• Abalone Free

    Abalone Free

    Be the first to push six of your opponent's marbles off the edge of the board to win. Move one, two or three of your marbles with an in-line or broadside move: if your line has more marbles than your opponent, you can push his or her marbles off the edge of the board. Keep a close eye on your positions! Remember to upload your Abalone Free videos to GoPlay community!

  • Abalone


    New in Abalone: Google+ Sign-in and Google Play Game Services. Use your Google+ account to unlock all the game’s achievements.“Game of the Decade” at Cannes International Games FestivalWinner of the Mensa Award in the USAWith 6 million units sold over the world, Abalone lands on Android in an official version! This board game takes only a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Think, weigh your options and play. Are you up for the challenge?THE PATH TO MASTERINGPush one, two or three of your marbles at a time. If you line up more marbles than your opponent, you can push him off the edge of the board. Be the first to push your opponent off the board!PLAY WITH FRIENDSAside from the challenge mode with an increased IA, play Abalone with your friends on the same device or online with players from all around the world. Who is the best?! Climb up the cross-platform leaderboards and find out!FILL IN THE CHAMPION’S SHOESTired of Abalone’s official mode? Play the free game mode and challenge your skills against some of the 30+ competition variations: Swiss daisy, the Alien, Fujiyama… Try to unlock all the achievements. And if it’s still not enough for you, the game features an Editor to create your very own board game rules.Get on board! General features:● No advertisement.● Online challenges: face many players from across the world whatever device they play with, and defend your rank in the international leaderboard.● Challenge mode: 70 levels with variable difficulty to improve your tactics.● Free game mode with more than 30 official variations.● Multiplayer mode to defeat your friends anytime on your device.● An Editor to create your very own rules.● Fulfil achievements to prove your skills.● Up to 15 bonus levels unlocked daily for regular attendees.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on our games, contests and more!Official site: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

  • Virus Killer

    Virus Killer

    The board is populated by viruses of three colors: red, yellow, and blue. In a manner and style considered similar to Tetris, the player manipulates each capsule as it falls, moving it left or right and rotating it such that it is positioned alongside the viruses and any existing capsules. When four or more capsule halves or viruses of matching color are aligned in vertical or horizontal configurations, they are removed from play. The main objective is to complete levels, which is accomplished by eliminating all viruses from the playing field. A game over occurs if capsules fill up the playing field in a way that obstructs the bottle's narrow neck. Players can select the degree of starting difficulty any time a new game is started. The initial level chosen is a value between zero and twenty that determines the number of viruses to clear, and the three game speed options change how fast the capsules fall in the bottle. The player's score is based solely on the elimination of viruses, not on the time taken to complete the level or the number of capsules used. If players complete the highest difficulty level, they can continue playing to accumulate a higher score, but the number of viruses to clear remains the same. Additional points are awarded when multiple viruses are eliminated at once, but no additional points are awarded for initiating chain reactions, in which the elimination of one set of objects triggers the elimination of another set. The game speed is also a factor in how the game calculates scoring; higher speed levels yield more points.

  • Checkers Elite

    Checkers Elite

    Network play with leaderboards. Currently network play is available for "Russian" and "Checkers", more game types in the future; Simple rules, suitable for all ages; 4 difficulty levels; Excellent graphics; 2D and 3D perspective modes; Unlimited undo function; 2 players "Hot-seat" mode; 20 variants of chips & 4 variants of board designs. You can find wonderful Checkers Elite videos on GoPlay!

