Valve Immortalises CS:GO Epic Events Through Graffiti

As you know, CS:GO tournament events are filled with incredible moments. To commemorate these epic scene, Valve immortalises events in-game in the form of graffiti. As CS develops, these memorials embed the competitive history of the game within each map, providing loyal fans with a nod of recognition and advertising key moments for new players to look back to.


1. AWPing in two s1mple steps
The recent commemorative event of CS:GO stemmed from the recent ESL One Cologne Major, where Team Liquid’s Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev hit two unscoped AWP shots in a row to beat Swedish powerhouses, Fnatic. Entering the B-bombsite on Cache through heaven, s1mple kills one player when falling before flicking to a second kill at absurd range. 



2. Stone-cold slayer
Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David from SK holds the true amazing moment of CS:GO. At a 15-9 scoreline, Team Liquid needed just one round to secure victory over the Brazilians at the 2016 MLG Colombus Major. With absolutely no margin for error, coldzera led a key AWP defence of Mirage’s B-bombsite. 



3. Four-AWP Fnatic
At Cologne 2015, Fnatic used an aggressive AWP play to beat the socks off French side EnVyUs. At $4750 dollars coupled with a lack of flexibility, it’s rare to see teams run more than one AWP per round, with more than two all but unheard of.



4. Burning man
CS:GO’s molotovs plays important role in delaying pushes, dealing serious damage and denying bomb plants. With little time left on the clock, you can make use of a well thrown molotov to win the round.



Do you love these graffitis? Which commemorative event of CS:GO impresses you most? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on CS-GO-GUIDEfor more guide videos and strategies!

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