• DragonVale


    You will be addicted to taking care and watching your adorable dragons! With dozens of dragons to raise, you also need to build the island in the sky for them. Win the prizes by competitions, and grow dragon treats in farms...Don't forget to upload your DragonVale videos and share with your friends in GoPlay community!

  • Hay Day

    Hay Day

    ♥ Grow and customize your farm♥ Trade crops and farm-fresh goods with neighbors and friends♥ Fulfill orders by truck, steamboat and farm stand♥ Build your own town and welcome visitors♥ Experience the endless possibilities of living off the land

  • Voice Changer

    Voice Changer

    Your Android can change your voice. Tell your jokes with a different voice! Effects:Helium Hexafluoride Cave Robot AlienMonster Smurf Old-radio Voice vocals (For music) Drunk Minion :) Exorcism Bee Child Church Fan UnderwaterWalkie-talkie*** New Version ***- New Interface- More functions- Crashes fixes

  • BB FNAF 3 Fall Game

    BB FNAF 3 Fall Game

    FNAF 3 is a game of endless fun where you act as BB by jumping on platforms.This a game for kids, adults, and a game for families to enjoy!Playing this game is very simple;You are BB one of the animatronics in fnaf 3 and you're falling from the sky!You must make sure to jump on the platforms and not fall down and also don't forget to collect some bonus along the way!DISCLAIMER;This game was NOT created NOR endorsed by Scott Cawthon, creator of FNAF 3.

  • The trip to Panama

    The trip to Panama

    The Trip to Panama – the adventures of Tiger and Bear as an extraordinary app to discover and re-discoverExperience Janosch's bestselling classic picture book “The Trip to Panama” in a completely new way. In the app, you are going to travel with Bear, Tiger their Tiger Duck to Panama – the land of their dreams.Accompany Tiger and Bear in seven interactive chapters on an unforgettable journey to the land that "smells of bananas all over". Each of the seven chapters contains a fun game in which you can help Bear and Tiger on their journey. By playing the games you will receive rewards, which you can collect on the rotating Panama globe. In an extra area, selected mini games are waiting for you with even more levels.Using animation technology that creates a cinematic look, the popular Janosch drawings gain a depth of field and are brought to life without losing that picture book feel in the process. Carefully placed interaction opportunities further enhance the story.The timeless story of Tiger and Bear who go on a journey to Panama, has been enchanting children and adults alike for three generations. A nice home and good friends – that’s what you need to be happy. Because: “If you have a friend, (...) you don't have to be afraid of anything.”Over 150 Janosch books have been published to date, some of which have been translated into more than 30 languages and have been sold millionfold. His Bear, Tiger and Tiger Duck characters have become an integral part of German literature and television (Tiger Duck Club).Following the publication of “The Trip to Panama”, the book received the German Children’s Book Award.The app was developed by Mimimi Productions UG, winner of the Apple Design Award 2012, the German Developer Prize 2014, and awarded as Best German Studio #5 at GameStars 2012.Features:- Navigate from chapter to chapter with the rotating three-dimensional Panama globe and discover ever new and lovingly designed details and interactive animations all around the globe- Immerse yourself into the wonderful cinematically animated world of Tiger and Bear and bring them to life by tapping interactive elements – with original graphics by Janosch- Read the enchanting story about friendship and courage or listen to the narrator telling you the story- Help Bear, Tiger and their friends on their journey to Panama in five fun mini games and collect rewards and medals:o Catch fish with Bearo Do handicrafts with Little Tigero Help Cow drive away the flieso Gather mushrooms with Little Tigero Climb the highest tree with Bear and Tiger to get a view of the whole of Panamao Ride on a raft with Bear and Tiger and steer them safely across the river- Meet Janosch’s popular picture book characters – Tiger Duck, the Frog, the Post Bunny and many others- Playable in German and English- Child-oriented and safe – of course, ad-free and no in-app purchases!

  • Club Penguin

    Club Penguin

    Explore the island, join the latest party, meet and chat with friends, play games, adopt and care for pet puffles, visit and Like friends' igloos, and more. And with a commitment to online safety, Club Penguin means fun for kids and peace of mind for parents. Disney Club Penguin has had an unwavering commitment to online safety.Club Penguin videos are available on GoPlay! 

  • Breakfast Food Maker - Free!