  • 6 Love Dominoes

    6 Love Dominoes

    When was the last time you slammed some dominoes? In the fast paced game of life, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to enjoy the little things. 6 Love Dominoes changes all of that, making it easy to have a quick game on your daily commute, or get together with friends near and far for a nice, long set, and a few laughs. Create an avatar using a variety of facial features and hairstyles, personalize it with your chosen nationality, and represent yuh yard by winning games and climbing the leader boards. See what your skills can do for your individual rank, and the ranking up of your country on the 6 Love website. Here we’ll show you a breakdown of the games that you and other account holders have played, including win/loss ratio, percentage of games won, and your country’s standing.No internet connection? Enjoy 6 Love offline, testing your skills on our easy and hard difficulty settings, earning titles, and unlocking new environments, apparel, and domino skins. Lounge on a beach, and crank up some tunes on our virtual boom box, which features original music by Jamaican and Canadian artists. And when the wifi strikes you, take those skills to the next level with our multiplayer feature, which allows you to battle online opponents alone or with a partner, host private games for a select few, and venture out and test your skills in public games. And when all is said and done, don’t forget to share the love!6 Love Dominoes is a virtual paradise that lets you leave the boring old dominoes behind and experience the game the Caribbean way! This highly addictive game will have you looking for any opportunity to link up with friends, or just enjoy a quick test of your skills in a single player game. 6 Love Dominoes shows you the irie way to play!

  • LoL 2048

    LoL 2048

    LOL 2048, Android Mobie Version of 2048 Game has come to you !!! Still funny, addictive and very simple to play. But instead of numbers, you will see images of items in League of Legends Game :DIf you are a gamer of League of Legends, let’s play LOL 2048 now!Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same item touch, they merge into one.When a ( 2048 )Trinity Force tile is created, the player wins.- High score- Share with your friends on Facebook- Clear UI - League of Legends Theme- Works for Android 2.2 +Please give us feedback in comment about LOL 2048. Hope you have fun!New update: + Update new interface+ Update new speedy math hard mode.if you want to play all mode of speedy math game, you can download from ours game from developer miniboss.

  • Bottle Game

    Bottle Game

    Bottle - a fun game that makes any party. Rules of the game are very simple, cool bottle and kiss on who it may specify.

  • Muggins


    Muggins is one of the very best domino games. Goal of the game is to make the open ends of the layout add up to 5 (or a multiple of five).

  • Balloon Drops - Match 3 puzzle

    Balloon Drops - Match 3 puzzle

    Balloon Drops - Match three puzzle begins as a simple match three board game and gradually increasesdifficulties as obstacles are added and level objectives becomes more challenging.• Introducing Mystery Items and auto-reshuffle/hints.• 300 levels over 5 difficulty modes including relaxed no timer special.• Multiple objectives,challenges and obstacles• 15 Dazzling power up combinations!• Each level presents you with unique Objectives and Challenges.• Obstacles mixed with unique level board shapes will keep you swiping and matching for more!• Create powerful chained power up cascades to level up!--------------------------------------------------------There are four possible objectives on each level.1. Score quota2. Removing dark pulps3. Bringing down popcorns.4. Free all the Balloons from the net.There are two possible challenges on each level.1. Complete the objective before time runs out.2. Complete the objective before you run out of swaps.--------------------------------------------------------Obstacles.1. Party hat / Cup cakes: A hat can not be moved, can only be cleared if an adjacent balloon is cleared or if a checkered balloon or a double balloon power up is triggered. Clearing a party hat leaves a level 3 dark pulp.2. Netted balloon: A balloon behind a net can not be moved or swapped. Can only be removed by matching the balloon behind the net with two other balloons of the same kind, or if it's in the path of a triggered power up chain.--------------------------------------------------------Objectives.1. Score quota - You need to reach a certain score in order to level up.2. Remove dark pulps. dark pulps are removed by clearing the balloon ontop of the dark pulp. There are 3 levels of dark pulps. The darkest pulp needs to be removed 3 times, which means you need clear 3 balloons ontop of that dark pulp. Party hats also creates a level 3 dark pulp and needs to be cleared.3. Bring down the popcorns Bring down the popcorns to the bottom of the gameboard.4. Free the netted balloon Free all the balloon from net.--------------------------------------------------------Challenges.1. Time challenged. Complete the objective(s) before time runs out.2. Swap limit. Complete the objective(s) before you run out of swaps.Matching 4 or more balloonss rewards the player witha power up balloon There are 3 power ups.1. Checkered balloon (horizontal and vertical orientation).2. Double balloon.3. Rainbow balloon.Mystery items.Mystery items are unboxed by matching the gift box colorwith the balloon color. Mystery items could be power upsor an obstacle - making the level easier or harder; it's upto your luck!

