• Candy's Hospital

    Candy's Hospital

    Hey, little doctor, our friend Candy has got an emergency! See, so many friends of her family are sick now because of the changeable weather. But don’t worry, she has opened a hospital for the sake of everyone’s health. With advanced medical facilities and comfortable environment, it could offer the patients great medical service. However, Candy still needs an excellent doctor to take care of the patients, please come to help, they will be deeply grateful.How to play:Open the game and choose a patient in the lobby to start. When you click the patient, his / her state of illness would be introduced. Let's get down to business right now. Clicking the “Treat” button, you can start to cure the patient in the treatment room. There are six kinds of instruments for you, only after making full use of each one your patient will be cured. And here comes a big surprise that every cured patient will give you loving hearts as award, with the precious hearts you will be able to make the hospital better and better. So what are you waiting for? Just collect more hearts to build the world top medical institution! Moreover, you can also dress up the adorable nurse in the lobby! Let’s try choosing your favorite suit or just dragging it onto Candy, then she will show up with a new look. Hurry up, you have to strut your stuff when it really counts!Features:- Over 30 medical instruments- 8 different characters 14 stories- Abundant medical items for patients and various suits for the little nurse- Collect more loving hearts to make the hospital better- Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestionsNeed You Know:This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.

  • Coloring Book 2 (lite)

    Coloring Book 2 (lite)

    Free Coloring Book. Now you can have 500+ free coloring pages right in your pocket. With the recent update it has over 500 images - a really large set of coloring pages to play with! This is a major rewrite of Coloring Book app for kids. Great on a tablet and phone alike. With various images - you will surely find something adequate for your needs. Now you will always have a bunch of coloring pages for your kid to color. And with the built in export option (email, Facebook and other social media sites you have installed on your device) you can easily reach your friends and relatives. Send a birthday, name day, Easter or Christmas card to your distant relatives. Your kid will have lots of fun for hours! You can have some coloring fun with your toddler. You can also make a coloring contest with your kids, the use cases are endless - surely you will find one that suits your needs. Also teens and adults can find it interesting - and share their work with friends. Lots of pictures to choose from:* 400+ colouring pages available from various categories* Animals, Airplanes, Cars, Nature, People, Valentines Day, Stained Glass Pictures and more. * You can color a fairy here and a princess or a newborn dragon Configurable Interface:* ZOOM function to color tiny details. Can be disabled if you find it confusing for your kid. * UNDO function to make sure you can always revert changes you have made.* Advanced COLOR PICKER will allow you to select just the right color. Click "new" to select the new color or "old" to keep using the old one. Also - a separate color picker with a set of predefined colors if that is what you prefer.* You can EXPORT the image, share it with others via mail or other application installed on your phone (e.g. Picassa, FaceBook, any app that accepts images via standard Android "share image" function"). If you like it, consider purchasing an ads free version. Thanks!All the images are free for private use, if you want to use them for any commercial purpose please check with me first. NEW FEATURE (August 2013): Coloring Book will be shown as an application that can accept a photo from your Photo Gallery (so called "Share" Intent). It will also work for email attachments and other pictures in your device. - you have unlimited coloring pages now. Draw something on a piece of paper, make a photo of it, download an image from internet, draw a coloring page for your kid in your favorite image editor and send it to your Coloring Book. Unleash your creativity and have fun!This feature is still in experimental phase - I will be glad if you could drop me a note how you see it working on your devices. You may need to crop the image before sending.User comments:• My 7 yr old Daughter loves this! A fun app for when you're waiting at an appt or going for a long ride in the car or bus!• Great!!!!!!! My kids 4-12 love it .. so easy for my four year old to get my phone and use it!• Fun for kids I put this app on my phone for my son he loves it. Heck every so often I'd use it too. (^.^)• Fun! Fun!

