Minecraft PE 0.14 Jungle Village Seed + Surface Dungeon: -2025962066

Here is a new Minecraft 0.14 jungle village seed with dungeon: -2025962066, this seed consists of 3 villages, 3 temple and a surface dungeon as far as I have seen. This seed is found by Damasen. 

Seed: -2025962066

Firstly you will spawn in a jungle, then turn to your right and walk in right direction, village ❶ will appear in front of you on the border of jungle biome and desert biome. Of course both 3 villages are located in desert biome. 

minecraft jungle village seed 01


Continue to go straight along the border and past village ❶, you can see village ❷ is not far from village ❶. Village ❷ doesn’t have any blacksmith. 


minecraft village seed 02


minecraft jungle village seed 02


minecraft jungle village seed 03


Continue to go straight again to reach village ❸ a little far away. In this village there is blacksmith and items you can find in chest:

- 1 iron chestplate
- 4 iron ingots
- 2 apples
- 6 bread
- 2 gold ingots
- 1 iron sword
- 1 saddle

minecraft jungle village seed 04


minecraft pe temple 05


minecraft pe temple 06


The surface dungeon is in the right direction of village ❸, but the surface dungeon is hidden in hill and overhang. 
The dungeon includes a zombie spawner and 2 chest with 

- 4 buckets
- 14 strings
- 9 wheat
- 2 gunpowder
- 1 bread


minecraft village seed









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