• Wolf Run Slots

    Wolf Run Slots

    Play the #1 slots game for Android!Let your Las Vegas dream come true! Spin, respin, power-spin, and win jackpot after jackpot! Play on your phone or on your tablet!This slots game is optimized for the powerful Android OS giving users the best HD experience.Features: o Connect with friends to play win o Unlock your themes fast o Pay line and bet level increases o Amazing graphics, thematic sounds and music, smooth animation o Mini games inside the game o Game Center high scores and achievements o Premium Slot Experience

  • Storage League

    Storage League

    Buy Lockers - Find Treasure! Do you have the insight to see the true value of a virtual storage unit? Are you tired of competing with boring NPCs? Looking for more challenging players?- Single Player Campaign Local Multiplayer Matches - 20,000 Lockers to Discover, with Rare and Unique Items- 27 Locations to Unlock across North America- 15 Opponents with Unique Personalities- 9 Skills to Learn- Online social leaderboards and achievements Multiplayer mode: Play just like on the TV shows! Storage League is the first multiplayer storage auction game which allows you to compete not just with NPCs but also with your friends and family members over the same wifi network.Single player campaign mode: 12 month campaign with unique unlockable locations, new challenging opponents and unlockable skills.Multicast permission is needed for local multiplayer mode. Find/use accounts permission is needed for leaderboards/achievements.In Single player mode, each league season is 12 months long. Try to get as many league points as possible to raise your ranking. You will be competing against a roster of computer controlled characters who have unique personalities and skills. Ask yourself: Does their bidding match your thoughts on the locker's value? If you think the competition is bidding too high, let them have the locker and enjoy seeing how much they lost on the locker. Just remember to look through the auction summaries and check the value of each item. This will help you in the future. Be sure to understand your opponents or you will be sorry.When you start a new game in Storage League, you will have $25,000 bidding money to start with. Be sure not to spend your money too quickly. Not all lockers are a good buy. This is Storage League for the big boys and not a Storage Game. It takes time to convert your inventory into cash. You can choose to take a discount to sell your goods quickly or to sell at a premium price if time is not a concern.You will be traveling throughout different areas of North America in Storage League, with a major focus on the West Coast of North America. As you collect enough league points and cash, you may travel to different areas and search for your riches and glory. Just remember, it is a long drive from north to south. Be sure you have enough money for the gas and the registration fee for each location.As you advance to different rankings, new skills will be unlocked in order for you to face your rivals and challenges. During game play, you can pay to look through each storage locker in advance. Search for hidden objects that you think are valuable. Don't expect to get rich on the first try, but observation is your key to success. Cash is not your only weapon, but insight, courage, and strategy are your greatest weapons to outbid your opponents in Storage League. You have an option to purchase skills that can be used before or during the auction. Just remember, riches and glory may not go together very often in this game.In Storage League Multiplayer mode, you can have a maximum of four guests (plus the host) in the game. You can use Wi-Fi to connect with each other. You can choose how many rounds to play, with each round consisting of up to five lockers. As in the single player campaign, you can preview the lockers and plan your strategy. You can also choose to have NPC players in your group. This is a fun game and a lot like the TV shows, with or without the arguing.In Storage League, the contents of every locker and where they are located in the room are random. You may find items that are unique, and you may require multiple playthroughs to find everything. Are you ready to become the next Lock Star?

  • Yatzy Ultimate Adventures Pro

    Yatzy Ultimate Adventures Pro

    **SCORE MULTIPLE YAHTZEES** **YELL IT PROUD: "Yatzee!"** This is the perfect game for Yahtzee lovers. Have fun mastering this classic poker/dice game with people across the globe. Tons of customizable features so you can play your favorite rules. **PLAY MULTIPLAYER LIVE AGAINST OTHERS** Test your skills in 13 rounds, with 3 rolls per hand. Winner scores by creating the best poker hand: 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, straights, and so on… Includes multiple challenging scoring categories to maximize your score! If you are an addict of Yahtzy, Yahtz, Farkle, Balut or other dice classic friends and family board move games, this one will best and top them all! Great for kids and world series Yahtzee buddies looking for that cool tripple 5 and 2 score. Keep track with your electronic scorecard DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY :P ________________________________________ Stay Connected Facebook: Support:

