to best material to build the mob trap for its large storage and non-flammable characteristic. 

3. Adequate space of the mob farm is one of the most important conditions to have mobs. Zombie, skeleton and creeper usually need 1X1X2 space, while spider spawn in 2X2X2 space. 


Be careful about the size of your mob trap to prevent spider from spawning if you don’t need a large amount of strings so as to leave more space for other mobs. 


Things you should have to make trap include cobblestone blocks, water, hoppers, chest. 



Step 1 Make a Trap Base

(1) Firstly, you need to build a trap base that is at least 24 blocks high, high enough to make mobs fall to death rather than being hurt only. More tall the tower is, more fast mobs die. 



(2) Leave a window to see what mobs drop to ground. Place hoppers and chest under the base. 



(3) The middle of the base should be hollow to make a passage through which mobs drop.  





Step 2 Build a Mob Farm 

(1) Up on the tower base, build a platform have notches, but not to make the spawning farm too large, because mobs always wander towards no specific directions. You should make mobs fall to notches and washed down as quickly as possible. No blocks are placed in center so that mobs fall through the hollow passage. 



(2) Build walls at least 2 -4 blocks high. 



Step 3 Add Water into Notches of 8 Blocks

It isn’t possible for mobs to jump down by themselves. So water are needed pushed them down. The notches should be 8 blocks long to make water flow rather than being still and fail to push mobs. 



Step 4 Seal the Mob Farm 

The last step is to seal the mob spawning farm to prevent any light. The mob farm is completely dark inside to make it possible mobs spawns. 





The working principle of this mob spawner trap is to conceive mobs to fall down into notches when wandering, washed by water to farm's center to drop, die and drop useful items collected in hoppers. Use this trap, and hope you get a many items from dead mobs you trick!


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