MineCon 2015 | Three Changes in Minecraft Updates

Minecon 2015



Mojang revealed in MineCon that Minecraft is having several updates on desktop, console and smartphone.And a new "Minecraft: Story Mode" game is also be premiered.



As the Microsoft-owned gaming company, Mojang says, it works to please and maintain its community, Minecraft is going to undergo some hefty improvements and additions in the next year. At a panel on Sunday during Minecon 2015, a Minecraft convention held in London over the weekend, Mojang developers announced several upcoming features for the console, desktop and mobile versions of the game.


The hourlong panel featured Mojang’s main staffs, and the audience which was about 2/3 adults and 1/3 children, according to The Guardian. First released in 2009, the game involves building worlds out of virtual bricks. A creative and an adventure mode focus on constructing and exploring lands, when a survival mode allows for battling opponents. Below are several of the main updates coming to the game, with accompanying videos from Twitter user and Minecraft player @FoxyNoTail.


Now, Minecraft players are able to equip their characters one in each hand with 2 total items.

Now, Minecraft players are meeting tougher mobs and monsters.

Now, Minecraft players are having new game areas and levitation.



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