KFC Launchs LOL Themed Restaurants And Meals in China Giving Free Skin Cards

To celebrate League of Legends four-year anniversary in China, KFC launchs LOL themed restaurants and meals in China. What is more, free and limited skin cards will be presented as gifts to the customers who purchase the themed meals. It is my pleasure to introduce more details about League of Legends themed restaurants and meals for you.

As you know, China is a big country which has 661 cities. However, only 3 developed cities are covered by LOL themed restaurants now, including Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen. It is believed that more League of Legends themed restaurants will be built in other cities.


                             League of Legends Themed Restaurant


KFC launchs two themed meals and a bucket meal setting.

                                                 Themed Meal A



                                                 Themed Meal B



                                               Bucket Meal Setting


Customers who buy the themed meals will get a free and limited skin card.


                                                    Skin Cards



                                                 Janna Forecast



                                                Nidalee Snow Bunny



                                  Gangplank Toy Solider

Do you want to visit League of Legends Themed Restaurant? Do you feel like the bucket meal setting and themed meals? Do you eager to own limited-edition LOL skin cards?

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