  • Baby Phone

    Baby Phone

    Educational "Kids phone" is the best educational game in English. If you want children games download free, the toy phone is for you. This educational game is classified as learning games for children up to 4 years.   Developing games for toddlers - a very important component of modern development. Training applications for small toddlers on mobile devices become a trend in the category of apps for kids. Cheerful phone - it's child's play for the youngest children. Kids love music, teach baby notes. This phone is for kids and even babies very fun baby toy. This educational game for children are suitable for all levels of education: toddlers from 1 year to 2 to 3 to 4, 5, 6 and even 7 years.   Let's try to name all the colors of the rainbow. Your baby knows how to count? The figures announced fabulous voice - we assume together!   Let the training will no longer be boring, and become a useful and amusing entertaining game!   If you enjoy our free baby games please rate them and visit our web site to download more fun applications

  • Art Drawings: Plant and Zombie

    Art Drawings: Plant and Zombie

    «Art Drawings: Plants vs Zombies Heroes» is an application that combines all of drawing tutorials to offer a single solution of learning how to draw Bonk Choy, Kernel-Pult, Twin Sunflower, Peashooter, Pae Pod, it is easy, fast and fun!You can now access more than 1000 free drawing tutorials through one application! ► CATEGORIESWe grouped all our drawing lessons into categories to make it easy for you choosing what to draw. For example in this app you can find tutorials for girls, boys, or kids. Cartoons, animals and even comics heroes can be drawn.► THEMATICSHuge collection of tutorials - more than 1000 lessons of any subject: Anime, Manga Comics, Animals, Celebrities, Tattoos... and many more!► IT'S EASYLearning to draw with the «Art Drawings: Plants vs Zombies Warriors» app is ease, you just follow each step visualized in the tutorial using the subject you want to learn. The number of steps varies, but each one covers a key aspect of the subject. ► IT'S FUNThe «Art Drawings: Plants vs Zombies Characters» app is perfect for individuals, parties, classroom activities, and competitions. The app includes a handpicked collection of items of the most popular and fun subjects: Iceberg Lettuce, Chili Bean, Lightning Reed, Coconut Cannon, Bloomerang are just a few examples. Try one or try them all!► FEATURES• Automatic updates. If we have new lessons this app will download then automaticaly and free of charge.• Separate tutorials download - get only what you like• Tutorials for all drawing levels — beginners, intermediate users and fans!• On-screen draw mode.• Integrated rating system that assigns a level of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert• Each tutorial contains of 10-30 precise steps!• More than 1000 free tutorials!► DRAW TOOLS• Zoom and Pan mode - if your screen is not big enough, then just zoom, pan and draw.• Color tool - pick any color with a simple dialog• Brush tool - 5 predefined brush sizes• Transparency tool - allows you to change visibility of background image and makes it possible to draw yourself.• Rubber, Undo and Redo tools - erases mistakes and gives you a second chance• Share your creation with friends via email, Facebook, Skype and many more. Also you can save it to your SD card and set as background.It's absolutely free! Don't doubt it, install it and try to draw something right now! Enjoy!

  • Frozen Drink Maker: Milkshake

    Frozen Drink Maker: Milkshake

    Enjoy the best summer time drink from the cool comfort of your home! Drink Maker: Milkshake lets you create and decorate your very own milk shake from scratch! A good milk shake starts with cool pieces of ice. Take the ice and add it to your favorite cup, then bring out the milk. Mix it in with some of your favorite flavors and start the blender!Did you think milkshakes were just ice cream and milk? You're about to have your taste buds blown away! Drink Maker lets you pick from a rainbow of fruits and other toppings to flavor your summer drink in any way you like. Start with something simple like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or cherry. Mix it in with your ice and milk and start the blender. Watch as the ingredients mix together and turn into the best summer drink around!Once your drink is made, it's time to decorate! Choose from a rainbow of fruits and other toppings to decorate your cup however you like. Add a cool summer time theme, create a chill winter scene, sprinkle crazy toppings on top, or design smiley face toppings and other patterns. Your only limitation is your imagination! Let the rainbow of fruits decorate your summer with fun. Pick out a cool cup and a fun straw and let the milkshake drinking begin!Features:- Create a milkshake from scratch!- Choose from different cute cups to mix your drink in.- Blend the ice and milk together. Watch it mix!- Decorate your drink with tasty fruits and other toppings.- Give your summer a rainbow of tasty flavors!How to Play:- Use the touch screen to choose ingredients.- Add everything to the blender and turn it on.- Add decorations to your drink for the best milkshake ever!Our team has created a video just for you! Come see it on YouTube for more fun games!--FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HUGS N HEATS--Like us on Facebook at us on Twitter our web page at to find more games!

