Minecraft PE 0.15.0 Confirmed Newest Updates and Changelog List - Don't Miss Any Change

Hey everyone, this is all known Minecraft pe 0.15.0 newest update features and changelog. In MCPE 0.15.0 there are freshly added mobs, blocks and world features. Now we all see that Minecraft pocket edition is more and more closed to Minecraft PC, in the future there are few difference between MC PC and MCPE version.


minecratf pe 0.15 horse


- 256 height worlds: Minecraft 0.15.0 is 256 blocks high
- Commands  
- Command Blocks  
- Resource Packs
- Realms  
- Pig Riding


Blocks and Items
- Horse Armour
- Saddle  
- Carrot on a stick
- Name tags
- Leads
- Mutton 
- Tipped Arrows (For Current Potions Types)
- Pistons 
- Observer Block ( BUD Block)
- Fire Charge 


Spawn Eggs
- Horse Spawn Egg
- Mule Spawn Egg 
- Donkey Spawn Egg
- Zombie Horse Spawn Egg
- Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg 
- Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg  
- Stray Spawn Egg 
- Husk Spawn Egg



- Horses 
- Stray (another skeleton variant)
- Husk (another zombie variant)


World Generations
- Jungle Temples
- Biome Dependent Villages  



- Skeleton AI is now the same as PC
- Possibly New Options Menu



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