• OSU!


    Game levels are called beatmaps. In each beatmap, a song will play and different rhythmic hit elements (hit circles, sliders and spinners) will appear on the play field. Players must use a pointing device to manipulate these elements in time with the playing song's rhythm in order to earn points. The use of a graphics tablet in combination with a keyboard is common in osu!, although some players do use a mouse.

  • MusicUp


    Hey DJ! Ready to turn the Music Up?! Challenge your friends or random music lovers around the world to guess as many song as possible in 60 seconds! MusicUp is now availble in 10 languages on Android (English, French, Chinese, Spanish, etc.) ---------------- MUSICUP APPRAISALS "So addictive! Can't stop playing, please help!!!"- Henry "The new best music quiz by far! Harder, better, faster, stronger ;) "- Jessica B. ---------------- FUN, FAST, ADDICTIVE * Hear song clips from thousands of artists in over 50 playlists * Answer fast to climb up the “Blitz modes” and multiply your score * Use Powerups to remove wrong answers or skip a song ALL MUSIC STYLES COVERED * Current Hits to 60s: Topcharts Collections for every decade! * All main genres from Classic Rock to Country and Hip-Hop * New music playlists added very frequently! EXCLUSIVE FEATURES * Chat with your opponents * Star your Favorite songs to listen to them again and share them with your friends ---------------- Use of this application is governed by the Geronimo Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Geronimo’s Privacy Policy.

  • Musical Piano

    Musical Piano

    The musical piano is one of application to learn how to play one of favorit musical instrument.This application contains of six types of piano such as :Slo Piano.Grand Piano.Simple Piano.Electric Piano.Caribic Piano.Realistic Piano.The interface is very easy usage , friendly and colorful . It provided multiouch propertyand showing how the each button up and down with color effect . when you click any button , there is a sound heard it with dood quality and clear . All people can use it without any problems even kids .

  • White Tile 4: Piano Tiles

    White Tile 4: Piano Tiles

    White Tile 4: Piano Tiles 4More Levers,More Colors,More Instruments,More Songs,More Choice,More Happpiness“White Tile 4” now has 76 AWESOME MODESIt's a brand new game whice has so many new features,Check it out!We will keep improving our game,more features are coming soon!The only thing you need to do is DON'T TOUCH THE WHITE TILE.〖Game Features〗※76 Aweasome Game Modes※Amazing Color system※Easy to play for all ages※Better User interface※An unparalleled gaming experience※Social Share Support〖There are 76 modes in the game〗※Classic mode : get 20/50/100/200 tiles as fast as possible.※Acrade mode : Do not miss tiles and go as fast as you can.※Timed mode : Get tiles as fast as you can in 10/30/60/100 seconds.※Speed mode : How fast is your average speed.※Crazy mode : The dangerous Bomb tiles are mixed in the black tiles,pay attention,do not tap them.※Race mode: Get a certain number of tile in 10 secons.※Multiplayer mode : play with your friends on same stage!※Colorful mode : We use the colorful tiles instead of the original black tiles, which can avoid eye fatigue, and protect your eyes.※Relay mode : Get 50 tiles in 10 seconds, then do it again. If time out, the game is over.※Amazing mode : There are too many tiles, do not miss anyone.※Double mode : Double tiles is coming, please use all your finger, do not miss one.※Lighting mode : It’s getting dark, watch your step.※Reverse mode : The tiles go into reverse, do not miss anyone.※Triple mode : Triple tiles is coming, please use all your finger, do not miss one.※Froze mode : You must break the ice first, then keep going.※Side mode : Tiles come from Left or Right side, watch you step and do not miss anyone.※Up &Down mode : Tiles Speed Up and Slow Down. Hold your breath.※Running mode : Go!※Heartbeat mode : Do not lose your heart! One tile one heart, if miss, you will lose 5 hearts.※Jumping mode : Include SINGLE DOUBLE TRIPLE QUAD mode.※Surprise mode : Include NORMAL & BOMB mode. The UNKNOWN tiles will give you a big surprise.※Catch Me mode : can you catch me?※Turning mode : Watch out, it’s turning around.※Moving mode : try to catch the moving tile!※Sweep mode : Sweep and Transformers.※Force mode : May the force be with you.※Swing mode : Swing copters? No! it’s swing dots.※Shake mode : The earthquake is happening, watch out!※Storm mode : the storm is coming!※Candle mode : There’s only one candle!※Magic Cube mode : The cube can jump.