    Breakfast Food Maker - Free!

    Wake up!!! Are you not a morning person? You can now look forward to the mornings with this awesome new BREAKFAST Food Maker app! It’s free!!!Make awesome breakfast so you will never leave the home hungry again. Kick start your day so you can become super productive! Don’t leave the house with an empty stomach!Don’t have time to prepare breakfast? This app is fun and super easy!!! Make a huge breakfast meal in no time!!! Try it out now!Download and start making breakfast every morning! Do you love breakfast so much that you can have it all day? You can do this now with this app! Take this breakfast maker anywhere! Start making it in bed in the mornings or before you sleep at night! It is super fun and educational!DOWNLOAD IT NOW! ITS FREE.Features:- Tap to select your favorites from the huge range of breakfast foods- Swipe to use the breakfast making tools!- Test and practice your cooking skills! - Whip up a huge satisfying breakfast and impress your family and friends!**********************************************Join our Facebook Page: Follow us on Twitter: Know more about Kids Food Games at our official website:

  • Pizza Maker - My Pizza Shop

    Pizza Maker - My Pizza Shop

    Fun pizza maker game for pizza lovers. With this free cooking game, you can let your inner pizza hero go wild creating real looking pizza. The best part is after you make your pizza, you can eat it too!FEATURES- Make your own dough.- Make your own sauce.- Add cheese.- Customize with dozens of toppings!- Bake your pizza in the oven, but don't let it over cook!- Add seasonings.- Serve your pizza and decorate the table with cups and napkins.- Best yet, you can EAT your pizza!- Continued improvement of this cooking game app, please send us feedback or suggestions.Don't Wait, Download Now and Start Pizza Making!About TapBlazeOur vision is to build an enduring franchise that gamers will still be excited about decades from now. At TapBlaze, we strive to develop high-quality, creative games that people of all ages will find entertaining, educational, fun, and useful. We believe our attention to detail, commitment to player satisfaction, and expertise in the mobile space will make our games stand out. ************************************For the Latest Updates and Learn More About Us, Follow Us On:Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Website: ************************************

  • Littlest Pet Shop

    Littlest Pet Shop

    You can find Littlest Pet Shop videos on GoPlay! Help BLYTHE and her friends, Minka, Penny, Pepper, Russell, Sunil, Vinnie and Zoe to adopt, take care of and entertain cute little pets! ❤ 150 pets to collect! Dogs, cats, bears and more! ❤ Wash them, feed them and play with them in fun mini-games ❤ Build houses and play areas to welcome and entertain even more pets ❤ Visit your friends and find the hidden objects in their towns.

  • Snail Bob 2: Grandpa's Gift

    Snail Bob 2: Grandpa's Gift

    Snail Bob, the award winning puzzle game played by millions, is finally on Google Play! Help Snail Bob deliver a gift to his grandpa for his birthday. Obviously you need to do this by solving a series of puzzles, because the forces of nature are doing everything to prevent you from succeeding!"Fun and challenging puzzle solving" - 10/10, AppAdvice"Fun, easy to play, good looking and plenty of challenge" -8/10, 148Apps"Perfect fodder for growing minds " - 8/10, AppSpy"Very well designed physics-puzzler " - 7/10, PocketGamer UKIn part 2 of the series, guide Bob through mind bending puzzles and help him deliver his grandpa's birthday gift. ☆ No annoying ads or in app purchases☆ 25 fantastic levels from the award winning puzzle game☆ Guide Bob through mind-bending puzzles☆ Funny Easter eggs☆ Played by hundreds of millions, now available on Google Play!The whole Snail Bob series (currently 3 parts out on Android) consists of Snail Bob getting into all sort of different troubles. After he finds home in Finding Home, you get to deliver a gift to his Grandpa in "Grandpa's Gift", and travel to ancient egypt in "Egypt Journey". Snail Bob games are always filled with extreme attention to detail and great humor. The games are kids-friendly, but can be tricky even for clever adults. Over the development of Snail Bob, many teachers in kindergartens started using the game series to teach kids basic logic and physical puzzles. The game is based off real-world physics (in 2d), with the different elements interacting with each other the way you'd expect them to. From kids, to house wives, and hardcore gamers alike, Snail Bob conquered the hearts of millions of players worldwide.Note that this is the OFFICIAL Snail Bob game by the original developers! Everything that's not published by tinyBuild on Google Play store are fake apps!If you enjoyed Snail Bob, don't forget to check out Snail Bob 1 and 3! They're best played in order from 1 to 3. Snail Bob 1: Finding Home - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playtomax.snail_bob Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playtomax.snail_bob3

