How to Protect Your Village from Zombies in Minecraft - 4 steps

In Minecraft Survival mode, a village is where NPC villagers spawn and live in. Sometimes villages have already existed and you still can build a new one village. Usually located in vast plain and desert biomes, Minecraft villages is always the target of hostile mobs such as zombies, creepers, Spider, etc. And zombie, spawning in dark and dimly lit areas such as caves, is the biggest enemy for villages, because they can not only walk close to villages, but also call on their a groups of zombie companion to become a stronger power to attack you. Moreover, Zombie has capability to turn a harmless villager to a “zombie villager”. Therefore, a proper anti mobs house defense is in need to fight back zombie and othr mobs. Here I share with you 4 steps to build Zombie proof village in Minecraft. Hope you enjoy it !


Minecraft zombie



Step 1 Prepare Torches and Glowstone Blocks 

Minecraft torch      Minecraft glowstone block


Minecraft light

Before sunset really comes, arm yourself with swords and armors first. Then begin to craft torches and glowstone blocks, for on one hand they light the night, on the other hand, their fire and light help drive away hostile mobs, and most importantly, Minecraft hostile mobs cannot spawn with daylight, so adequate source of light around your village protects villages from being attacking by zombie and other mobs. 1 stick and 1 piece of coal can make 4 torches, and Glowstone blocks an be got in the Nether. Both of them are cost saving and resource economical, and can emit light to stop mobs from spawning



Step 2 Build Fence and Cobblestone Wall around Village

Minecraft village      


Minecraft village

Although hostile mobs hardly spawn around light, it is still possible mobs get through light and get close to village. Besides, torches and glowstone cannot drive away mobs that have already existed. Build a fence or cobblestone wall around village border can stop zombies outside. How tall the fence and wall are depends on how many mobs there in your Minecraft world. 


Step 3 Make Iron Golem to Guard Village

Minecraft iron golem

Iron Golem can defend villagers and kill hostile mobs if they intend to get close to villagers. They have strong power to fight against zombies and other mobs with hard hits. These iron golems can naturally spawn in village, and can be created by yourself with 4 iron blocks shaped in “T” and 1 pumpkin on the top. Iron golems wandering around villages can effectively frighten zombies and keep village safe. 



Step 4 Tame Wolves & Ocelots to be Village Guard 

Minecraft wolf     


Minecraft ocelot

With iron golems protecting villages, you as players also need loyal bodyguard to defend yourself. Tamed wolves is still fierce to zombies, while tamed ocelots mainly frighten creepers but don’t attack hostile mobs. Besides with wolf pets and ocelot pet as companions is also an entertainment, isn’t it ? To tame a wolf, you need at lest 12 bones, for ocelots, raw fish and patience both are required, for they’re shy and careful. Don’t bother them unless they are willing approach you. 




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