  • Slots Tournament

    Slots Tournament

    Slots Tournament is a Top Social Casino Slot Game!Slots Tournaments that let you play and compete with players around the world. Over 40 Vegas slot games with new ones added weekly. Win big prizes in tournaments!Rules of the game:♥ Tournament is organized automatically when enough players participate.♥ Top 30 percent of players got awarded tournament prizes, in addition to their Slot game wins. Top Features:♥ Allow individual play and group play♥ Tournaments organized automatically allowing optimized play experience♥ Tournament prizes awarded immediately after each tournament ends♥ More than 20 high quality Las Vegas style slot games featuring popular and unique themes♥ Stunning graphics and sound effects♥ Each slot game has unique game plays such as expanding wild, jackpot, stacked symbol, replicating reels, wild multiplier, free spin multipliers and progress payback.Notes:♥ This game is for entertainment purposes only!♥ No real money or any other real world goods can be won in this game!Have fun playing the best tournament slot game. We love to hear your feedback to continuously improve the game.

  • Jackpot Gems

    Jackpot Gems

    Jackpot Gems is a fun and refreshing combo of Match-3 and Slots gameplay! Match-3 or more gems in a row to gain levels and watch your coins add up. Chain match-3 gem combos into big gem jackpots for extra bonuses and huge wins!Get ready to win big in Jackpot Gems! Place your bet slots style and let lady luck take care of the rest.Keep your eye on the prize as you match horseshoes, lucky 777's, diamonds, and other rare gems for jackpots in this refreshing new game! Invite your friends for even more bonuses and show off your massive jackpots! Features:- A fresh and new combo of 2 of your favorite things: Match-3 puzzle games, and Casino Slots!- Fun, interactive and easy game play.- Level up as you play, increasing your max bet and unlocking new modes and features- Invite and Play with your Facebook friends

  • Teen Patti Klub ♠ Lucky

    Teen Patti Klub ♠ Lucky

    **New tournament is opening now! Winners will get high rewards such as numerous coins, MOBILE PHONE CREDITS, even REAL MOBILE PHONES! Contests held every hour from 10AM to 10PM every day. The week winner or month winner will gain much more mobile phone credits, even REAL mobile phones.Main features of Teen Patti Klub ♠ Lucky:**Earn Rs.5 mobile phone credits by continuous login for 7 days!**Huge daily bonus and other ways to get chips. Play the game totally FREE! No need to worry about your money**Play with REAL FRIENDS or people all over the world, and even interact with them by exchanging gifts, chatting and sending emoticons.**Amusing emoticons and chat board make interactive smooth and funny**THREE modes to choose: play as Facebook player, play as guest or play offline without Internet.**SPECIAL OFFLINE MODE, NO NEED OF INTERNET.**Tiny package saves your Internet cost and phone storage**Easy to use, fast response and low network flow. Please Note: In the Teen Patti Klub ♠ Lucky game you win or lose chips that have no real cash value. The game does not involve real gambling.Facebook Fan Page is open now!Click to invite friends:

  • Ocean Pearl Free

    Ocean Pearl Free

    Immerse yourself in the world of underwater adventure ocean Pearl.Eta game will give you lots of positive and not leave anyone indifferent, generous benefits for nine lines, as the game has a bonus game in the form of 15 free scroll, during the bonus games all vyigrasha multiplied by three, just do not forget about the risk of the game, it can easily double your vyigrasha, but do not forget you can double as well as to lose all, you decide.

  • Sizzling Fruits

    Sizzling Fruits

    Probably everyone know the good old game with cherries, lemons, melons, fruits and other symbols. Bright and intense, fun and exciting. The game Sizzling Fruits there is nothing superfluous: no wild symbols, bonus rounds and other characteristic features of modern video machines. Therefore, the gaming machine Sizzling Fruits is a real find for lovers of classic games, tired of cutting-edge twinkling toys. Updated bright hot graphics give an unforgettable experience and a nice time!

