• Dance Evolution

    Dance Evolution

    - Dance Evolution is the best music game of the moment. Train your fingers and follow all the steps shown . Accept the challenge , beat the levels , hit record and share with your friends.- See how fast your fingers can move on the dance floor !- Selected the best songs of the moment, to shake even more time to play .- Mount your player profile and bump on the dance floor .- Track your rank in googleHow to play :- Select your character and your favorite music and start playing .Once the game begins , tap the arrows at the bottom of the screen to confirm the move. The right time to tighten when the floating arrow will arrive at your destination, the upper colored arrow .- You have 10 attempts to beat your high scores .- Each set of agreed steps , you pass the level and gets another more elaborate and dynamic set .- Based on games : Finger Dance , Dancing Finger : StapMania , MP3 BEAT - Rhythm Game , TunesHolic , Dancing Fingers- Try this amazing game that will keep you entertained for a long time !- Keywords : dance , dance , music , sound, melody , pitch, last- Soon you can play with preloaded songs on your device and multiplayer version .

  • Best game for KPOP

    Best game for KPOP

    FEATURE:- 10 interesting game- 5 levels- Achievement and LeaderBoard

  • Tap Tap Music

    Tap Tap Music

    One of the best music game for android, tap tap music will bring you the best songs. 4 strings one game screen, all you need is to tap the right note at the right time to get high score. Move your fingers to the beat of the music. Listen to the song, feel the beat, follow the rhythm, skillfully move your finger. You can choose 3 different musical style and 3 different difficult. You can be a guitar rock hero or anything you want to be. If your friend beat you, revenge that song. For more interesting, you can choose song from your devices. Features:- 3 rock songs- 3 pop songs- 3 techno songs- Revenge your friends- Choose songs from your devicesHope you like tap tap music.

  • Cat sounds

    Cat sounds

    Cat sounds application is a cheerful entertainment for all your home's inhabitantsCat Sounds for you, your family and Cat and other animal’s entertainment. You can use the cat Sounds applicationto your dog chases you as if you a cat toy for your dog. Or you can use it to entertain kids, let them play with cat piano using this free cat Sound board app.These Cats Sounds effects are entertaining, you can play match the Cat Sounds for fun. Cat Sounds are entertaining to both kids and adults you can use Cat Sound to have fun with both.Most of the people would agree that cats are very cute and lovely pets. The way they look, the way they behave and talk is one of the most fetching things for cat lovers. For those who wish to have a cat but they can not because of some reasons there is a possibility to have at least a part of that joy at home. That is an application created for the phone which is able to emit cat Sounds. That is just fantastic application which should be in most of our phones. Let’s find out why.This cat Sounds application is created for an android phone only yet but hopefully it will be possible to have it in any other phones soon. Cat Sounds board include those Sounds for your entertainment: Cat Puppy Hungry Cat Purring Little Cat Meow Mad Cat Funny Cat Happy Cat Silly Cat roar Cat Roar Kitten Sounds Cat Yelling Cat Pleading Cat Asking Food Cats Fighting Aging Cat Sounds Cat asking Food Cat double meow Kitten Sound. There can be many possibilities of cat Sounds- more than twenty five. It is likely that most of cat owners have not heard all the possible cat’s Sounds in reality. It can be done now by phone. There are simple and unique cat’s mew included. But despite of that your android phone can become even a lovely cat, angry cat or just a hungry cat. It can reflect any cat Sound. It works very simply. You just have to press a button and choose which cat Sound you would like to hear. Actually it is not even needed to touch the screen for that. You can just roll the phone from left to right or to any other side and to hear how cat Sounds are changing. It is possible to control the Sounds and basically everything. Cat Sounds can be a great entertainment for everyone and it can be used in many ways. For example just to have a possibility hear a lovely Sound, to relax, have fun or to teach your pets a good behavior. Cat Sound could be also as your call melody. Then every call will be welcome and positive. Also it is very good way for kids to make them happy.Cat Sounds can be a good entertainment not only for people but also for pets. How cats or dogs would behave hearing for example a lovely cat Sound which they cannot see? They probably would start to search for that cat or would start to do the same or maybe they would respond to the mews in other ways. The best way to find out is to try. Another way to use it is to let your pet to change the Sound by moving the phone.Also it can be useful for pet owners to find out how a pet would react when meeting a real angry cat. Would he become angry as well? If the application will show that yes it is better to try avoid that meeting.All the Cats Sounds the application provides are realistic and cheerful. All you need to do is to download the application, turn it on and have fun anytime you want.