  • Piano Tiles 4

    Piano Tiles 4

    Piano Tiles is an addictive game,you should not miss.Test your reflexes against time and movement. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game!The play rule is the simple,but you Still need a lot of skill,Don’t step the white tile.Tap your fingers as quickly as possible, but don't step on the white tiles.Classic modeTap the start button to begin and then tap on the black blocks to follow the 50 steps toward the goal. The quicker you tap, the faster the path moves!Arcade modeYou have the option to display how many steps you’ve taken and if you want a countdown.Zen modeIn this mode you have a 30 seconds to step as many times as possible.Replay modeIn this mode you step tiles to get extra time,finally,will need more tiles.Candlelingt modeIf you miss tiles will reduce screen brightness,full of fun and challenges.

  • MovieSongs


    Jogo divertido onde se escuta, via streaming, um trecho de uma trilha sonora ou canção presente em um filme e o usuário deve digitar o título original ou o nome da versão brasileira do filme. São centenas de músicas que serão liberadas de forma gradativa a medida que avança. Fun game where you listen via streaming, an excerpt from a soundtrack, this song in a movie and the user must type the title or the name of the Brazilian version of the film. Hundreds of songs to be released gradually as he advances.

  • Guitar Tiles ( Piano Tiles 2 )

    Guitar Tiles ( Piano Tiles 2 )

    Guitar Tiles ( Piano Tiles 2 ) - Green Zone Mode ( IN NEW VERSION )** You can choose any song you like from this list to play ( IN NEW VERSION )** New Mode - Green Zone Mode ( IN NEW VERSION )** Update to get more songs ( IN NEW VERSION )** Everyday new a song ( IN NEW VERSION )** You can preview any song you like from this list to play ( IN NEW VERSION )Don't Tap The black tiles ( Guitar Tiles )Tab the white tile game that tests your reflexes against time and movement. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and funny game!StartTap the white box to startThe quicker you tap, the faster the path moves!Tap on a black block and the game is over.Guitar Tiles ( Piano Tiles 2 ), formerly known as Don't Tap the black Tile is the newest craze for Android - the most popular songs of all time!Don't Tap The black tiles and 'Tab the White Tiles' is the only rule in this game. Game Over if you tap out the Dark tile. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple cool game! Download Guitar Tiles ( Piano Tiles 2 ) NOW!Mode:1 Classic mode ( get 25 white tiles,50 white tiles, Pro white tiles, Free Style white tiles )2 Falling mode ( Nomal - Faster - Reverse - Free Style ) - Green Zone Mode - Only Tab when Green Zone ( ... and Relax real Guitar song )3 Race mode ( Slower - Normal - Reverse - Free Style )4 Zen mode ( 16" - 28" - Pro - Free style )5 Relay mode ( 7" - 10" - 13" - 12 Free Style )Note:- Arcade mode, tap the white tiles as many as you can with time limitation.- Zen mode, tap the white tiles as many as you can within 30 seconds.- Free style, tap the white tiles for full songFeatures:- Easy to play and control- Addictive and with more fun- Clear UI with better user experience- Social Share support- Tutorial included- Top the most popular song of all time.INSTRUMENTS:- Classic Guitar- Electric GuitarWe just performance the Don't Tap the White Tile, the newest craze for Android.It’s so easy to play, just tap and remember: ONLY TAP ANY WHITE GUITAR TILES!!! . Test your speed and accuracy with this simple cool game! Download the new Guitar Tiles ( Piano Tiles 2 ) Now!HIGHTLIGHT:- Easy to play and control- Addictive and with more fun- Clear UI with better user experience- Social Share support

  • Ocarina of Time

    Ocarina of Time

    Ocarina of Time is often considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time, and over a decade after its initial release, it still possesses the highest average score of all professional video game reviews for all video games. The game reveals the genesis of the fantasy-land of Hyrule, the origin of the Triforce, and the tale of the first exploits of Princess Zelda and the heroic adventurer Link. You can find Ocarina of Time videos on GoPlay!

  • MusicMaths


    Music develops mathematical skills.Math helps in sight-reading to understand music theory.- So, if they help each other, let's practice them together!MusicMaths uniquely challenges your skills both in math music this combination allows to develop your ability in both at the very same time. The challenge seems to be easy but it is difficult to master it to reach higher scores.You don't have to love math or music you don't have to be good at them to love this game. Practicing MusicMaths regularly develops your mind in a very special way - try behold!Works / tested both on mobile tablet devices.How to play the game:* Press the green play button for start* Count how far the second note is from the first choose the correct number: - same notes = "0" - 2nd note 1 pitch/bit higher or lower than 1st = "1" etc. - if the 2nd note is higher or lower with 9 or more pitch/bit then press "+"* Correct answer gives you 1 point while failure costs you 1. If your score goes under 0 the game will finish* You can end the game whenever you want by pressing the red end button save your scores if you want* You have 1 minute to accomplish as many tasks as possibleDevelop challenge both your music maths skills enjoy learning with MusicMaths!Have a fun time!

