• Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Pick up your cards and throw down the gauntlet! In Hearthstone, you play the hero in a fast-paced, whimsical card game of cunning strategy. In minutes, you’ll be unleashing powerful cards to sling spells, summon minions, and seize control of an ever-shifting battlefield. Whether it’s your first card game or you’re an experienced pro, the depth and charm of Hearthstone will draw you in. You can find Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft videos on GoPlay!

  • Deck Heroes

    Deck Heroes

    With amazing hoard of Heroes and magical Creatures from four factions, you need to save a kingdom that under threaten. Millions of player around the world are waiting for your joining! Don't forget to share your Deck Heroes videos with your friends in GoPlay community!

  • Magic 2015

    Magic 2015

    Walk in the footsteps of the Multiverse's greatest hunter. Featuring additional campaign levels, challenges, and new cards to collect, you take on the role of Garruk and hunt your prey across the planes! Explore the fan-favorite plane of Alara to unlock powerful new cards -Take on the role of Garruk and use his evolving deck to hunt your prey -Win Battle Boosters through Multiplayer to expand your card collection. You can find Magic 2015 on GoPlay!

  • Blackbird


    This game is similar to the classic ROOK® card game*. Compete against the computer in this classic trick-taking game. Bid aggressively for the chance to declare trump. Take tricks with pointers to reach your bid or you’ll get set!Play with two widely different rule sets (Kentucky Discard or Western Wyoming) or create your own set of rules to play with any of these options that can be on or off: • Include 1's worth 15 points • Low/high/10.5 Blackbird card • Remove the Blackbird card • Allow Blackbird card to be played anytime • Winning bidder leads the first trick • Red 1 worth 30 points • Adjustable game winning score • Bonus for taking most tricks • and more!* This is not in any way endorsed by or affiliated with Hasbro, Inc. ROOK® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc.

  • FreeCell


    FreeCell Solitaire is popular poker card game.Wonderful FreeCell Solitaire game which using free cells to complete the puzzle. A truly solitary experience!One of the enormously popular solitaire games included with Windows, FreeCell is a game that requires skill and patience to win! You've played FreeCell on your computer, now you can play FreeCell anywhere at any time of the day! Unlike many solitaire games, all the cards in FreeCell can be seen at the opening deal, so most solitaire deals can be solved, if you have what it takes!And with crystal clear graphics and an easy-to-navigate interfaceAfter dealing from a standard deck of 52 cards, use the four free cell spots as place holders as you try and move all the cards to the Foundation stacks for a win. FEATURES:- Random games- Landscape- Unlimited undo- Statistics- Tap to move or drag and drop- Tablet support- Hints- Auto complete to finish game

  • My Skat Pad

    My Skat Pad

    With My Skat Pad recording of skat games is a breeze – regardless of according to the official skat rule or playing saloon-bar variations like Bock and Ramsch etc.!- For 3 or 4 player- Game protocol according to the official rule or adaptable to widely played variations- All results are logged - Undo function in case of false input- Export of game results to file for editing with a spread sheet programThis app requires the following permission:Storage: To save the game results on SD cardKeywords: Skat, Pad, Bock, Ramsch

  • Klondike


    The goal is to arrange all the four cards in the stack in ascending order starting with the ace so located flush in one stack.

  • Pineapple Poker

    Pineapple Poker

    Pineapple poker 14 Cards OFC included and heart-pounding Tournaments.Online real-time games around the worldFit for any Android devices Timer to ensure normal game Unlimited Fantasyland and Comeback Free chips for free games everyday Original personal BestHand to show off Original Hand Detail for reviewing Optional deck and card back color Leaderboard of BestHand and Fantasyland Fast switching tableTable chatInvite friends to gameGame TutorialQuest systemRecords of hand details Original Variety ZoneBe bystander to watch hands played by othersPersonal Signature in gameDozens of in-game features keep upgrading... This game would give you an adventure full of excitement and challenges, no matter if you are a poker fan or not! Immerse yourself in a world where you can challenge players all over the world at any time. OFC Pineapple poker is easy to learn but hard to master. Regardless if you are newbie, or a long time poker pro, this app will keep you hooked and give you fun! Take a try! We will keep your fantastic experience moving on and on. Now download it and fight for one more Fantasyland! Facebook: Twitter : FB group:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

    Now you can duel against millions of players from all around the world with characters from the animation! You can play both online and offline! Take the challenge now! Don't forget to upload your Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation videos to GoPlay and share with your friends!