  • Magic Paint Kaleidoscope

    Magic Paint Kaleidoscope

    A fun, simple, and addicting art game for all ages to draw kaleidoscope pictures. There are several kaleidoscope modes, many beautiful brushes, and various bright color to use, and the possibilities for designs are endless. You can make cool designs that looks like kaleidoscopes with just a few swipe of your fingers. Each picture you make is unique. You can enjoy the beautiful drawings and get a sense of accomplishment when you replay them like a movie. Find more Magic Paint Kaleidoscope videos on GoPlay!

  • Funny Camera Effects - YayCam

    Funny Camera Effects - YayCam

    YayCam, the best funny video booth camera with crazy funny effects, to have hilarious times recording videos and pictures with your friends!Do you know what it is to have your face warp with your voice to sound like a chipmunk? I can tell something: is kind of hilarious.Record videos or take photos, is up to you. Helium video booth and voice changer included to have even more fun recording your special videos. You have crazy FX special effects. Best camera video booth of the Play Store.FX Video Effects available____________★ Lens camera: big and small lens effect, or put your face inside a fishbowl. From this effect, only funny images can be created. ★ Warp effects: you know it all. Face warp to have a fat face, ugly face or look like a cucumber :) Make the best funny booth★ Nervous: it seems you are a bit nervous, don't you?★ Mirror delay: play with yourself to Rock-Paper-Scissors. This ones are advanced camera effects that you will not seen anywhere. Take the photo fun to the next level.★ Fast vertigo camera: take your camera speed to the next level, feel like you are flying!★ Surprise of the day: every day one new effect: holographic camera, X-Ray Camera, Invisible or Chameleon effects, Negative effect, Sepia effect and many more funny photo filtersVoice modifier effects _____________★ All this comes with a funny voice modifier to sound like a chimpunk or inflating a helium balloon. Take your face warping videos to the next level with the helium voice and helium video booth.We are the creators of Helium Voice Changer with more than 2 million downloads, with this app we wanted to take the fun to the next level! Including photo booth, not only the voice can be funny :)Please tell us any suggestions to make this app the funniest of the market.

  • Happy Mall Story: Shopping Sim

    Happy Mall Story: Shopping Sim

    In the game you need to run the shopping center from the begining. Expand your center by building more shops and decorations and attract more customers! Don't forget to share your Happy Mall Story: Shopping Sim videos to GoPlay community !

  • Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt

    Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt

    Celebrate Easter with Peppa and George in this interactive storybook.It's Easter time and Grandpa Pig has organized a special Easter egg hunt. But Peppa and her friends find more than chocolate eggs at the end of the garden in this delightful interactive story. Help your little piggies explore the garden, search for chocolate eggs and much more with simple tapping and swiping motions.Features:• 'Read it myself' and 'read it to me' options with highlighted text so listeners can follow along.• The 'read it to me' option is voiced by Peppa Pig narrator, John Sparkes.• Fun for little fingers. Tap the characters and objects to uncover animated, interactive surprises.• A great storybook for Easter, bedtime or anytime!

  • Wooparoo Mountain

    Wooparoo Mountain

    Once upon a time, there was a mountain named Wooparoo, around it, there are tons of legendary creatures who want to settle down in this wonderland... And here comes your chance to make them home!! Give yourself the chance to start your wonderful life with those lovely creatures! Don't forget to upload your Wooparoo Mountain videos in GoPlay community and let your friends know how attractive the world is!

