Top 9 Cheap & Cool CS:GO Skins Are Worth Buying(Under 1 Dollars)

Though CS:GO is an excellent FPS, it isn't all about flash grenades and headshots. Killing spree with a cool weapon is an indispenable game experience for players. However, some epic weapons are likely to cost much money of players. Therefore, the guide share top 9 cheap and cool CS:GO skins with players. All of these cool skins are under $2 and most of them are even less them 1 dollar. They are pretty cost-effective. Hope you like them!

Top 9: Mac 10 Malachite $0.46



Top 8: AK 47 Blue Laminate $1.79



Top 7: PSD Module $0.46



Top 6: P250 Valence $0.82



Top 5: Aug Chameleon $1.68



Top 4: M4A4 Radiation Hazard $1.45



Top 3: CZ75 Tigris $0.39



Top 2: Sawed Off Origami $0.26



Top 1: Mac 10 Nuclear Garden $1.03



As you know, the prices of CS:GO weapon skins are up and down. The prices I list are the lowest ones. After reading these pictures, do you love the 9 cheapest and coolest skins in CS:GO? Why not pick the one you like? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on CS-GO-GUIDEfor more guide videos and strategies!

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