How to Record League of Legends Gameplay Videos Without LOL Replay? Try SmartPixel

As we know, League of Legends is ranked on the top popular games list. There’re many LoL gameplay videos on YouTube, all of which show the amazing skills and tricks in game. Especially for some famous gamers whose videos attract numerous LoL fans. That’s really a cool thing to have so many congenial fans through the gameplay video. Frankly speaking, I am also addicted to playing LOL and adore recording my own LOL gameplay videos. I bet all the LOL gamers would like to record his or her triumph moments and share those videos with friends. 


But I wonder how your guys record your gameplay videos. Of course LOL Replay can record all your League of Legends Matches so that you are able to review statistics from all your past matches. But sometimes, LOL Replay isn't really a stable program, which is not so easy to operate. Thus you might fail to record or get a broken replay video because of some bugs. Actually, I myself have ever come across such situations but finally found an alternative recording software to figure it out. Here I strongly recommend a free screen recorder SmartPixel, with which, you can capture everything on your screen in HD quality easily without worrying bout getting a broken gameplay video. Moreover, it can help you to upload your video to YouTube immediately after recording.


Then I'll show you how I use SmartPixel to record HD quality LOL gameplay videos step by step:


First of all, Launch SmartPixel software(if you didn't install it yet, you can download from: and log in LOL account. After opening the SmartPixel program, you will see this interface. And I begin to record My LOL game video by hitting the "Recorder" button. 


SmartPixel Recorder



Then comes the below interface, in which we need to choose one of the Recording Mode cause SmartPixel software offer full screen capture and area screen capture mode as well as PIP mode(Which allows player online comment via webcam during game screen capture). Actually I record my LOL gameplay video just by Full screen mode then it can capture my whole computer screen when I am playing LOL. But you can also select Area mode when you record your videos. There will be four red coordinates on the screen for screen capture area adjustment once you choose Area mode. After the screen area adjustment is done, press "Refresh" button on the top right corner of the floating window then you will see the game screen captured on the recorder window. 


SmartPixel recording mode



After selecting the area mode, there is one more thing left before starting my game capture, that is, to adjust the game recording resolutions and FPS rate. Just click the settings button at the right bottom corner of the recorder window and set the size and FPS. Here is what I am setting: HD720P Size and Ultra 30 FPS. Then click the close button to minimize SmartPixel Recorder window into the taskbar or click mini mode at the bottom right of the Recorder window after finishing the record settings. Now Press F11 to start LOL gameplay video capturing.



LOL gameplay


When the gameplay recording is over, press F12 to end and save it, which will be automatically saved on C:/SmartPixel/save/videos by default. Besides, the gameplay video will be saved as FLV format, which means that the video clips can be uploaded to YouTube Channel immediately when it is done. The whole recording process is fast and simple, no need complicated opeartion steps. 


LOL gameplay video



In fact, I have edittd my LOL gameplay video when I finished recording, and then uploaded it to Because I just wanted to keep and share some part of gameplay video, not the whole of them. So I press the "Edit" button and enter the following interface. Then I directly click the "Upload" button to upload my video clips to Goplay platform. Of course, you can add music, photo, subtitle, and special effects when you edit your LOL gameplay video in order to make your video clips more fancy and charming. 


SmartPixel - LOL


Below is my own LOL gameplay video clips, I'd like to share with your guys, please enjoy it. And you can try to use SmartPixel software to capture your own LOL gameplay videos. I really hope I can watch your guys' LOL gameplay videos and learn some playing skills because I'm just a LOL greenhand.



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