  • Cards Game Guinote

    Cards Game Guinote

    Guiñote Android is the first card game based on the Android Guiñote Aragonés. The rules are the original Guiñote Aragonés. His players play as the best players of this great card game Aragonés.Try our free demo:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.guinoteGratisTOURNAMENTS AND STATISTICS ONLINE!-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------✔ Participate in exciting global tournaments!✔ Save all your progress, your scores and your games online!✔ Wifi Play along to 3 friends together and enjoy a game of Guiñote!✔ Compete to be the best against players from around the world!✔ Invite your friends, the more friends you have, the greater your achievement!Fight for the top spot in this fantastic World card game Guiñote Online Android! You can upload your results and your stats to our Online Ranking and discover what position these, and how much you have left to become the best player Guiñote!See all statistics Online from Here!: ANDROID Guiñote designed for you!-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------✔ single, dedicated artificial intelligence! - With three difficulty levels, which vary by the player.✔ playing cards up to 4 friends in multiplayer mode! - The LAN connection is required and does not consume Internet resources.✔ Graphs compiled DTX5 quality!✔ Card Game Optimized for any size of mobile✔ No fault with the original rules and the originality of the Android platform.If you like to go to town, playing cards and games to lend Guiñote all afternoon, or go to the bar with your friends and get to play all day Guiñote, sure you liked all that fun to take your mobile with this card game. Enjoy Guiñote first game for Android! - Guiñote is the first game available for Android from the famous card game the Guiñote Aragonés. - You can play with up to 4 of our friends in LAN, or playing against a single system of AI (Artificial Intelligence) designed a 100% Androtiyas.es - Have special rules and regulations of Aragon Guiñote original, based on professional players and a very strong internal structure.********* ABOUT ************Guiñote Tutorial: Help us improve: Visit us on Androtiyas.es or guinoteandroid.com*********** FEATURES *************Android Guiñote uses an OpenGL 2.0 graphics and textures DTX5, compiled Tegra. Android has Guiñote based AI Aragoneses players who have played their whole lives to guiñote.Guiñote Android uses a LAN to play on multiple devices without using the internet

  • Card Wars - Adventure Time

    Card Wars - Adventure Time

    With its funny characters, that is the first thing that attracts you! The followings need you to experience in the game! Lead your funny creatures and win the wars! Don't forget to upload your Card Wars - Adventure Time videos and share with your friends in GoPlay community!

  • KillerKingPokerOdds


    A Powerful Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator App. Use this app with your smartphone to calculate the odds you need when you play some poker. A powerful tool when skillfully used: Improve in poker and be the winner.Pros:(+) Get Texas Hold'em Poker odds wherever you go with your smart phone. ( I.e. break even odds, pot odds, the probabilities for you to win, loose and tie in each round... ).(+) Designed for: Easy and rapid input. Rapid and accurate poker odds.(+) The poker odds are directly adjusted for the number of players you input: From 2 up to 10 players, (you included).(+) The simulation process, is displayed and runs until you choose to stop it. When stopped, you can choose to continue the simulation, or restart it from scratch again, (depends on the input you choose to do after each stop). In other words: You have full control.(+) Optionally add your bet size and the pot size to your input, and this app will add the following to the displayed output: () A rough advice in how you should act next in the game: 'Fold', 'call' or 'raise', (i.e. based on the displayed break even odds, the pot odds, and adjusted for the number of players). () A rough estimated maximum bet size you may choose to bet, (i.e based on your actual probability to win the pot, adjusted for the actual number of players, and the actual pot size).

  • Reign of Summoners

    Reign of Summoners

    ===GAME INTRODUCTION===Come join a “world” which the everyday people do not see. Become the foretold prophecy bringing balance in a TCG world challenged everyday by ambitious summoners of brute force and magic!Summon creatures to help you on your Quest, take control of the Believers, Outcast, or Hellion Race. Join a clan and brace yourself for intense battles that will shower you in fame and glory! Take advantage of Various Events which will truly test a Summoner’s awesome powers!Bring forth a new Reign of Summoners! PLAY NOW!===FEATURES===-More than 1,000 cards awaiting your beckoning call!Know your strength and weakness, choose which race of cards best suits you in Quest, Clan Battle and Events!!-Evolve the cards you command!Evolve and enhance your deck of cards. Customize the cards you want to fight and represent you in the land of Reign of Summoners!-Clan Battle awaits you!Through sweat, blood, and tears prove to yourself, your clan mates, and to the world why you are the Reign of Summoners!-Various Events!Test your Might! Events will push you to the extremes as you battle your way for Events-Only- Rewards, and a chance to receive Fame through medals pinned to your very name!-Highly Interactive!Chat LIVE in clan channel with your clan members, or in world channel with players all over the world. Private message your friends in the game, and build a long lasting camaraderie!-Stunning artwork by a group of international artists!Look in awe as you bear witness to unmatched detail of artwork! Pause each time as you see the very beings you command transform from its basic form of artwork to unmatchable mixture of beauty and strength!-Awesome Quests and Rewards!Thirst for gold and glory? Then embark on an adventure which your very wit will be pitted against the most vile creatures to walk this world and claim your righteous rewards!-Easy to learn, a life time to master!Hone your craft with ease, be the true Reign of Summoner by mastering everything there is in this “world”!Play Reign of Summoners now. Be the foretold prophet in Reign of Summoners!Any suggestions or problems, please contact:

  • UNO ™ & Friends

    UNO ™ & Friends

    UNO ™ & Friends videos are available on GoPlay!Playing UNO with friends, family, and the millions of fans worldwide has never been easier! Join one of the largest free online mobile gaming communities and enjoy an all-new free multiplayer experience, competitive leaderboards and fun customization options that let you shout "UNO!" on a whole new level!