  • Kids Magic Piano

    Kids Magic Piano

    The best kids piano application consists of 48 popular songs with animals sounds, auto play mode, and songs lyrics.Features:* Touch the piano to play your music.* Hear animals piano sounds: cat, dog, chicken, duck, cow, horse, and sheep.* Custom magical effect that you can see after playing the application.* Fantastic auto play feature to play the selected song.* Display song lyrics on the center of screen (karaoke).* Consists of 48 popular songs (24 English/US and 24 Indonesian songs).* Remember your default piano selection between English or Indonesian songs.* Option to use background music on the piano.

  • MPC Dubstep Hero Pro

    MPC Dubstep Hero Pro

    Enjoy this fantastic game Hero electronic music , in which a part of visual scores follow the rhythm of the most popular music genre right now Dub Step, you can create music with MPC table built to give you the possibility of create electrifying tunes.This hero of Dubstep music lets up a notch in the world of music creator , as it allows you unmatched choices regarding other applications of the same gender .Music is a true hero and proves electric your friends playing in the multiplayer who is boss in the genre of dubstep .Feel the vibrations in your body to create dubstep and make it available to your friends , created in this study laptop that is this musical game .More than 40 samples to exchange and get the perfect track , with synthesizers, drums , vocal samples and all the music you can imagine in high quality.The Hero game has these features:- Game multitouch , with " rhythmic synchronization " perfect touch with song rhythm .Multitouch - Pulsation in all lanes .Multiplayer game - mode .Single - player mode .- Mode creates music .- Visual effects .- Settings for low and high device performance.- Music high quality , original all our producers.- Customizing skins.-Score board .- dynamic intuitive graphical interface .- Two difficulty modes both Amateur and ProIn his method of creating music , find MPC table , this will give us the ability to create our own music tracks .- Features MPC table :- Creating tracks- Creating samples.- Playing samples.-Change of samples.Voice - recorders with microprocessor .- Recording internal sound and accessible.- Loop mode .- Share activity on social networks ( Twitter and Facebook) .- PFL samples.-Creation of vocal samples ( sung ) .Become a true music dj music with these amazing tools that we provide in our wonderful table MPC dubstep music creator .Enter the Music paradise of dj music , music samples and creates the true electronic music producer from your phone, 24 hours a day will carry the music in their blood .

  • Preschool Musical

    Preschool Musical

    Got the urge to sing!? Preschool Musical is a Toddler Jukebox filled with endless gameplay, sing-alongs and learning games. Take your child on a musical adventure and find hidden objects along the way! Can you find all the missing items in the Lost and Found? Preschool Musical makes singing fun and exciting for the smallest of Toddlers to the biggest kind of preschoolers! Along with great music and exciting interactions, Preschool Musical is a toddler scavenger hunt! - Find the missing items from the Lost and Found across the Musicals - Great for exploring and learning new music and sing alongs - The menu's and controls are extremely easy and straightforward for the smallest of hands Featuring Six Musical Worlds for kids: • Itsy Bitsy Spider - Featuring hidden spiders - Professionally recorded soundtrack for the scene • Old MacDonald - Including several farm animals - Secret animations to uncover • Row Your Boat - Play with the countless fish - Find the treasure map - Original soundtrack and custom lyrics • The Mulberry Bush - Help the monkey paint the fence and explore around the mulberry bush - Secret animations to uncover • I Love The Mountains - Featuring physics with pinecones and acorns - Find the hiding animals in the mountains, like squirrels, bears and moose • Rub A Dub Dub - Play with the ducks in the tub - Pop the bubbles What's the perfect Age? Designed for toddlers and young children ages 2-5, but can be enjoyed by anyone young at heart with an eagerness to sing! Privacy Protection We take online safety and parental control as a top priority. The app contains a for Parents section with links to other apps we have on the App Store that are kid friendly. There is a parental gate to ensure your child cannot enter this section unless you the parent give permission. Just as safe as reading a book or playing a game from your very own bookshelf, Preschool Playhouse is made to be a safe environment to relax and let your child play.