  • Bounden


    A mobile dancing game for two, featuring dances by the Dutch National Ballet. Bounden is a mix of Twister and ballet. You use your phone as a guide to dance, or get entangled with someone else. So, you pull out your phone, ask another person to put down a thumb, and move synchronously to dance together. Play at a bar, during a date, during work hours, or as a performance, even with other couples playing at the same time. Featuring:* Choreography by Ernst Meisner of the Dutch National Ballet * 6 dances + 1 exclusive dance for Android!* Classical music* Tutorial video's with professional ballet dancers======== *Independent Games Festival Finalist for Nuovo Award *Game Developers Choice Awards Finalist for Innovation Award*Cinekid Best New Media Production Award*Dutch Game Award for Best Co-Production*Winner of the Pocketgamer BIG Indie Pitch* GDC Experimental Gameplay Workshop Official Selection * Bigsushi.fm Golden Sushi of Sophistication ======== What other people are saying about Bounden: "Bounden is immensely enjoyable, and it made me laugh [...] at the uncoordinated jumbles of limbs we created." - New Yorker"Expect a mess of limbs." - 148Apps"Bounden either turns players into graceful ballet dancers, courtesy of the Dutch National Ballet's expertise, or into giggling messes." - Joystiq

  • Delicious-Emilys Taste of Fame

    Delicious-Emilys Taste of Fame

    Emily is ready for prime time in the premiere of Delicious on Android!Emily's trip to Hollywood and her new cooking show, "Emily's Taste of Fame", comes to a sudden halt when her trusty car breaks down near a small roadside town. To make matters worse, Emily has no money for repairs. Fortunately, the tiny town of Snuggford is full of culinary crises and Emily is ready to roll up her sleeves.Help Emily get on the road again by whipping up a huge variety of dishes, desserts, drinks, and more in challenging levels. Play hilarious mini-games, purchase helpful upgrades, and work your magic in special surprise events. Will Emily make it to the big time, or will she realize that there are more important things than fame and fortune?

  • Wedding Spa Salon-Girls Games

    Wedding Spa Salon-Girls Games

    Wedding is the great time with bride, that should get a spa salon before the wedding time. And most girls always like to play wedding or princess spa salon games. Are you looking for any wedding games or nice girls games now? Our this Wedding Spa Salon-Girls Games is coming and lots of items you can find and play. Spa salon your model and make her to be your bride, she will get a gorgeous and perfect wedding soon! Before this, you need to help her makeup and dressup with so many items. It's a spa salon game but not a normal one, you will find so many nice dresses, choose them and you will get more fun. Come on and go to play it now! It's a special beautiful girls games and salon games!If you'd like my game, don't forget to rate us, thanks very much!

  • Furby BOOM!

    Furby BOOM!

    When you play with Furby Boom using the free Furby Boom app, you unlock the complete game experience. First, your Furby Boom will need a name, which you pick out. Your Furby has an evolved memory so it will remember its own name and the names of Furby Boom friends it meets. Next, you'll need to keep track of what Furby needs using the app's monitor. Keep tabs on the health, hunger and cleanliness levels of Furby Boom and use the app's features to tend to those needs. Time for a health check? Try x-raying Furby. Is Furby hungry? Pick out something tasty for Furby from the pantry. Does Furby need to freshen up? Use the Furby Boom app to give Furby a shower! When you take care of your Furby Boom, Furby Boom becomes ready to take care of something too. That's when you get your first Furby Furblings egg!

  • Paint Joy - Color & Draw

    Paint Joy - Color & Draw

    ★ Paint Joy ★A wonderful drawing program for all ages to free your imagination and inner artist. Simple, neat while full of possibility. With Paint Joy, you have full control of brush style, color, brush size, background color etc. Paint Joy has more than 20 beautiful brushes, such as glow neon, glow, crayon, chalk, sketch etc. You can draw on a color canvas, or decorate any of your photos to make them more beautiful. The app supports built-in gallery, which saves not only your drawing pictures, but also the drawing animation. You can play back your masterpieces like a small film anytime you want with the "Movie" feature in app.APP FEATURES:- more than 20 brushes- doodle on canvas or photo- intuitive brush picker and color picker- pinch to zoom in and zoom out- gallery saves both drawing pictures and drawing animation- "movie" mode to replay drawing like a small film- share drawing to facebook, tumblr, e-mail, twitter, etc.-----------------The video clip is made by Daily Finger with Paint Joy.The Daily Finger is a side project by character designer / artist Weirdink , exploring character design and illustration created on the go. The tools are a smartphone, "Doodle Joy" and his trusty old finger! Visit the Finger here: and here: .------------------- Keywords: doodle joy, paint joy, doodle, kids doodle, paint, brushes, coloring, glow, neon, kid games, kids game free, kids paint.