• Deer Jungle Shooting Ads-free

    Deer Jungle Shooting Ads-free

    Welcome to the beautiful real jungle environment in this deer hunting android game. Have an enjoyable hunt with beautiful wild deers.Each level has its unique objective. Achieve the target and gain access to the next level.How to Play:• Select a level from the level screen• Select appropriate gun for the level• Walk around and hunt the deers in the given duration • Level will be failed if deer is not shot in the given time duration or you are failed to achieve the objective • Sometimes, you will have to buy a new gun to play a specific level• Play a previous level if short of money to buy a new gunSpecial Features:√ FPS (first person shooting) game√ Great 3D graphics√ Realistic game play.√ Perfect Control√ With each new level, your addiction increases√ 10 levels in first release√ Fun and addicting√ Beautiful environment√ Charming background sounds of monkeys and birds Please stay in touch for further updates for:• More levels • More guns Like us on Facebook:Also visit our blog:A Game By Jelly Games Studios.Note: This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the App only as per Google Policy.

  • Territory Defense HD Augmented

    Territory Defense HD Augmented

    Looking for something DIFFERENT? Here you go...The most innovative Augmented Reality (AR) game that YOU WON'T EVER FORGET!ATTENTION: First "Robot Fight" at level 23!■ Unique Innovative Game Experience!PlayStation controllers or Microsoft Kinect try to let you join the virtual reality but their fantasy world is finally in prison inside your TV frame while you are standing outside! By playing Territory Defense, you are standing INSIDE of the game! you can physically turn, look up, look down, track the enemies even when they passed your standing point! This game-play experience is unique and the first of its kind at this level of quality ever!■ Pure Adrenaline, Non-Stop Action!Thousands of fighters fly over leaving you deadly missiles! High tech robots step your grounds, programmed for pure destruction! Parachutes bring you surprising achievement boxes, friendly air force jets support you to clean up the sky when it get dirty! 3D explosion sounds leave you no silence! This is how we pump up your adrenaline!■ Innovative 3D Sound System:Territory Defense takes benefits of our innovative 3D sound engine! You can imagine it as a mixture of 3D surround sound and positioning of sound sources based on augmented reality positioning system using device sensors in a way that you can recognize direction, distance and even the flying direction of fighters with closed eyes!■ Perfect Sound Tracks Collection!What can make a perfect game even more attractive? Perfect musics! Each single one of them worth more than what you pay for this game! Use headphone and enjoy our sound tracks. We are waiting for your feedback...■ Challenging The Killer Machines:Fighters and bombers are no longer your worst nightmare, get ready for giant full armored robots! They fly to you from the horizon to land on your territory! They carry heavy machine guns, rockets and missiles. Even able to protect themselves by activating their laser shields! They will treat you and all you are standing for because they understand no word but 'Destruction'!■ Unlimited Levels:Levels get different variations of fighter types, groups, flight paths, achievable weapons and environment ambiances. The Territory Defense levels are as unlimited as your dreams! Each mission is a new challenge that makes you proud of yourself when is completed.Let your top smartphone shows what it can!A must for top devices like Nexus tablet and phones, Galaxy Note, HTC One, Galaxy S4, ...Tags: augmented reality ar 3d accelerator gyroscope AR

  • Scare Your Friends - JOKE!

    Scare Your Friends - JOKE!

    Do you want to scare your friends? Get the best funny prank app, which will frighten even the toughest guy.★★★ More than 20.000.000 downloads around the world! Thank you! ★★★ When your friend is using your phone, a terrifying picture will suddenly appear with a horrifying sound in the background.You only need 3 simple steps to play a trick on you friend: 1. Choose a horrifying picture. 2. Choose a terrifying sound.3. Set the time after which you want to scare your friend.Give your telephone to your friend to play with. After the set time, the horrifying picture with the terrifying sound will startle your friend :).Scare, surprise and shock your friends.Have a good fun!