  • Djembe African Drum

    Djembe African Drum

    Djembe African DrumDjembe is a fun game for android African drum, for you to play musical instrumentalist.It's possible to get a range of different sounds depending on the place you touch the drum.Near the center the sound is serious and vibrant. Near the rim is more acute (almost metallic).You need not be a professional musician for playing the Djembe, with this game anyone can create their own songs.Djembe is supported by all screen resolutions - phones and tablets (HD)Djembe is a great way to pass the time!Submit your question or feedback on using this application to us. Our email: So come on, let's play Djembe.

  • Piano Master Chopin Special

    Piano Master Chopin Special

    Piano Master is a music game, just follow the notes on the screen and you will be able to play many famous songs.This is a special version of "Piano Master", dedicated to Chopin, that includes 49 his best piano compositions.WARNING: this is not for beginners, all the songs are from high to very high difficulty.Song list:Opera 7 (2 Mazurkas)Opera 9 (1 Nocturne)Opera 10 (3 Etudes)Opera 18 (Grande Valse Brillante)Opera 23 (1 Ballade)Opera 25 (6 Etudes)Opera 27 (2 Nocturnes)Opera 28 (24 Preludes)Opera 31 (1 scherzo)Opera 33 (2 Mazurkas)Opera 35 (Piano sonata n.2)

  • MPC Music Creator Pro

    MPC Music Creator Pro

    *** Pro version without advertising *** Create music with this wonderful table MPC at your fingertips, if you like the world of DJ's can not miss this music production application, you will find amazing samples of dubstep and electronic music, but you can compose all Plug your smartphone into a stereo and enjoy all its power and quality of sound, you will become the best dubstep dj. Features: -Multitouch music creator-This Is a multilanguage application. -Create Dubstep with its incredible sound library, which also allows you to edit samples. -Effects Creating visual music. -Record The microphone. -More Than 30 samples for you to choose the sounds that you like. -Edit Table for customization. -Create Your own vocal samples, and your voice will be recorded. Put samples in loop mode High quality sound to create dubstep with professional beats with this amazing music creator tool, allowing you to create vocal samples with your voice. Feel a real beatmaker and busting the party with this MPC, enjoy Dubstep, shows that you are able to create music with your fingers. Enjoy create dubstep, viewing different visual effects that you get to touch every button on this table MPC of electronic music.

  • Drum Set Pro

    Drum Set Pro

    Enjoy playing drums on tablet or mobile phone for free!