  • Money Clicker : Make it Rain

    Money Clicker : Make it Rain

    Everyone wants to be rich, but how fast can you get rich? Download Money Clicker: Rich in Vegas to find out how addicting this game is! Go make it rain now!So, how do you play Money Clicker: Rich in Vegas? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…Click the money to make it rain, the more you click the more it rains! Grow your business by bribing criminals to make more money and bribing law enforcement to protect your money from robbers. Buy money plates to make it rain higher value money. Time is money; the more time you spend making it rain the richer you become!-Enjoy hours and hours of endless game play, and all for the love of money!-Be the richest person in the world by checking out the Leaderboard!-Tap the money to watch your stash grow-100% Free to play!-You will be a money tapping pro in no time.Money Clicker: Rich in Vegas' seemingly endless gameplay will allow you to play for an indefinite amount of time, or at least until you make a gazillion dollars, your device will not be able to count them anymore.Become the Money Master by making it rain and be the richest person in the world!Don't waste time, start now!

  • E.G. Chess

    E.G. Chess

    EG Chess was the first true 3D Chess app experience to land on Google Play, and remains the top 3D Chess choice for purists and novices alike. It's no puzzle, just swipe to rotate the board, pinch anywhere on the board to zoom in, tap your pieces to move, capture, and win! Complicated problems around online player vs player games are completely eliminated with a simple layout, beautifully clear board and pieces, online chat, and notifications of opponent's moves and when a game is joined so that you can focus on your chess strategy. HD quality 3D pieces and boards come in 4 chess sets- Wood, Stone, Marble and Classic (Staunton) to mix up the visuals of your games, and also keep kids interested in learning chess! Feel free to play with your friends next to you on your phone or tablet via localized (local) play mode, or Bluetooth! Move up the leaderboard with ELO rankings against online players, live and in real-time, or at a slower pace when your opponent is offline, but still trading moves! If it's 3D Chess with no nonsense you are looking for, look no further. EG Chess is just a virtual step away from the table.Features include:- "Full" Ad- free version- no ads!- 3D Board and Pieces with the ability to rotate to any view (HD quality)- Play against a computer opponent - 2 Player tabletop (local) mode- play your friend sitting next to you- Play online versus your friends… or the WORLD!- Official FIDE (ELO) rating system- 4 different 3D environments with accompanying 3D pieces and boards- Marble, Stone, Wood, and Standard (Classic Staunton)- Undo button- Online leaderboard- "Lobby notifications" notify you when your game is joined or a move is made- Multiplayer Chat- 2D button to lock the screen in 2D mode- 2D piece set option for 2D mode - have the best of both worlds!- 3D lock view button- lock your screen on your favorite view to play with- Optional "auto rotate"- save your favorite viewing angle and return to it after every move made- Online games can be played at any pace, and your opponent does not need to be online to play- Save and Load previously played games- PGN export and load (for the most serious chess players)- Varying computer opponent difficulty: Scrollable from easy to hard, hard being impossibly hard…- FICS (freechess.org) integration- Bluetooth enabled- play on your own device locally with your friend across from you!- Stop being puzzled with too many functions on your chess board- the "featureless feature"!!- No complications to get in the way of your strategy- that's the EG way!!! Some reviews from players who like us:"Awesome This is by far (graphically) the best chess game on android, so smooth it's crazy. And the AI isn't shoddy either. Definitely get this!""Beautiful! Fully functional Chess game with varying degrees of difficulty, customizable boards, play in 2d or 3d, with sounds, and Chess notation. How do you not give this 5 stars?!? 5 Stars all day!!! This things a boss!!!""Great chess game Best graphics in a chess game I could find on Android. Dev is quick to respond and very helpful. More people need to know about this game.""Fantastic app! Can't stop playing against my brother from afar!"Appsafari.com rating - 5/5 !!!!

  • Ouija REALLY talk to a ghost!

    Ouija REALLY talk to a ghost!