  • Underwater world. Adventure 3D

    Underwater world. Adventure 3D

    The sea is full of dangers, and you are the only one who can overcome them all!Help the little sea fish collect caviars. The sea is full of dangers, and you are the only one who can overcome them all! Install the game and set sail for some adventures to the very bottom of the sea. You will have to maneuver between the bright seaweed in search of caviars. Just watch out – there is a lot of other fish around which aim to eat you! To escape from them, look for the mask – it will make you invisible for a few seconds. Catch a heart when you are about to run out of lives. And don't forget to keep an eye on the time - every second counts here. Each star you find will give you acceleration, and the watch will reset the timer. Lily Fish won't cope without you – install the game right now and you will never regret!

  • Boj Digs

    Boj Digs

    Boj-a-boom!Boj likes to help his buddies the best way he knows how: with a Boj-a-boom idea! Guide Boj as he tunnels and runs through Giggly Park, collecting what he needs to solve his buddies’ problems and playing ukulele along the way!An exciting and rewarding side scrolling game for pre-school children (and up). With comic introductions to each of his buddies’ dilemmas; Boj sets off to help them - collecting, counting, digging, jumping, playing music and congratulating the player as he goes. The game ensures lots of replay value with features such as: adapting to a players ability - to assist younger and challenge successful players, tracking high scores and generating a new level layout each time it’s played!Simple controls - Boj will travel to where your finger is pressing on screen. Press and keep touching and as you move up and down he will follow. When you take your finger off and he will travel straight. When he's above ground, tap to jump, Yay!Game features:- Rich and colourful design- Smooth, satisfying gameplay- Unique animation and sound effects- Procedurally generated levels (never the same twice!)- Dynamic difficulty responds to how well you play- High score tally for those who like a challenge- Lots of pay-offs and rewards for your actions- Ad free, child friendly and no extra charges- Officially endorsed Boj appDig, run, have fun - Let’s get Boj-ing!Support contact: For more information about Boj burrow over to:

  • Hair salon Hairdo - kids games

    Hair salon Hairdo - kids games

    Hair salon Hairdo - kids gamesLadiesdressup got a new Hair salon Hairdo – kids game available. In this cool new free to play girl hairsalon game you need to cut wash, dry and colour many different haircuts in the style you like. It’s your own hair salon so you can decide with the haircut will be of your customers, so time to show your skills in this crazy hair salon game from LadiesDressUp. In this funny game you can give your model cool and fabulous hair styles and show how creative you are. Be the best hair dresser in the world, then save your hair model on your phone gallery, and share your hair designs over Facebook and twitter. So everyone will know you have a great hair salon.Discover the many fashionable and wonderful, dazzling hairstyles that are available in this hair salon game. Everything is possible from professionally colouring and straitening the hair of your model, to giving the most glamorous look. You got curlers for tight and thick curls but also form smaller curls. Explore the endless hair dresser options in this exciting hair salon game!After your world famous hair salon treatment your model will look like a star! But if you think your done there is something extra. This cute girl also like to get a dressup from you, so you also need to show your fashion skills in this game.HAIR SALON GAME FEATURES=========================================================================================Discover al the possible hairdos – there are so many fashionable hairstyles Cut your models hair – Give your model the most exciting and latest fashion lookDry the models hair – Use your hairdryer to get the hair ready to cut, style and colourStraight out the hair – its handy to straight the hair for cutting the hairstyle in different layers.Create a star hairstyle – Use the different styling manners to create a star of princess hair style in your own hair salon. Accessorize your favourite hairstyle – we got clips, bow ties, and ribbonsSave your haircut on your mobile device – Use the save image option to share your haircut with your friends and challenge them to create a totally different hairdo ========================================================================================= Hairsalon – First day Harido is a game from LadiesDressUp, we publish many different easy to play girlgames apps. We hope you will enjoy our free hair salon fashion girl game, and we hope you give us the love by likening our Facebook page or follow us on twitter. So we can keep you up to date on our fashion games, girl games, hair salon games and more!★ Facebook - ★Twitter -

  • Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour

    Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour

    Kids can play Baby Hazel Dolphin Park game for free.Hurray! There is a surprise holiday treat for Baby Hazel. Hazel and her family have flown to visit a Dolphin Park, to explore the amazing world of dolphins. Go along with them to interact with dolphins and enjoy spectacular show of these incredible creatures. Play with the dolphins and learn interesting facts about them. Have a blissful day with Baby Hazel and her family at the Dolphin Park!

  • SweetLand — Family Board Game

    SweetLand — Family Board Game

    Nothing says ‘quality time’ like playing a family board game with your kids. It is fun for children — and adults — of all ages! Tired of seeing everyone playing separately on their own devices? Don’t you wish you could bring the whole family TOGETHER over a fun game that everyone can enjoy? SweetLand — the sweetest board game of them all — delivers a wonderful ‘family time’ experience at home or on-the-go. The birds-eye view of the board lets players see where they are and a 3rd person immersive view makes it oh-so-sweet! Pinch zoom and drag to explore the board where you can find all types of mouth watering worlds with sweet sights: Candy House, Ice Cream Palace, Gingerbread Man, Giant Gummy Bear, Candy Cane Forest, Chocolate Lake and many more! The game is so easy and fun. The first one to the Castle Cake wins! – Up to 4 players– You can also play with robots– Pinch zoom and drag to explore the boardWith SweetLand, it’s never over till it’s over. It can be anybody’s game. Make it yours. About Tipitap Tipitap seeks to reinvent traditional children activities, games and toys for a touchscreen world. Our award-winning products unleash the potential of the new technologies on touchscreen devices, weaving together family fun with educational concepts. The result is effective, enriching and fun learning experiences.

  • Cake Pop Cooking!

    Cake Pop Cooking!

    Do you like Cake Pops???Do you know how to make it?Do you want to D-I-Y?HERE comes a totally Fun Cooking Game for you by #Kids Food Games#Start with some flour and sugar and milk. Mix it all up and find the craziest wackiest stick to match!Dip it in some sugary frosting and add some sprinkles! YUMMMMHow will you MAKE???***Cool Toppings Inside the Game*************************************************- Frosting!- Whipped Cream and Cherries!- Fruity Fun!- Wacky Faces and Crazy Sticks!- TASTE SHARE!!!Download for free!!!

  • Quiet Games for LDS Kids

    Quiet Games for LDS Kids

    We'd all love it if our elementary age kids sat in church quietly taking notes and paying attention. But let's be honest, does that really ever happen? Most of the time our kids make noise and cause everyone around to get distracted too. This app will help in 3 ways: 1) Your kids will be quietly engaged2) You and your neighbors will be able to pay attention better3) Your kids will have fun without making a soundHere are the 5 games: Bingo, Word Search, Memory, Prophet Matching, and Hangman- Bingo: The classic conference bingo now with different sizes and always randomized.- Word Search: A fun word search game with LDS words that will keep children engaged.- Memory: Try to match each picture with its matching counterpart. No score so the kids won't fight :)- Prophet matching: Learn each prophet's name and face. Includes latter-day prophets and modern day apostles.- Hangman: Try to guess the lds word before the picture is completely drawn.So sit back and enjoy General Conference or Sacrament meeting while your children are quietly engaged.

