Top 5 Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Defense Bases Recommendation

As we all know that, Clash of Clans is a strategic game, so players need to make great effort and spend a lot of time in order to play the game well. Especially, the Town Hall 8 has always been one of the most difficult HQ level for players. It is very important for TH 8 players to arrange a good base. So here I am going to share with you the Clash of Clans TH 8 defense bases tips. Hope you will like it.



No. 1




We can see in this TH 8 base that the Storages are placed separately, in case your enemies can loot all the resources at once. The Town Hall and the Dark Elixir Storage are placed on the center, that is mainly to lure your enemy troops to go inside, because most of the TH 8 players want to loot some Dark Elixir.


So most of the defensive buildings should be placed on the right side of the Dark Elixir. The Spring Traps can help you solve the Giants easily. There is no doubt that this TH 8 base can protect both of your Town Hall and Dark Elixir storage.



No. 2




This Clash of Clans TH 8 defense base layout is mainly for the War base. It is good at defensing Dragon. The defensive buildings in this base are placed intensively, no matter how your enemy’s Dragons fly, they cannot attack the buildings inside.

If your enemy attacks with Hog Riders level 5, this base can help you anti 3 stars. Actually, it depends on how you place your Bombs on the base to defense Hog Riders Rush. So player can adjust this TH8 base to anti Hog Riders Rush.



No. 3




This TH 8 base is good at defensing 10 Dragons and level 6 Balloons. Bombs are placed carefully to defense Hog Riders Rush. And it is not easy to kill the CC troops as the Clan Castle is placed inside. Finally, all the defensive buildings in this base are placed evenly.



No. 4




The biggest advantage of the TH 8 base is that the Storages are placed separately, the attack range of Wizard Tower and Mortar can cover all the resources, and the Dark Elixir Storage is in the center of the firepower. The Barbarian inside can act as a mobile defense tower to increase attack ability. Also, as the Town Hall is on the below, most of your enemy will choose to attack from the below. So you can place more traps on the below to defense your enemy.



No. 5




This is a Town Hall 8 War base which can defense Hog Riders effectively. The traps are on the attack route of Hog Riders. The 3 Air Defenses are around the Town Hall. The Seeking Air Mine and Air Bomb are in the front of the Air defense, that can kill the Balloon and Dragon with a second.




After seeing the top 5 Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 defense bases recommendation above, do you know how to arrange a good Town Hall 8 base? Different base has different function, you should choose the right base according to the actual situation. If you want to know more, please keep an eye on Clash-of-Clans-Guide for more guide videos and strategies!

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