  • Poker Live

    Poker Live

    Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha High/Low in the same app! Poker Live is the fastest-growing, social card game on Google Play with an authentic, multiplayer Vegas feel. Customize your Avatar, choose your favourite Game Mode and play with million of players around the world!There are hundreds of tables, VIP privilege suites, tournaments and challenges. With extra features and mini games aiming to enhance your gaming experience, Live Poker will satisfy even the most demanding players.The game has special items to buy which are purchased using our in-game currency ‘Diamonds’. Diamonds can be earned each day free of charge or you can purchase directly whenever you want from our store.

  • Slots Jackpot 777 Vegas Casino

    Slots Jackpot 777 Vegas Casino

    Are you looking for a jackpot party place full of authentic casino games? Do you wish to be in a 777 slot heaven? Do you want to experience slots Vegas and slots of fun with lots a slots bonanza? Look no further my friend, why go to Vegas when you can swipe and tap your way to riches! Be the Spin Master in the Slots Jackpot 777 Vegas Casino!Experience a luxurious great outdoor themed casino right in the palm of your hand! With this fun cool slots game, you can hit it rich, hit jackpot and have a hot slot machine party with fun slots! Stop waiting, go take the journey and join now for the most authentic slots gaming outside the Vegas Strip! Discover a hot and exciting bonanza of jackpot slots! More features and more fun! Have it Your Way! If you like slots game, this is your BEST CHOICE! Excitement is at your fingertips as you move from one theme to another.You ready to party? Why travel far? Take a journey and experience the thrill of Vegas! This game consists of 9 lines; you can select up to 9 lines in this game. Bet maximum lines for intense fun. In the menu options you can play all these slots .There are many good slot games such as: - Ancient Times: This slot is based on Ancient Times theme.- Cats and Dogs: In this slot game you will get pictures of cats and dogs in the reels, this is a real fun slot.- Pharaoh’s Life: This slot is based on pharaoh’s life.- Kings and Queens: This is the most interesting slot game; there are pictures of kings and queens.- Jewels of Royalty: In this particular slot game there are pictures of diamonds and rings are there.- Farm of Empire: This game will definitely make you juicier, because there are fruits in this slot to play.Features:- Start Rich with Free Coins- Various themes and realms to play slots.- Initially you will get 1000 coins to start playing this game.- Our slot machines have beautifully hand painted themes all in HD graphics- Journey begins with a free room. Keep playing to unlock bonus rooms and more bonus coins- Experience a slots showdown with fun, smooth game play and rich realistic graphics.- Fantastic animations giving you the most authentic slot experience- A variety of free top-quality slot machines, each with its own unique features and feel- The greatest 777 casino game house in the slots casino world!- In the mysterious School of Magic, once you’ve win, the symbols in win lines will be eliminated, and more of the symbols will drop giving you another chance to eliminate- Play Slots anywhere! No Internet required- EASY to play and easy to WIN BIG jackpotsIf you enjoy great free slots games, then you'll have tons of fun exploring all the content this game has to offer! Exciting, free slots madness is always at your fingertips! With stunning graphics, captivating features six games to choose from, it’s easy to see why this game is so much fun! Play like a pro anywhere in the world! With so much Fun, Free Spins and Bonus Games let your “House” Always WIN! Download this game now!

  • Book Of Ra Deluxe Slot

    Book Of Ra Deluxe Slot

    Apparatus Book of Ra Deluxe is based on the ancient Egyptian writings and keeps undiscovered secrets of the pharaohs. He is able to enrich the people, to give them the knowledge and wisdom, but only the lucky players can unravel the centuries-old mystery. Many have tried to approach the problem rationally, trying to calculate the pattern on the five reels and ten lines slot, but all attempts ended in exactly the same place where it starts. Slot machine «Book of Ra Deluxe» already missed a secret repository of people, but these individuals were able to achieve the favor of the online unit's own success, which cleverly hold virtual travelers through all the barriers and obstacles which were prepared. It turns out to unravel the secret of the Egyptians and everyone can, you just very much and want to completely trust your own intuition!