  • Little Ponies My PhotoBooth

    Little Ponies My PhotoBooth

    Are you a fan of taking pictures? Are you a selfie fanatic? Do you find yourself sometimes waking up, and you just have to take photos? Have you ever wanted to add amazingly cool effects to your photos to enhance your photo taking experiences? Well today is your very lucky day! With My Little Pony you can add cool effects such as Rarity, Pinkie, Twilight, Sparkle, Fluttershy with plenty of extra amazing features to enhance your photo taking experience to create great memories in the future to have a look back at.Introducing MLP Game - great way to enhance your photos with awesome high quality effects!This mobile android application allows you to create awesome effects! It is the perfect solution for anyone looking to change the look of their photos, and also has a wide variety of cool effects that the user is able to choose from. But it does not end there! With this mobile android app you get a variety of extra features as well as the cool effects mentioned earlier.Why should I choose this app to enhance my photo taking experience?That is a great question! This app was professionally developed to cater to the needs of our users. It is easy to use and is also completely portable. This app is perfect for anyone looking to add effects such as Celestia , Rainbow, Spike, Scootaloo, Applejack. Another great point to bring up is the easy to use interface. This mobile android application was developed with such ease of use that a child is able to proficiently use the interface with ease and with a large amount of confidence. Another great reason is that this wonderful mobile android application is 100% free. That’s right free! This is the best reason. It provides high quality photo effects and it is free at the same time. There would be no reason not to give it a try! It is risk free.What type of effects does My Little Pony Game have?This is once again another great question! This mobile android application was professionally developed by our top developers to have multiple effects to enhance your photo taking experience. But these aren’t just any old effects, these are very high quality effects that will definitely blow your mind! This wonderful mobile android application combines very high quality effects such as Celestia , Rainbow, Spike, Scootaloo, Applejack along with the easy to use interface is just the perfect combination to enhance your photo taking experience and build memories. What are the features of My Little Pony.This is a very good question. This mobile android application has many great features allowing you as the user to take high quality photos and add effects such as, Rarity, Pinkie, Twilight, Sparkle, Fluttershy.Application Features:• Fun app! Make a lot of fun for your friends and relatives editing their photos!• Great graphics! More than 50 Sticker in our free Stickers Gallery!• Awesome editing! You can zoom in or out all stickers or use eraser and restore effects on them!• Sweet photo pranks!• Professionally developed!• Expertly created and designed!• Trade and show photos with your friends!• Easy to use application and editing software!• It’s easy to download and hardly occupies any big space in your android!• It can turn your photographs into a lovely piece of smile and enjoyment; you will love to share them with your friends!This mobile android application is a great tool for you and your family to create memories with. It is very high quality and it has a variety of cool effects. So what are you waiting for? Try it now for free!