    This Ouija Board is dotated of an artificial intelligence script. You can ask million of questions and receive million of answers. Just type your question and start to chat with a ghost.All dialogue are private, no one can know about it so you can ask what you want.Please if you are suggestionable person do not play alone, anyway do not take for real what the spirit will say to you in this game.Many kind of boards, the first one is dotated of artificial intelligence and can talk with you like a real person.Questions are not limitated, this ouija board include all english dictionary The spirit can be a little bastard so please take it easy...

  • Tic Tac Toe World Cup Brazil

    Tic Tac Toe World Cup Brazil

    Thanks for download Tic Tac Toe World Cup BrazilThis game consists of making line before your opponent. In this edition the theme of the game are the teams of the World Cup of Brazil 2014, choose your team and enjoys playing. You can play against a friend or mobile. The game has 3 difficulty levels so you can play around the world. The children of the house absorb like a sponge this challenge. Train your intelligence and memory, a very addictive and exciting game that you can play with your country. This game is considered a classic puzzle type games but with modern touches, the game been redesigned to be very addictive and exciting. Thanks to my friend Bob for his assistance in the development of artificial intelligence in this game

  • Infection


    An application that develops logic and allows you to play alone or up to four friends together.An exciting puzzle game with the opportunity to play for up to four people simultaneously. It will please everyone who enjoys spending free time with profit and develop logic and brainpower. It is possible to change the level of difficulty, which allows everyone to choose a suitable mode to enjoy the game to the full.Key features of the app " Infection " :• a simple and intuitive interface - not overloaded and nice to look at;• a variety of levels - from easy to those where you really need to think;• an opportunity to play with each other and with the computer at the same time;• Flexibility - each player can have a different color and the level of difficulty depending on the situation .On the whole, the application for logic "Infection " was created in the spirit of the formerly popular game Attax. The atmosphere in the application remains the same, but the logic and the in-process have been significantly improved. Now it is possible to feel what’s it like to be a real virus, seizing opponents in its grasp.The application "Infection" can be used for a good time in a company of friends, and for self-development of one’s daily thinking processes .

  • Pinball Pro

    Pinball Pro

    How to Play: - Press and hold anywhere to launch a new ball - Touch right or left side to control flips Game Features: - 5 Innovative Table: Classic, Lucky Stones, Lucky Wheel, Carnival, Chrismas - Visually stunning graphics - Unique soundtrack with atmospheric music, sound effects - The most advanced ball physics

  • Backgammon Mate

    Backgammon Mate

    Backgammon Mate is a challenging backgammon game which you play in a highly realistic 3D environment. You can select to play with other backgammon players in Multiplayer-Online mode or you can select to play against computer in Singleplayer-Offline mode.Multiplayer-Online mode:• Play with your friends online• Quick-Play with a random backgammon player online• Invite your friends to play • Earn points by winning multiplayer games and use these points to compete with your friends and other players from all over the worldSingleplay-Offline mode:• Play against a smart and tough opponent• Earn points by winning singleplayer games• Opponent resigns when he thinks you are the winner• You can resign if you do not want to play till the last piece • Ability to set level of difficulty• Ability to specify number of games to play• You can play as a guest if you do not want to compete online• Random dice rolls, no cheating.Also:• Beautiful 3D graphics with smooth animations• Ability to change the direction of move• Undo your last move• Move aid; highlighting the available moves snapping onto closest slot• Suitable for tablets and phones• Best of all; it is free!"Backgammon Mate" challenges you!

  • Air hockey HD

    Air hockey HD

    The best Air Hockey game for your phone tablet!Air Hockey HD delivers a new style of hockey game. Air hockey, pinball and arkanoid style - all in one. Easy to play, hard to master.Features:+ next-gen 3D graphics+ singleplayer and multiplayer on the same device+ 3 difficulty levels and 10 progress levelsNEW!!!Multiplayer online - available soonPlay against a friend who is in another city / countryPlay against people from other countriesEarn points and get to the top positionsEach month interesting winnings

