Town Hall 5 Anti 3 Stars Defense Base Strategy in Clash of Clans

Hello, everyone. Welcome to our Clash of Clans Community. When you have reached Town Hall 5, you will be able to unlock more defenses, so you will need a good TH 5 base to add your new defensive buildings. This passage is going to share with you the Town Hall 5 anti 3 stars defense base strategy in Clash of Clans. Hope you will like it.




Above is a Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 defense base, because I haven’t enough money to add the Wizard Tower, you cannot see the Wizard Tower in the picture yet. But you can place the Wizard Tower in the blue circle (Showed in the picture above).

This TH 5 base can protect both your resources and Town Hall, most of the time, it can win you trophies. When you use this Town Hall 5 base, the other TH 5 players are impossible to attack you with 3 stars, and the other weaker players will not attack you. 


The key of this Town Hall 5 base is the placement of the traps. You can see that the Spring Traps are placed on the breach of the walls. Giants will definitely walk towards there in order to get the resources. And whichever direction your opponents choose to attack, they will be attacked by 3 defensive buildings at the same time.




Welcome to watch the video below for better understanding:





This is the end of the Town Hall 5 anti 3 stars defense base strategy in Clash of Clans. If you want to know more, please keep an eye on Clash-of-Clans-Guide for more guide videos and strategies!

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