  • Avatar Musik

    Avatar Musik

    Avatar Musik, thế giới âm nhạc, vũ đạo và kết nối bạn bè khắp mọi miền đất nước.Bạn là người năng động, yêu âm nhạc cùng các điệu nhảy sôi động. Bạn tìm kiếm một game di dộng online có một thế giới đầy âm nhạc và cơ hội gặp gỡ bạn bè khắp mọi miền đất nước.Bạn muốn một nơi có phong cách trẻ trung hơn, nhộn nhịp hơn, sành điệu hơn? Một nơi mà có thể khẳng định được tài năng, đẳng cấp cùng dấu ấn của riêng bạn?Không cần phải tìm kiếm đâu xa, TeaMobi xin giới thiệu một sản phẩm mới, game di động 3D thuần Việt đầu tiên kết hợp giữa âm nhạc, vũ đạo và mạng xã hội : Avatar Musik. Trong Avatar Musik, thành phố sẽ trở nên lung linh, đẹp mắt hơn với thiết kế 3D cùng màu sắc trẻ trung, tươi sáng nhưng không kém phần thân thiện. Thế giới Avatar Musik đông đảo bạn bè, với đủ mọi độ tuổi, tính cách từ mọi miền đất nước vì thế bạn sẽ thoải mái thể hiện cá tính duy nhất của bản thân mình cùng mọi người qua các phong cách thời trang độc đáo, những hành động ngộ nghĩnh. Với thiết kế nhân vật bắt mắt, cùng nhiều bộ quần áo thời trang, kiểu tóc hợp mốt, cho bạn thỏa sức phối hợp và thể hiện sự sáng tạo cá tính bản thân. Tiếp đó hãy cùng tự tin khoe kỹ năng điêu luyện của mình trong những bản nhạc đầy sôi động, thử thách độ nhanh nhạy của những ngón tay cùng bạn bè. Hoặc bạn cũng có thể bất chợt gặp được một người bạn mới hợp ý đang thơ thẩn trong công viên thì sao nào. Ngoài ra bạn còn có thể thoải mái giao lưu với bạn bè bằng những tính năng tương tác thú vị giữa người chơi với nhau. Với Avatar Musik, khoảng cách không còn là nỗi bận tâm.Cập nhật phiên bản 0.3.3:- Fix lỗi thanh nhiệp điệu chạy không đúng nhạc, khó canh Perfect.- Fix lỗi không tạo được phòng nhảy đôi.- Fix lỗi hiển thị sai phòng đôi thành phòng đơn.- Chức năng quay số hoàn toàn mới.- Chức năng tìm kiếm bạn.- Tương tác với item động.- Chế độ download toàn bộ hoặc từng bài nhạc.- Thêm hướng dẫn nhảy và thông tin cho người mới chơi. Avatar Musik, world music, dance and connect with friends all over the country.You are active, loves music and exciting dance. Are you looking for a mobile game with an online world of music and the opportunity to meet friends all over the country.You want a stylish younger, more vibrant, more sophisticated? A place that can be confirmed talent, class and mark your own?No need to search no further, TeaMobi like to introduce a new product, a mobile game first 3D Net Vietnam combination of music, dance and social networks: Avatar Musik.In Avatar Musik, the city will become the shimmering, beautifully designed with 3D and youthful color, bright but not least friendly. World Avatar Musik numerous friends, for all ages, personalities from all over the country so you will be comfortable unique personality of the people themselves through unique fashion style, funny actions. With its eye-catching character designs, and many fashion clothes, trendy hairstyles, you unleash coordinate and express themselves creatively personality.Then let us confidently showing off their technical skills in the music exciting, challenging the nimble fingers of the same friends. Or you may suddenly meet a new friend of the loitering in the park, why do. Also you can comfortably communicate with your friends using the feature interaction between players stayed together. With Avatar Musik, distance is no longer a source of some concern.Update version 0.3.3:- Fix incorrect bar running musical rhythm, marginal Perfect.- Fix bug not create room dancing couple.- Fix incorrect display a single room double room.- Function dial completely new.- Search function you.- Interact with real item.- Mode download individual tracks or whole.- More information and guidance to dance for beginners.