  • Beauty Hair Salon: Fashion SPA

    Beauty Hair Salon: Fashion SPA

    Get your Barbie girl ready to go out on the town! Tons of different beautiful models need your help to cut, color and comb their hairstyle to look better than ever before. Do their makeup, dress them in hot clothes, color their nails and much more. Make your Barbie girl models dress for success with Beauty Hair Salon: Fashion SPA!Your beauty salon has all the tools you need to turn ordinary girls into beautiful Barbie models. Give their curls a good cut and color with your salon's hairstyle tools. What look is in fashion these days? That's up to you, of course! Give the girls new lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and other makeup, too. Nothing says fashion like the right kind of eyeliner!With makeup and hairstyles in line, it's time to pick out the perfect outfit. Your salon has tons of dresses, shoes, tops, pants, skirts and accessories to choose from. Pick out the right one and get the makeover complete!Fashion is important to Barbie girls, just like it is for all girls! Make sure each one has the perfect hairstyle, curls and all, by cutting and coloring it however you like. Your salon needs to give them the right dress and makeup, too, otherwise they'll have a bad fashion day!Features:- Play with your very own virtual Barbie girl in the beauty salon.- Give your friend a makeover with new makeup and outfits.- Cut and color their curls for the perfect hairstyle.- Dress the models in different hairstyles and outfits.- Tons of fashions to choose from.How to Play:- Choose a model to give a makeover to.- Pick out the perfect outfit and hairstyle to wear.- Cut, curl and color each girl's hairstyle.- Design a new makeup look to complete the makeover.We've made a video just for you! Come see it here: YouTube for more fun games Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can find us on Facebook at Or on Twitter at For more information about Bear Hug Media please visit PLEASE NOTE: This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money. On Kindle Fire, you can configure parental controls from the device Settings menu, and then selecting Parental Controls. On Android devices, you can configure in-app purchasing parental controls from the settings menu within the Amazon Appstore.

  • Crazy Hospital

    Crazy Hospital

    Become a doctor today! Diagnose and treat your patients injuries ailments, no matter how crazy they are! Each of your patients have specific injuries or illnesses. They need your help straightaway. It's up to you to locate any boo boos and help them get better. Use the stethoscope, syringe, x-ray machine and many other crazy medical tools to diagnose what's wrong with each silly character. Once you've treated all the different injuries for one patient, make sure you perform all the standard check-ups before moving on to your next patient! What are you waiting for, start treating your disgruntled patients today! Features: - Diagnose your patients using caricature type medical equipment. - Each patient has a unique ailment that needs to be treated before progressing. - Each of the check-up tools monitors or treats a specific injury or illness. - Funny character animations, including reactions and voiceovers to user input. - Medical chart checklist to review diagnosis and task completion. - 6 different patient characters with unique themes. - 12 medical tools in check-up section plus 6 tools, each unique to their corresponding character. - Different custom plaster and bandages to apply to your patients. If you like “Crazy Hospital!”, please take a moment to leave a review. We will continue to make improvements based on your feedback. If you would like to see any new characters in future updates for “Crazy Hospital” please suggest them in your review. About Bluebear:
 With over 60 million downloads, Bluebear is one of the top developers on the App Store. We pride ourselves on being a creator of innovative premium games that kids and parents love. Our goal is to make games that help stimulate the imagination and creative learning process.Visit www.bluebear.ie for more information Join our Facebook Page: 
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  • Ferret Games & Sounds