  • Slots Boat - Epic Adventure

    Slots Boat - Epic Adventure

    If you love playing free slots, and love an adventure you will love Slots Boat!Embark on an epic adventure as you explore a new world full of fortunes, new friends and excitement!Download Now get a free 5,000 coins on the house to get started!Here is why you will love Slots Boat:- variety of fun themed worlds- traditional vegas slots experience with a unique new gameplay- coin dozer feature with special coins and free prizes- amazing realistic physics- you control how fast you can progress and how big are your wins- socialise, make friends and become a star- send and receive free gifts to friendsSlots Boat is easy to play and easy to win BIG!DOWNLOAD NOW and see why players love SLOTS BOAT!This game is intended for entertainment purposes only, and intended for people of age 21 or older.

  • Teen Patti Gold

    Teen Patti Gold

    Enjoy Teen Patti Gold, live with real players from around the world. Play with anyone, anytime, anywhere, in your language! You can play in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujrati. All in the same game.More Free Chips:♥ Free to play: Download now and get 1,00,000 chips FREE!♥ High Daily Reward: Get upto 1 Lakh(100,000) free chips everyday! More free bonus than any other game.Cool Features:♦ Play online with your friends.♦ Play in your language Choose between English, Hindi, Gujrati and Marathi.♦ Variations: Play 3rd Card Joker variation. More variations added regularly.♦ New interface is easier than ever: Teen Patti has never looked this good with stylish, and realistic game experience.♦ Chat and Gift: Fast chat and exciting gifts make the game lots of fun to play with other players.♦ Private Room: Play with your friends in the privacy of your own table.♦ Works smoothly on slow Internet connection. Teen Patti Gold works on any data connection or Wifi. Yes! It works great even on 2G.Play Poker, Desi Style: Teen Patti Gold is Indian version of Poker played with 3 cards, and is also known as Flash or Flush. Teen Patti table can have up to 5 players. Winning depends on your cards and moves.Ranking of the cards from high to low are:1. Trail or Set (three of same rank)2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)3. Sequence (straight or run)4. Colour (flush)5. Pair (two cards of same rank)6. High CardThis game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.Reach UsTo report any issues with usage or just to share feedback and tell us how we can improve, write to Facebook:

  • Slot Machine: Zeus

    Slot Machine: Zeus

    Welcome to Zeus Slots!Zeus Slots is 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine with amazing HD graphics and sound effects.Try your lucky for FREE and play the BEST slot machine with Zeus's Theme!It will give you the experience of Vegas slots in the palm of your hand! Features:- 1000 free credit to start- Free spins- Double or Nothing Bonus Round- Bonus Game- Leaderboard allows you to compare your score with other players- Play ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, no internet connection required!- EASY to play and fun to WIN BIG!- No money out of your pocket

  • Bingo Tickets 90

    Bingo Tickets 90

    Electronic bingo tickets for 90 number bingo.Easy to use, just touch a number to mark it (touch again to unmark).Manual marking only (no boring auto-marking here !).Shows when you only need 1 number for a win - flashes the number(s) you need.Highlights a winning ticket.16 ticket colours to choose from.12600 different tickets built-in.21 pen colours to choose from.11 different game modes (1 line, full house, pyramid, 4 corners etc.)Great for bingo with friends, social gatherings, fund raising etc.Saves you money (no more tickets to buy) and time (no more waiting for tickets to arrive by post). You won't have to buy any more dabbers or pens either !Also goes a little way to help save the planet - electronic tickets save paper, ink and waste. No more empty dabbers/pens to throw away.Can be used with any 90 number bingo but it really shines when used in conjunction with my 'Lees Bingo' software (available from www.lees-bingo.co.uk) as it allows for automatic winning ticket verification.Please note:This is not a bingo caller (there's no bingo caller/random number generator built into this app.) so you'll need to find a separate way to generate random numbers.Why not try the free demo of my Windows based 'Lees Bingo' bingo caller software available at the main website. This app makes a great companion.