  • SongPop


    * Challenge your friends or play with other music fans * Hear song clips from thousands of ORIGINAL artists in over 300 genres * Guess the artist or song faster than your friends * Unlock more songs, more playlists and become a true music master!

  • The Drum

    The Drum

    The Drum - Drumming to AndroidThe most fun experience in drumming to Android!Drum kit with acoustic, electronic, percussion and fx sounds.To play live music.Features:* Multitouch* 8 drum pads* 8 drum kits + 2 customizable drum kits* 64 realistic drum sounds* Studio audio quality* Instruments like kick, bass, snare, tom, cymbal, hi-hat, ride, crash, cowbell, guiro, conga, tambourine, cuica, timbale, cabasa, effects and more...* A perfect real drum set* Record mode* Play in loop * Rename recordings* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD)* FreeAlso, you can remove all ads buying a key!The best battery pad style on the Google Play!For drummers, percussionists, musician, performers and artists!

  • Piano Free

    Piano Free

    Piano Free is amazing music application in which you can play this piano like a real piano.Features-Amazing Piano with Realistic sound.-Play, Record Save your creativity.-You have access to all the octaves.-Very easy to use this piano.-This App is fully tested on Android Phones Tablets.

  • Harmonium


    Harmonium is amazing Indian music instrument in which you can play this harmonium again and again.Features-Amazing Harmonium with Realistic sound.-Play, Record Save your creativity.-You have access to all the octaves.-Very easy to use this Harmonium.-This App is fully tested on Android Phones Tablets.

  • Drum Studio

    Drum Studio

    Welcome to our Drum Studio game for drummers. We love drumming, do you? This is a very simple yet extrememly fun to play drum game. Simple, open our Drum Studio game, Click on start Drum button and your ready to make some awesome music with your drumming skills. Show off to your friends and family how good you are with Drums. If you have any questions or improvment ideas then feel free to contact us via contact Drum Studio developer button. We are here to listen to our Drummer users and make changes to our game to please you guys.

  • Piano Master

    Piano Master

    Piano Master is a music game, just follow the notes on the screen and you will be able to play many famous songs.For a better play experience a display size of at least 4 inches is recommended. This program works very well on tablets.The game includes songs composed by Beethoven, Chopin, Bach and other famous classical music authors, as well as popular melodies like Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday To You, and many others!The songs have various difficulty levels, so the game can be played by children, novice piano students or experienced musicians.

  • Music Games

    Music Games

    Looking for amazing Music Games?=======================As we always bring you the top 20 of Music Games!! This app is very useful to helps to solve your problem of your Music Games and not only provide entertainment and fun game to the players but also several other gains. This is an application we included some of the best new android games in terms of quality gaming such as music games, music games free, music games free on piano, music games for kids, music games on guitar and more. This makes the choice of installing the application and play the best Music Games looks a lot of quick an easy way. *** It require an Internet connection ***

  • Cytus


    You can find Cytus videos on GoPlay!In the distant future, the only sentient beings in the world are robots.They are the last remnant of the human spirit.However, mankind is not dead.Technology exists that is capable of transferring memories to these robots.But with limited space, new memories will gradually overwrite the old.To prevent the emotions in human memories from fading away, the robots resorted to converting the emotions to music, and storing them in a place called Cytus.The robots use these songs to experience human emotion and dream that souls exists in each of them... 

  • Dubstep Pads

    Dubstep Pads

    There are 90 drum pads with different beats, vocals and loops for you to create the perfect beat and become a DJ. If you already enjoys Dubstep you will love this app! If you do not know the style, Dubstep is a genre of electronic music that emerged in South London in the early 2000s, a style that is marked by the sound of strong bass lines, patterns of reverberating drums, clipped samples, and occasional vocals. An infectious beat! Find Dubstep Pads videos on GoPlay!

  • 1 Direction - Songs Quiz

    1 Direction - Songs Quiz

    ★☆★ 1D – Songs Quiz is an extremely amusing app.★☆★★☆★ It is a new version of karaoke that is based on texts of 1D songs.★☆★Your aim is to find the missing words in the lyrics of One Direction songs. This application is the new generation of trivia games. Forget about boring geography puzzles and enjoy doing your best by just filling the blanks in the tracks of the your favourite artist. Find the correct words and finish the same test on three different difficulty levels easy medium and hard. Every track has a unique point and try now to collect all points. Show other players that you are a real directioner.