  • Christmas Night Shift

    Christmas Night Shift

    Can you survive five nights at the asylum during Christmas?Christmas has never been so terrifying!!!It's Christmas at the Ravenhurst Mental Asylum - and you're back for another week of work!'Christmas Night Shift' is the sequel to 'Asylum Night Shift' - and features another five nights of terror during the Christmas holidays!----------------------------------NOTE: It is recommended that this game is played on a newer phone with at least 512mb of RAM. The game will crash on older devices.----------------------------------Welcome back to your job as nightwatchman at the Ravenhurst Mental Asylum. From your security office you must keep watch on the festive asylum patients throughout the Christmas holidays - and make sure that they don't get into your room!'Christmas Night Shift' brings a whole new depth of gameplay to the survival night shift game - including:* An interactive map console where you can open and close doors around the asylum. Use the doors to prevent the patients reaching you!* Patient tracker devices which allow you to monitor the patients movements on your map console.* Security cameras where you can watch the patients walking around the asylum.* A warning alarm in your office which will alert you when a patient is approaching.* A faulty office security door… use it wisely, and only when you really need to!Protect yourself from these four terrifying festive patients:Santa Claus:This guy comes in every Christmas without fail! This year he was found stuck headfirst down a chimney… they say he was foaming at the mouth like a wild animal!The Christmas Elf:Wherever Santa Claus goes you can guarantee his little friend won't be far behind! But don't be fooled by the cute green outfit and pointy hat - he's a vicious little creature!The Snowman:He may look distinguished with his top hat and carrot nose - but Snowmen are never friendly!Rudolph - The Beast of the North Pole:Don't let the shiny red nose fool you - there's nothing christmassy about this beast!

  • Tank Helicopter Urban Warfare

    Tank Helicopter Urban Warfare

    The world is under attack, we are at state of war We have to shoot down every single apache helicopter without missing a panzer tank fire. There’s been a dangerous assault mission between the army and the terrorists, battle tank vs apache helicopter, terrorists who have taken over or captured the army apache helicopter at desert basecamp. Now they are moving towards urban city and you have to fight against them. Its high time you have to take control of elite anti-terrorist battle tanks, as you unleash a devastating attack on gunship air battle helicopter, as the killer terrorists have pillaged the suburban city and taken over the area. Without any army truck and armour backup support, you have to be the front line worrier leading the tank vs helicopter battle. The shooting missions and massacre continues until you win the war against terror.Your massive war tank in battlefield is equipped with all the necessary weapons, steamy explosives cannon to take down all enemy gunship helicopter machines firing on your modern tanks. Your specialized military skills will be tested to the limit by the task mission given to you as they are clearly out numbered by your panzer tank force. Let’s see how you can deal with a battle tank vs air battle helicopter combat missions!The panzer tanks are the best and advanced machines around, and equipped with devastating turrets and tracking missiles. You will have to showcase your immense skills and impeccable accuracy to take out this massive army as you progress further into the area, where you will have to face even more formidable opponents. Aim shoot the terrorist gunship helicopters to destroy the undercover terrorist groups. Avoid cross firing, it may hurt you. You have to run tanks simulator and then Shoot the Apache Gunship Helicopters. The enemy helicopter flying army also has artillery of high-tech professional rocket launchers along with human commando to operate them. Enjoy the 3D battle world of army tank helicopter war games with battle tank, army gunship helicopter simulator and never ending tank simulator in action. Apache Helicopter, Army battle tanks are a source of great inspiration for those who are fond of action games.Tank vs Helicopter Urban Warfare 3D Game Features- Customized aim focus with greater scope- Higher potential urban destructive tank machine- Ground to air strike physical machine war- Smooth toggle screen touch controls- Intense slug shooter urban battlefield arena- Jam packed 4 intense shooting missions

  • Destroy Gunners SP / ICEBURN!!

    Destroy Gunners SP / ICEBURN!!