  • Christmas Drops - Match three

    Christmas Drops - Match three

    Christmas Drops begins as a simple match three board game and gradually increases difficultiesas obstacles are added and level objectives becomes more challenging.* Christmas themed match three puzzle* 375 levels over five difficulty modes including relaxed no timer special.* Multiple objectives,challenges and obstacles* 15 Dazzling power up combinations* Each level presents you with unique Objectives and Challenges.* Obstacles mixed with unique level board shapes will keep you swiping and matching for more.* Create powerful chained power up cascades to level up!* No in-app purchase, one time payment for the whole gaming experience.* Hints/Music/Banners can be disabled.----------------------------------------------------------There are six possible objectives on each level.1. Score quota2. Remove dark pulps3. Bring down candy cane(s).4. Remove net(s)5. Fly angel(s)6. Consume the Christmas Wreath.----------------------------------------------------------There are two possible challenges on each level.1. Complete the objective before time runs out.2. Complete the objective before you ran out of swaps.----------------------------------------------------------Obstacles.1. Snowman / Cookie: These items can not be moved, can only be cleared if an adjacent match item is cleared or if a ribbon frame or a double christmas item power up is triggered. A cookie leaves a level three dark pulp.2. Netted item: An item behind a net can not be swapped. Can only be removed by matching the christmas item behind the net with two other christmas items of the same type, or if it's in the path of a triggered power up chain.3. Bomb christmas item : A bomb is represented by a dynamite with a timer. The timer shows the number of seconds before the bomb goes off. When the bomb explodes the christmas item will be replaced with an obstacle. To defuse the bomb, you need to match the bomb christmas item with two or more christmas items of the same type or a power up chain clears it before seconds run out.----------------------------------------------------------Objectives.1. Score quota - You need to reach a certain score in order to level up.2. Remove dark pulps. Dark pulps are removed be clearing the christmas item ontop of the dark pulp. There are three levels of dark pulps. The darkest pulp needs to be removed three times, which means you need to clear three christmas items ontop of that dark pulp.3. Bring down candy cane(s) to the bottom of the game board.4. Free the netted christmas item.5. Fly all angel(s).6. Consume the christmas wreath.----------------------------------------------------------A vaulted christmas item when opened reveals a christmas wreath.A vaulted item can only be opened by matching and clearingall the keyed christmas items. ----------------------------------------------------------Angel(s) are not switchableYou need to match an adjacent item around the angel to change its phaseIn order for the angel to take flight, the angel needs tocycle to all the phases, from tucked wing toopen winged angel.All angel(s) needs to fly in order to level up.----------------------------------------------------------Matching 4 or more christmas items rewards the player with a power up. There are three power ups.1. Ribbon frame (horizontal and vertical)2. Double christmas item3. Dancing Santa4. Christmas wreath----------------------------------------------------------Mystery items.Mystery items are represented by gift boxesMystery items are unraveled by matching the gift box's colorwith the item color. Mystery items could be power ups or anobstacle - making the level easier or harder it's up to yourluck----------------------------------------------------------Auto hints can be disabled/enabledBanners can be disabled/enabledMusic and sound can be disabled/enabled

  • Billard Shooter

    Billard Shooter

    Enjoy the most popular version of Billard Shooter on your Android Mobile or Tablet.Billard Shooter accompanied by his many dynamic games, keep awake the greatest pros all night. Its realistic hight graphics and linear shot guides help you align yourself for the next shot.Play the hit 8 Ball Pool game on your mobile and become the best! this application for Billard containt more level game for enjoying.Game features:- One or two players modes- For left and right hands- Real 3D ball animation- Hint for precise aimingGood luck and enjoy the game!Billard Shooter is no requires Internet connection to play Billard.

  • Ludo Zombies

    Ludo Zombies

    A new twist on classic LUDO game. Now available on Play Store!Ludo Zombies /ˈluːdoʊ/, /ˈljuː-/ (from Latin ludo, "I play") is a board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four zombies from start to finish according to die rolls. Pick your color, roll the die, and make your way to finish line! But beware, don't let other player stomps your zombies, otherwise, it'll have to start from the beginning again.This game will give you, friends, and family hours of fun time!If you like Sorry, Ludo, Pachisi, Bingo, and other board games, you will love this.