Minecraft PE 0.14 Surface Dungeon at Spawn Seed : 1422058821

Hello everyone, today I introduce you a rare exposed and surface dungeon seed for Minecraft pe 0.14: 1422058821.

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Minecraft pe surface dungeon seed: 1422058821.


In this surface dungeon seed, you firstly spawn in a plain, turn left at spawn, there are two small water pond in front of you. Walk past the two pond, on the right of the second pond, there are two caves. You can find a surface dungeon at the left cave.

minecraft pe plain


The right cave has many exposed coal to be mined.

minecraft pe dungeon seed


minecraft pe surface dungeon


The chest in the dungeon contains:

  • 9 gun powders
  • 6 iron ingots
  • 3 wheat
  • 1 bread loaves

minecraft pe dungeon

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