    Add the new mode! Add story events!This new title is 3D action shooting game that the player operates realistic armed robot intuitively by touch panel control."Destroy Gunners SP ICEBURN!!"[Description]From "Destroy Gunners SP" of delivery in high popularity, Significantly enhanced new title has been released as the second sequel!・Battle scene has been changed into totally new maps and original stages of cold area!・Missions and components of arms are doubled from previous title!・If you have previous title"Destroy Gunners SP",you can play additional special mission!To accomplish missions, the player acquires new arms and mecha with destroying numerous enemies and huge bosses.The player can customizes player's mecha(armed destroyer) to reinforce the mecha repeatedly and challenge more higher,severe missions!This title supports community functions of score ranking and achievement by"OpenFeint".The player can contest score and skill with players whole over the world."Every moving objects on this freezing ground are enemy. Destroy all of them."・required OS: over Android 2.2(2.3recommended) ※required resolution: over 800×480 pixels ・recommended device:Xperia arc(Sony Ericsson)・Limited time special price offer! Special Price:400Yen(tax included)! Usual Price: 800Yen(tax included) ※Credit Card Payments Only. ※Carrier Billing of Mobile Phone Companies is NOT supported.

  • Orcrest


    Guide Ormally through a world full of adventure on his quest to save his children. Before his journey is complete he must overcome obstacles, solve numerous puzzles and face the forces of the sorceress Evil-N. Help him through a beautiful 2D world collecting the Orcrests that will lead him to success.Available in English and Spanish.If you like Orcrest, please take the time to write a nice review, it really helps.

  • Stage Dive Legends Premium

    Stage Dive Legends Premium

    Whether it’s New York, London, Berlin or Paris – your tour will take you to cities all over the globe! Join the endless fun in this epic rock star saga and experience the most legendary moment at every rock show: the stage dive!Smash your guitar, speed up and jump into the cheering crowd! Rush through the concert hall and get carried away by your freaked-out fans. Perform crazy stunts, collect golden coins and use amazing power-ups to entertain the party crowd! Avoid flying obstacles like bombs, bananas and the occasional burger.‘Stage Dive Legends’ is a super-fast runner game with lots of excitement and fun. Play to hard-rocking songs, run backstage, customize your favorite rock star and find the best way to top the records! Explore a vast amount of missions in a race through cities all over the globe. Prove your skills and become a true stage dive legend! Let's rock!PLAY WITHOUT ADS!FEATURES:✔ Awesome tour around the world✔ Master challenging missions✔ Collect crazy power-ups✔ Customize your own rock star✔ Beat the high score✔ Hard-rocking soundtrack✔ Full tablet support✔ Supports Google Play game servicesGrab your gamepad and experience a totally new type of Android gaming – with our brand new support for the following controllers:Xbox 360, PlayStation, Samsung Smartphone Gamepad, NVIDIA SHIELD, Mad Catz M.O.J.O., Moga Pro and many more!Thank you for playing ‘Stage Dive Legends’!Get in touch with HandyGamesTM:Join us on Facebook:Stay tuned on Google+:Subscribe to our channel on YouTube:Check news on Twitter:Follow us on Instagram:© www.handy-games.com GmbH

  • Dr0pZ0ne


    Dr0pZ0ne is a retro procedural endless runner.Dive into the geometric world of 80th design.Never fall of the lane.

  • Ninja Loot

    Ninja Loot

    Welcome to an action game Ninja Loot you are a brave fighter martial arts study in which close to the largest master to save the world from a terrible danger with a sword and a rope that serve little clam to jump around! you can also run up walls an adventure in search of treasure chests. A total freedom in a realistic feudal atmosphere of sharp fighting like stars ninja loot a free game you have a grappling hook to go where you want to aim to get your hands on the relic gift to give life a conch that comes into contact treasures in chests. Ninja Loot story begins in an abandoned village in the Tokyo area a strange curse that befell the last surviving turning them all into a giant rat that is rodent attack and plague that spreads over the country. A former samurai Marian arts clan issued against AC fiancé armed with a sword and a grappling hook. Share your comments on our Ninja loot and another set free add-compatible tablet and Google play Samsung Galaxy S2 with high definition and texture generation graphics rendering quality. The team thanks you for your support pooandplay means a lot to us. ps: autograph has everything that is done ninja loot in raid

  • Furious Drift Challenge 2030

    Furious Drift Challenge 2030

    Welcome to 2030, and Drifting has changed. Now it's faster, crazier, and a whole lot more fun!Get ready to spin out as you tackle addictive drift challenges in futuristic turbojet powered drift cars!FEATURES:===========================Race against modern Fighter Planes!Addictive drift challengesRealistic drift physics (doing donuts has never been more fun!)Unlock levels and faster carsAwesome graphicsHOW TO PLAY: Hold down the Accelerator and BOOST button together to go fast. Tilt phone to steer.

