Six Golden Defense Rules for Playing Boom Beach

As we all know that Boom Beach is a strategy game, which needs us to act as a Commander in the game. So in order to play the game well, there are some golden defense rules you need to know. Now let’s have a look at it.






Rule 1.

Always ensure that no defenses can be dual hit by a single arty shell. By letting multiple defenses touch each other, you basically double the damage an Artillery delivers if the attacker places it there. Even more stupid is to put important defenses touching each other. Simply put, by sticking your buildings close to each other, you are helping your enemy to increase his Gunboat Energy and destroy you.


Rule 2.

Always have multiple Machine guns or Flamethrowers in range of the Headquarter. Don’t give the Warriors users a free lunch. Make them work for it.


Rule 3.

Ensure that Sniper Towers and Mortars form the first line of defenses. Don’t give the Grenadiers an uncontested win.





Rule 4. 

Ensure that Boom Cannons and Shock Launchers can hit a Tank which is sniping the Headquarter no matter from what angle. Make them work for it. This strategy also helps against Hooka. 


Notes: Drag a Flamethrower in the area occupied by the HQ. It will give you a rough estimate of where your enemy can snipe your HQ from.


Rule 5.

Make sure that the number of the most key defenses that can be shocked is only 2 by per Shock Bomb. Decreasing the Shock Bomb efficiency of you enemy will allow you to have a better chance of survival as your enemies run out of energy to support their Troops. In Boom Beach if they run out of energy and can’t get more, their attack will go south really quickly.





Rule 6.

Be proficient with all the attack strategies. If you can get the hang of all the offense strategies, you can do some self-analysis of your home base and fix it before it even enters the water. It will also go easy on your resources and net your Diamonds and Intel quickly. 



This is the end of the six golden defense rules for playing Boom Beach, hope you can learn something helpful from it. If you want to know more, please keep an eye on Boom-Beach-Guide for more guide videos and strategies!

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