  • Mega Hearts 2 Slots

    Mega Hearts 2 Slots

    With tasty fun graphics and an ultrafun multi level feature - it's Mega Hearts 2 slot machine fun! Can you win the Chocpot - a chocolatey jackpot treat? 3 or more Hearts appearing anywhere on the reels trigger the Feature - 15, 20 or 25 free games! If you won Super Spins during the Feature, they commence immediately. The bonus wheel starts automatically at the end of the Super Spins. Spin the wheel to win one of 4 different prizes! The Mega Feature If you win the Mega Feature on the Bonus Wheel, it starts immediately! A new screen appears with 15 candy boxes. Inside the boxes are between 10 and 60 free games. Find two of the same and you win that number of free games! During the Super Spins and Mega features you have the chance to win the chocalicious Chocpot Jackpot! If Gold Teddies appear on the first three reels the Chocpot Jackpot round is triggered. Find all 3 Golden Teddies hidden in the box of chocolates to win the jackpot! This game is for entertainment purposes only. No real money can be won or lost. The odds of winning in this simulation are not the same as in real slot machines. Real slot machines are designed to make you consistently lose. You must be aged 18 (or 21 in some areas) to gamble. Pokie Magic supports responsible gambling and appropriate parental supervision.

  • "Maxi" von Sonderspiele

    "Maxi" von Sonderspiele

    Ein deutsches Spielsystem was ebenfalls an die alten Sonderspiele-Zeit anschliesst. Der "Maxi" hat MP3 Sound so wie auch die LED-Technologie, was die Farben der Sonderspiele-Symbole anpasst. A German game system which also adjoins the old Special Games-time. The "Maxi" has MP3 sound as well as the LED technology, which adjusts the colors of the special games icons.

  • Slots Romance™: NEW SLOTS GAME

    Slots Romance™: NEW SLOTS GAME

    SLOTS ROMANCE! Download the Best New Las Vegas slot machines for FREE! Real Casino slot machines, just like in a Casino in Vegas, in an android App! Play slot machines with Bonus Games and Free Spins. No internet or wifi needed, offline AND online! This FREE collection of multi line slot machines with bonuses is the BEST of all the slots apps that android has to offer! Get a BIG WIN or hit the progressive JACKPOT! You’ll love how lucky you’ll be with SLOTS ROMANCE! DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW!Brought to you by Super Lucky Casino, makers of popular and original FREE las vegas style new classic casino games and the best apps for phone or tablet!

  • Grand Egyptian Pyramid Pro

    Grand Egyptian Pyramid Pro

    Grand Egyptian Pyramid Free is a version of Pyramid Casino GameFeatures:- Hours of Fun Playing- A Casino in your pocket- Full of Casino Pyramid Features

  • Slots™


    The #1 slot machine game with popular Vegas themes. Play FREE forever! The excitement of Vegas now on your phone to play whenever you want. Just tap to spin! Slots has hours of fun with tons of slot machines to play and more to come. ★ FREE updates with new slot machines ★ Win more often than any other slots game ★ Exciting animations and cool effects ★ Free Spins, Wilds Bonuses ★ Play on 5 reels with up to 30 lines Play a huge variety of fun slot machines themes: Uncover the Pharaoh’s Treasures! Get mesmerized by Vampire’s Seduction! Win a fortune with Lucky 7’s! Be victorious against the Alien Invasion! Plus even more popular and original themes. Top notch performance on your Android device. Please note: Slots(TM) is an online only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.Please note that Slots™ is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to the Google Play Store, tap the Menu button, select Settings Use PIN for purchase. Then, set up the four-digit PIN on the option below. In addition, Slots™ may link to social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 Studios will have access to your information through such services.Storm8 Studios is the #1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Use of this application is governed by the Storm8 Studios Terms of Service. Collection and use of data are subject to Storm8 Studios Privacy Policy. Policies are available at Follow Storm8 Studiosfacebook.com/storm8twitter.com/storm8