  • OMG: TD!

    OMG: TD!

    "Cartoonish graphics, simple and intuitive game play, free-to-play, OMG: TD has it all" -Kotaku.com"This is such a cool game I can't stop playing!""Great visual style, witty descriptions, fun to play, easy to dive into.""Very fun gameplay and a great sense of humor."Play the action-packed defense game where you command the Greek gods themselves! Blast hordes of monsters with elemental magic, call legendary heroes to your aid, and summon your gods to wreak havoc across the battlefield!OMG: TD! is an ever-expanding universe of danger and ridiculousness. Unlock and level up the most powerful gods from Greek legend, and imbue them with special powers. Explore 33 thrilling levels set in 4 different worlds. Push your tactical skills to the very limit by playing the game in challenge mode. Battle the terrible Titans and their armies and see who comes out on top!FEATURES- FREE TO PLAY- Blast monsters with LIGHTNING, FIRE, WATER or ICE with a single SWIPE- Unlock and upgrade unique skills for each of 11 gods, from Poseidon’s Sushi Buffet to Ares’s Party Crasher and Hephaestus's Cluster Bomb!- Over 50 different monsters, from Horse Fishes to Harpies and Satyrs, each with their own skills!- Find and use Exploding Sheep, Automatons, Pits of Despair and Spinning Saws- Turn the tides of battle with amazing power-ups like the FIST OF GOD and the HERO’S BEEFCAKE- Defeat LEGENDARY BOSS MONSTERS from Greek myth!Have any problems or suggestions? You can reach us at ! You can also access the in-game community to ask questions, share strategy, and interact with other players!The game require access to the following Permission ----------Read device state and identity - READ_PHONE_STATE permission required by 3rd party ad SDKs

  • PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator

    PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator

    Play PSP games on your Android device, at high definition with extra features!PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP* emulator for Android. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power of your device all may not run at full speed. No games are included with this download. Dump your own real PSP games and turn them into .ISO or .CSO files, or simply play free homebrew games, which are available online. Put those in /PSP/GAME on your SD card / USB storage.Some games that work (not all will run full speed on all devices):Persona 2, Persona 3 PortableDragon Ball ZLittle Big PlanetBurnout Legends, Burnout DominatorFinal Fantasy : Crisis CoreFinal Fantasy : Type-0Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD RemakeSoul CaliburTekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCSLuminesWormsWipeoutand many more...See for more information.Please note that ARMv6-based devices may have various kinds of issues, and more modern devices are recommended.* PSP is a trademark of Sony, Inc.

  • QbQbQb


    A game for those who are looking for chillout after hard day of work or those who prefer frustration level hexagon. Rotate the planet, match the colors enjoy the building up music and visuals. Play solo, play with friends - or let the computer be your friend. Fight or unlock the planets together.Color blind support.If you like beauty of Rymdkapsel aesthetics - imagine it combined with Gyro gameplay and Super Hexagon music experience.

  • Cute cat simulator 3D

    Cute cat simulator 3D

    Cute cat simulator is a game in which you are a very nice cat and you have to break the maximum objects around you. This cat simulator will let you become a cat and break objects you touch. This is the best 3D cat simulator on Google Play.✔ Train to break fragile objects with three training rooms for cats. ✔ Discover 3 different rooms (medieval, living room, kitchen). ✔ Break the objects to get points. ✔ Unlock new cats. Simulator 3D chat is the best simulator for cats. If you've always dreamed of becoming a cat, download this free cat life simulation for Android!Choose your cat, choose your room and break objects to win !