  • Conflicted


    ***Buying the app will give you access to Deck1. You may then choose to buy Decks 2 and 3 from inside the app. To locate Deck 1, follow the instructions on the app***This App is based on Conflicted: The Survival Card Game. The purpose of this game is to discuss and learn about personal survival scenarios. This is NOT a video game, it is a training tool/game to discuss survival strategies and scenarios either online with players around the world,or at home with friends and loved ones.Can you handle the decisions and situations you’ll face after Doomsday? When civilization and infrastructure are gone, where will you draw the line between your moral compass and your will to live another day? Most importantly, where will your friends and loved ones (who you’ll be spending this difficult time with) draw the line for themselves? Conflicted: The Survival Card Game lets you explore your own survival philosophy and that of others.In this game, players debate scenarios which test their survival instincts and their answers are voted by either your group of players (playing offline with your friends) or voted by the entire player base (playing online). The winner is the person with the best answer, as voted by the players.When playing Conflicted, everything matters. From the person's actual answer and the thought process leading to it, to their tone of voice and body language, if they avoid or embrace the scenario. Every move the answering player makes counts.Conflicted: The Survival Card Game will make you understand why Plato said "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation".Conflicted: The Survival Card Game App can be used to play Conflicted online with preppers around the world or with your friends and family. Visit our website at ConflictedTheGame.com for more information.

  • Solitaire Adventure

    Solitaire Adventure

    Solitaire Adventure - The Resurrection of Faneruel is a distinctive Tri-Peaks like free solitaire game with numerous levels and hours of game play.Get it now for FREE !!!Featuring -★ A solitaire game with a challenge and high on replayability★ Unique card layout designs to test your skills★ Auto save after each level★ Gorgeous art with four fantasy themed card decksThe story goes like this ....You have undertaken the task assigned by Eloriel, the Wise.The Ancient Tablets of Blessings are lost in the ruins of Faneruel.Clear the card formations by making the right choices and the longest chains to restore the tablets back to power.Enjoy a distinctive game of tripeaks solitaire where there are cursed cards to capture and magic wands to help.

  • TarotDroid ++

    TarotDroid ++

    TarotDroid allows you to count easily and practically the scores and points of your Tarot games.This is the full version of TarotDroid. It allows you : - to store an unlimited amount of games - to export each game to an Excel spreadsheetWhen playing cards, we do not necessarily have a sheet, a pencil, a calculator or just enough room for these items. However, we all have our Android device with us: it's hence possible to count and keep track of our games, wherever you are: a pub, a bar... TarotDroid is your Tarot buddy :)TarotDroid can compute the scores for 3, 4 and 5 players styles. It also allows you to store the games you've played on your deviceTarotDroid finally offers several nice and unconventionnal features: - Set points and coefficients used in the calculations - Display game set as a table, with several display options - Display statistics about the games and the players - Compute points for Belgian style games (unofficial) - Include a "dead" player (unofficial) - Transfer game sets by bluetoothIf you identify a bug, or want a new feature, please let me know by sending me an email to . Also, if you wish to help me improve it, you are very welcome :)A Facebook page is availbale, if you like TarotDroid, tell the world so :)

  • All-in-One Solitaire

    All-in-One Solitaire

    All your favorite Solitaire games in one place.Available Solitaire games:Crescent SolitaireCruel SolitaireTri-Peaks SolitairePyramid SolitaireKlondike SolitaireGaps SolitaireOne Suit Spider SolitaireTwo Suit Spider SolitaireFour Suit Spider SolitaireFreeCell SolitaireDouble FreeCell SolitaireTriple FreeCell SolitaireFortune Solitaire: EasyFortune Solitaire: HardScorpion SolitaireAccordion SolitairePenguin Solitaire60/90 Seconds SolitaireAces Up SolitaireHave fun!

  • Crazy Slots

    Crazy Slots

    If you want to play real slot machines without paying a cent, Crazy Slots application is a perfect solution for you. Here you will find a daily bonus, a lot of games to play, the possibility of doubling your win, bonus games and more possibilities. Games themselves are classic 5-drum and 9-line slot machines which, unlike most similar games, can be played in both directions (left to right and right to left). All this, combined with the original mathematical model allows you to immerse yourself in an unprecedented atmosphere of free casino. Our application is developed for a wide range of players and for entertainment purposes only.

  • AE Spider Solitaire

    AE Spider Solitaire

    Smooth gameplay, awesome vivid sound as well as extremely beautiful graphics, which makes this solitaire game more fun than ever. Any feedback please email us. Thanks very much for all your support in our games!If you prefer classic Windows spider solitaire or other card games, you shouldn't miss this game! This solitaire game offers three levels of difficulty, with one, two, or four suits. These play modes are equivalent to disregarding suit difference, either within the colors or altogether. AE Spider Solitaire videos are available on GoPlay!