HQ 18 Defense Base Formation Boom Beach Recommendation

HQ 18 belongs to the high level stage in Boom Beach, during which the player’s ability will be increased a lot. But how should HQ 18 players do to defense the other player’s attack? Let’s have a look at the HQ level 18 defense base formation in Boom Beach.



No. 1 HQ 18 anti T-med Compact Formation

Recommended level : ★★★☆☆




The 3 Boom Cannons still are the key defenses of the base, you should place them in a triangular shape, and the attack range of them should cover each other. You had better upgrade your Boom Cannons to level 10 so that your opponent cannot blast away them with Barrage or Artillery before the battle. The Mines on the left side can help to block the Warriors and Tanks to some extent. Place the Cannon with the Sniper Tower can help to attack the Tanks greatly.



No. 2 HQ 18 anti Warrior Formation

Recommended level : ★★★☆☆




The Rocket Launcher on the front of the base can attack the Hooka once they deploy on the beach and make your enemy t consume more Smoke Screen on the Tanks. Also, there are many Mines hid behind the buildings. High level Boom Cannon can defense Tanks, too. However, this HQ 18 base is very easy to be taken down by Tank-Grenadier-Medic.




Because different base has different function, you should choose the base formation according to your own situation. If you want to know more, please keep an eye on Boom-Beach-Guide for more guide videos and strategies!

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