    Ferret Games & Sounds

    Where’s my sock? If you love ferrets then you will love our Ferret Games Activity App AD FREE Version! Enjoy real life ferret pictures and puzzles, listen to your little ferret dooking, hear baby ferrets crying and listen in while your ferret takes a nap. You can also take a photo of you and your ferret together – or become a little ferret yourself with our Fun Cam in this interactive activity app designed for ages 2 and above.When you download the Ferret Games Activity App AD FREE Version you’ll get a whole bunch of fun activities including:Real Ferret SoundsCute Ferret PuzzlesFerret Matching GamesFerret Fun CamReal Ferret SoundsThe first thing you’ll find in these ferret games for kids are the cute sounds. With just a tap your child will be able to hear their ferret dooking, listen to the baby ferrets cry and even hear the sound they make when sleep!Cute Ferret PuzzlesThe next activity in these ferret games are the sweet, real life puzzles. These slide puzzles are designed with no distracting sounds or time limits, thus allowing your child to concentrate while they play – just like they do when putting together a real puzzle! These engaging ferret games also develop;- Early math skills- Conception and reasoning- Fine motor skillsHow to PlaySimply tap ‘Randomize’ on any puzzle to instantly shuffle the puzzle pieces. And if your child doesn’t like the look of that one, just tap ’Randomize’ again to reshuffle the picture. Also the ‘Preview’ button allows your child to view the completed picture at any time, so if they get stuck, they can see what the completed puzzle looks like to help them at any time during the game.Ferret Memory GamesYou’ll find all kinds of cute and cuddly ferrets in these delightful memory games. With over 24 real life pictures included in these games your child is sure to be kept happy as they try to match up each little ferret with its twin.How to PlayFirst choose which of the memory games you would like to play by tapping on it. Your child will then see all of the adorable cards laid out for them. Take as long as you need to memorise where the matches are and simply press ‘Start’ to have all the cards flipped over to begin the game. Tap two cards at a time until all of the matches have been discovered.Ferret Fun CamDon’t have a ferret to call your own? Or maybe you just want another one! How about taking a photo of you with your new little pet? You can with the Ferret Fun Cam! Simply press ‘Take a Picture’ and you have 3 options available to you;- Snap a picture of yourself as a mischievous little ferret.- Slide the screen to the left and take a picture of yourself with a cheeky ferret.- Slide again to snap a picture with a whole gang of little ferrets!So if you or your little one loves their ferret and everything about them then the Ferret Games Activity App AD FREE Version is for you. Download now and enjoy and let your child have some fun while learning with a Brain Candy App!

  • Inner Garden: Winter Garden

    Inner Garden: Winter Garden

    Expansion pack for the Inner Garden free app. Requires an up-to-date installation of Inner Garden. Winter Garden expansion pack takes you to the quiet, peaceful world of white winter when the nature rests and renews itself. Choose from several houses covered in snow. Cover your rivers and lakes with ice and marvel at pine branches stooping with snow loads. Tread little paths to your neighbors' homes, make snowmen and remember our animal friends: treat the deer in the forest to hay from a feeding rack and set up bird feeders right outside of your windows, so that you can watch our little friends while sipping hot tea and enjoying sweets by the fireplace!

  • Hi! Puppies2 ♪

    Hi! Puppies2 ♪

    Popular 3D social pet raising game, a sequel to Hi!Puppies! This adorable pet training system has been upgraded again! The new stylish game of 2014, a brand new experience for you.Hi!Puppies!, the game with 10 million users has finally launched a new version. Based on the reputation of the previous game and brand-new design, more features are now available:[Voice Training for Puppies] a newly developed unique voice training and gesture system that allows you to become a puppy master in the game.[Upgraded Interactions] a Stadium feature that allow puppies to participate in their own Olympic games![Makes Friends in the Park] enable a real-time chatting system in new park scenes. You can make friends with puppy lovers at almost any time. Gorgeous fireworks, pranks, romance and happiness are all here.[Dressing for the Charisma Show] who is the true fashion leader. Display your charm in the Charisma show and become super stars!!! [Breeding System with All Possibility] Added the function of obtaining special genes from pure puppies on the basis of the original game, giving offspring infinite possibilities. Now join the fun and select your puppy’s favorite partner. Make the game even more exciting with amazing choices![Custom Decoration] the game brings numerous customization options of wonderful and diversified furniture and decorations!Join puppy world! Hi!Puppies 2 welcomes all players!

  • Gaspard : les Aventures...

    Gaspard : les Aventures...

