Roadhog Skins, Quotes and Backstory: A Little Heavy Piggy in Overwatch

Roadhog is one of the tank heroes in Overwatch, and he is also a ruthless killer with a well-earned reputation for cruelty and wanton destruction. This passage will show you all the Roadhog skins, quotes and background story in details, and you can also find Roadhog’s Emotes, Victory Poses, Voice Lines, Sprays, Highlight Intros in the video below.




Background Story

Mako Rutledge was one of the residents of the Outback when its omnium and the surrounding area was gifted to the omnics. He and other Outback residents were displaced, and formed the Australian Liberation Front to take back the land. The ALF fought the omnics until they sparked an explosion that irradiated the outback.


Mako adapted to the new environment by donning a mask and riding the broken highways on his chopper. He became an enforcer, and was eventually hired by Junkrat as a personal bodyguard in exchange for half of Junkrat's profits. Together, the two went on a crime spree around the world.


In Going Legit, Junkrat and Roadhog made a deal with the CEO of Hyde Global in Sydney to rescue its workers from omnic terrorists. They found out that the 'terrorists' were actually Hyde Global drones, and that the CEO had set them up, so they hung him from the top story of his skyscraper before blowing it up.


Junkrat and Roadhog have stolen royal artifacts from King's Row, destroyed shops and trucks in Paris, robbed the arcade in Hanamura, and stolen most of the Bank of Dorado's gold in their crime spree.




1. Roadhog: Maybe you can stay out of trouble this time.

Junkrat: Oh, I'll be on my best behavior!


2. Roadhog: (OnNepal) Great place, shame I have to kill someone here.


3. Roadhog: (OnKing's Row) I think they are still angry about those jewels we stole... I miss that crown.



Classic Skin

You can get this classic skin for free after purchasing the game. A heavy man with a rusty hook.





Rare skins

Epic skins cost 250 credits-overwatch or you can also unlock it in loot boxes.


1. Kiwi



2. Mud



3. Thistle



4. Sand




Epic Skins

Epic skins cost 250 credits-overwatch or you can also unlock it in loot boxes.


1. Pigpen



2. Stitched




Legendary Skins

Legendary skins are quiet different from others and more special, which cost 1000 credits-overwatch or you can also unlock it in loot boxes, I mean, if you are lucky enough :).


1. Islander



2. Mako



3. Toa



4. Sharkbait




Overwatch ► All ROADHOG Skins, Emotes, Voice Lines, Victory Poses, Highlight Intros, etc.




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