TH8 Anti GoWiPe (Golem-Wizard-P.E.K.K.A) Farming Base in Clash of Clans Sharing

Gowipe is strong against open bases in TH8, do you think your TH8 base is able to defense Gowipe? Here I am going to share with you TH8 anti Gowipe farming base in Clash of Clans. Hope you will like it.



The most important thing to defense Gowipe is to level up your Hidden Tesla and place them in the center, so that they are still around when the P.E.K.K.As get to the middle. And there are two schools of thought:


  • More compartments - Gowipe is a slow attack force, and having to break through multiple walls will slow it down. The problem with this is that more compartments mean tighter spaces, which leaves you vulnerable to Hog Riders.


  • Funneling - If you can build a layout that will encourage the P.E.K.K.As to go around your core instead of through, this is ideal. The downside of this approach is that Wall Breaker usually have an easier time getting to the next level walls.


I prefer the second idea, only because I want to keep my base as mysterious as possible - tighter compartments make your base pretty straightforward (no room for inner trap sets). At TH8, you're pretty much going to get 3starred eventually; your goal should be to soak up as many attacks as possible before getting leveled. Hiding traps is the best way of doing this.


TH8 Anti-GoWiPe Base:







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