    Prepare for high-octane action and the ultimate Motocross adrenaline rush! Push the envelope for big air, speed, and style to become the undisputed champion! Challenge opponents online or in single player events including Motocross, Freestyle, Step Up, and more!STUNNING VISUALSIncredible HD graphics put you right in the dirt! Every jump, trick, and crash are rendered with bone crushing clarity.GET AMPEDCompete for freestyle dominance with insane tricks. Upgrade your skills to score even higher!BECOME A PROCreate your own rider and go head-to-head with real world pros Wes Agee and Josh Hansen! Tailor your look with apparel from Metal Mulisha, Monster Energy, GoPro and other sponsors! FINE TUNE YOUR RIDEOutfit your bike with over 800 custom configurations. Be strategic with upgrades and leave your rivals in the dust!Get ready for Motocross Meltdown!---------------------------------------------Motocross Meltdown is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at www.glu.com. Additional terms may also apply.FOLLOW US atTwitter @glumobilefacebook.com/glumobile

  • Super Smash Clash - Brawler

    Super Smash Clash - Brawler

    Battle to knock your opponents off the stage in an intense four player brawl!Choose one of five characters each with a unique move-set. The more you hit your opponent, the farther they will fly! Use skills you have learned from your favorite games like Super Smash Brothers Melee, Brawl and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!Four players, one winner. Who will rise to the top in Smash Clash?Now available on iOS! Tell your friends to download so you can fight them in multiplayer! Works cross platform so you can battle an iOS user while on Android.BATTLE A FRIEND OVER WIFIConnect with another player and compete in a 1-on-1 battle. Unlock a new character by beating your friend!LEADERBOARDSSee how you rank compared to your friends and around the world using Google Play game services. Complete classic mode as fast as you can to claim the coveted top spot.5 UNIQUE CHARACTERSUnlock 5 characters each with their own moveset and gamestyle. Some are quick and agile, and some are slow and powerful. Some can easily fly to safety when off the platform, and others and smash opponents downward to their doom. Figure out which character you're best at, and then challenge your friend to a multiplayer match (and unlock another character by doing so).ACHIEVEMENTSReceive achievements on your Google Play game services account as you unlock new characters, stages and game modes. FAST PACED ACTIONThere is no other game like this on the Play Store. Enjoy smashing your opponents and watching them fly and using various items to give you the advantage in the melee. Smash Clash using game mechanics just like a platformer game, allowing you to freely roam the stage. What starts as a small fight can turn into a full out brawl!7 ITEMSPick up a speed, attack or jump boost. Find a plus or minus circle to change the size of your character. You can even find a missile to launch across the screen!8 NEW ATTACKS PER CHARACTEREach character has their very own attacks. Point the joystick in the up, down, side or neutral position to change the type of attack. With these four different joystick positions, and two attack buttons, you can use eight different attacks per character.60 FPSSuper Smash Clash runs at 60 FPS on most modern smartphones. You will rarely feel lag. The game automatically decreases the amount of effects if the frame rate drops allowing the brawl to go on!USE POWERFUL PROJECTILESThrow fireballs, ice cubes, bacon, robots, remote controlled tooth-rockets, yellow rings, and much more. Unlock all five characters to see what you can launch at your enemy.5 STAGESStart with 2 stages and unlock 3 more. Some stages have one way platforms which you can jump up through. Some have a pit you can knock an opponent into. After completing all of Mr. Randoms' (the stick figure's) levels, you unlock a side scrolling stage.STILL WANT MORE?Super Smash Clash is a game you can count on being updated. There are many developers dedicated to making the best mobile platformer fighting game. The chaotic battles can be expected to evolve.Join the Clash! Download now!Coming soon to iOS too!Please email us at with any issues, questions, or comments.Become a Super Smash Clash Fan on Facebook:www.facebook.com/smashclashappBecome a Follower on Twitter:www.twitter.com/SmashClash

  • Running sheep 2 - free

    Running sheep 2 - free

    Got tired of primitive games? Colorful and fun runner about a brave sheep – that’s what you need!Do not think that initial levels are too simple - passing the game will require an instant reaction, excellent memory, prudence and care.Constantly changing gameplay, cruel enemies and unusual allies – you gonna find all this in the game.Fans of the first game will meet their favorite characters again and try their hand at new adventures.Collect coins and search for "secrets" – not only the final of the entire game, but also the final of each level depends on your zeal.

  • Run4Fun VR Premium

    Run4Fun VR Premium

    Step into a stunning virtual world: A fantastic platform game designed for playing it with virtual reality goggles (open dive, you can buy them here: ) Turn your head to the left and the screen will also turn, look up and the screen will display up, and the same for the left and down! Follow us on Twitter: Review: