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Hi!You must have for a long time didn't heard about the news of the 1.9 update.In fact, a big classification capacity of about 1.9 update is through a variety of show it and there are a lot of reform about fighting, so this time updated also known as the battle.
First, let's have a look at my own summarize several important update site:
At the end of the renewal of the Dual wield update
Shield and the update of an arrow (including quiver, but was later cancelled)


Minecraft 1.9

At the end of the update from jeb a photo of them on the outpouring of, as at the end of the background to the appearance of more new buildings, made up of many of the new squares.A return to the main entrance will be generated in advance of the world, but you don't have the egg on top and at the end of the new land will be to the end of now is completely different.Dragon can rebirth at the same time, have stronger power.


Dual wield update is the one of the biggest bright spot of an update.It is known to all that is necessary to dual wield weapons and shields, and already have a this type of mod.Fighting this update is to let the game become more interesting and exciting.

Shield and the update of an arrow is also one of the more important point.Shield with the sword, combined with the dual wield, is also a fight for update.In this update, added more arrows, what's the use of all this, also need when released.

In addition, there are some updates were revealed, such as grass, for the hearing impaired support and assistance to the left.What will happen to these things?Update time also have to wait.



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