    Gaspard : les Aventures Extraordinaires : un dessin animé interactif, ludique et éducatif avec la voix de Lorànt Deutsch, l'auteur des best seller Métronome et Hexagone.★ Gaspard fait parti de la sélection de l'été du Parisien, 20 Minutes, TF1.fr, le Figaro magazine...★ Meilleure appli pour les 3/6 ans (Biba)★ 18/20 - coup de coeur (DeclicKids) ★ Aucune fausse note ne vient gâcher le plaisir de jouer (iPadou) ★ une vraie réussite (viPad) ★ Sélection de la semaine (MyAppKid) ★ Du divertissement intelligent. (Applimini) ★ L’application est très riche et bien réalisée (ID BOOX) 5 mini-activités d'initiation et 9 jeux originaux : logique, formes, couleurs, motricité fine, observation, réflexes, musique et bien plus encore... pour les enfants de 2 à 6 ans.Une véritable aventure sur terre et sous la mer avec des instruments de musique à retrouver. 13 séquences vidéos ponctuent les jeux et font de l’application un véritable dessin animé interactif."Les Aventures Extraordinaires de Gaspard" est un jeu développé en collaboration avec 12 spécialistes des jeunes enfants (enseignants, pédopsychiatres etc.). Ensemble nous avons élaboré des fonctionnalités de jeu particulièrement adaptées aux jeunes enfants :★ une aide discrète et intelligente adaptée au niveau de jeu qui ne laisse jamais l’enfant en situation d’échec et qui l’encourage continuellement★ 4 niveaux de difficulté qui s’adaptent de manière automatique à votre enfant selon les activités.★ Une mémoire des résultats des parties précédentes qui fait progresser l’enfant tout en douceur.Ce projet pédagogique global comprend l'application accompagnée d’un guide "questions de parents dans lequel des spécialistes leurs apportent des réponses relatives à l'usage de la tablette par les jeunes enfants : quand et combien de temps jouer ? Quels bienfaits ? Quels dangers ?... Gaspard: The Extraordinary Adventures: an interactive animated, fun and educational design with the voice of Lorant Deutsch, author of the bestseller Metronome and France.★ Gaspard belongs to the selection of the Parisian summer, 20 Minutes, TF1.fr, Figaro magazine ...★ Best App for 3/6 years (Biba)★ 18/20 - favorite (DeclicKids)★ No false note spoils the pleasure of playing (iPadou)★ a real success (viPad)★ Selection of the week (MyAppKid)★ From smart entertainment. (Applimini)★ The application is very rich and well done (ID BOOX)5 initiation activities and mini-9 original games: logic, shapes, colors, fine motor skills, observation, reflexes, music and much more ... for children 2 to 6 years.An adventure on land and under the sea with musical instruments to find. 13 video sequences punctuate the games and make the application a real interactive cartoon."Extraordinary Adventures of Gaspard" is a game developed in collaboration with young children 12 experts (teachers, psychiatrists etc.). Together we developed set of features particularly suited to young children:★ discreet and intelligent assistance tailored to the level of play that never leaves the child up for failure and who continually encourages★ 4 difficulty levels that adapt automatically to your child in activities.★ A memory of the results of previous parts that advances the child gently.This comprehensive educational program includes the application with a guide "issues parents in which their experts provide answers on the use of the tablet by young children when and how long to play What benefits What are the dangers? ? ...

  • Wedding Preparation Salon

    Wedding Preparation Salon

    This game is a different and nice wedding salon game, which is different with the old salon games. Every girl wants a nice wedding because it's an unique important time to be a bride in her life. This bride is so busy to prepare with her wedding time. She needs your help to design her hairstyle, you can choose the best hairstyle and color it. Then make up and dress up the bride with your perfect design and match ability. When you are on the street, you will get bridesmaid's invitation, she will ask the bride to go somewhere, like church, shopping and seaside. You will help and dress up the bridesmaid with the suitable clothes and match. If you match her with right clothes, you will get a furniture which is a gift from your bridesmaid. That's a necessary gift from her. In your wedding room, your handsome bridegroom will in it and waiting your dressup, do you want to make her more handsome? Of course, you want i think. And in your wedding room, you need use the nice furniture which is sent by your bridesmaid to decorate your wedding room. Do you think that's nice? You must love them and if you could match your bridesmaid right, she will send you more better furniture to you. But pls notice you can't enter bridesmaid's home if you don't get her invitation. Do you think this game is too nice and attractive? Come to play now!