  • Real Guitar - Guitar Simulator

    Real Guitar - Guitar Simulator

    Guitar Jam Deluxe turns your android into a real guitar! The best guitar simulator for android devices, get an almost real guitar for FREE! HD graphics and high quality audio samples.★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★♬ Amazing chord database!♬ Three guitar models!♩ Classical Guitar: A classical guitar, with nylon strings, brings smooth and exceptional sound quality.♩ Acoustic Guitar: Acoustic guitar, with metal strings, bright and exquisite sound.♩ Electric Guitar With Distortion-:-Electric guitar with heavy distortion, loud and powerful.♬ Multiple game modes!♩ Chord Mode: Tap the selected chord, and play the strings!♩ Fret / Chord Mode: Every fret represents a specific chord of your selected song, just play!♩ Real: Works as a real guitar, tap the frets in the fretboard, and play the strings in the bottom!♩ Solo: Tap the strings in the specific fret to play a note!♬ Song maker / editor!♩ A lot of preset songs, including Wonderwall, Imagine, Nothing Else Matters, Behind Blue Eyes, and more!♩ Create your favourite songs to play within the game! Supports variations, and customizations!♬ Completely free!♩ Enjoy ALL game features for FREE!♩ Optional purchase ad-free version!♬ Chord Editor♩ If the huge amount of chords is not enough, you can add YOUR OWN CHORDS!♩ Up to 4 chord variations!Download this game and have fun playing guitar!

  • Ultra EDM White Drum Tiles!

    Ultra EDM White Drum Tiles!

    Are you a EDM fan?If not i'd like to welcome you to Electro House! Electro House EDM Drum Tiles! is a music rhythm game created for fans of Dubstep and Electro House music. Imagine being a Dj and you're performing on stage and you had to play everything perfectly to please the crowd. That's the feeling I'd like the user to have when playing this game!Looks easy doesn't it?, DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THE WHITE DRUM PADS! Instead press the colored ones, you earn a lot of different points way! Give it a swing, I hear it's addicting. I'm sure you and your friends will have a lot of fun playing as a dj so rock and roll away!There's three modes, Easy Mode for the kids and the babies. Hard Mode, for those of us who like a challenge. Then there's Stupid Hard Mode, for the fearless!The hard modes are timed, so you have a certain amount of time to collect your earnings before the time runs out.Become a EDM beat maker and earn points by pressing the drum pads today! ***** 9/30/2014 - beta launch ***** Music provided by, with permission:Jarvis"Disclaimer:All the songs, themes ringtones and images are owned by the owner of the songs. We, CLXXII, only use this content in our free app and we have obtained this content from public domain. This app is a FREE fan-based application. I am clxxxii, I am not pretending to be someone else. This app is not authorized by or produced by another company or organization. The company that produced this app is clxxxii. This is a fan-made app and no copyright infringement intended. Please show your support by buying his album when it's released. In order to keep this app 100% free, interstitials are shown. Thank you for your support!

  • Selena Gomez - Songs Quiz

    Selena Gomez - Songs Quiz

    ★☆★ Selena Gomez Songs – Quiz is an extremely amusing app.★☆★★☆★ It is a new version of karaoke that is based on texts.★☆★Your aim is to find the missing words in the lyrics of Selena Gomez Songs. This application is the new generation of trivia games. Forget about boring geography puzzles and enjoy doing your best by just filling the blanks in the tracks of the your favourite artist. Find the correct words and finish the same test on three different difficulty levels easy medium hard. Every track has a unique point and try now to collect all points by solving all quizzes.This app challenges your official information about Selena Gomez songs lyrics. You may know all the following information, best and new videos, all the last recent latest news about the pop-icon, you may even have her picture on your wallpaper but how well do you know her lyrics?Users Comments: -This app is awesome for me because I adore Selena Gomez albums.-I know very well everything about her. I proved to myself how much I know her with this.-I watch regularly videos and I had so much fun doing this quiz. -Such a great thing! It was good to see Selena Gomez new albums in this application.-Great application… I follow all photos, I love all about her!-This quiz made me her fan now I started to search about her boyfriends.-I really don’t know her birthday but I wondered it due to this amazing application.- Not enough to know her special life, I keep in my mind her music style. Such a beautiful singer!-This application reminded me of all about her and I follow now her life with Justin Bieber …-Time to find all words of lyrics. I didn’t understand how the time passed away.-I want to learn her phone number, I didn’t find it on internet!-Her new album rocked everywhere and also this application I think…-After downloading it, I started to follow the recent news about her.-Her music style is first for me, big fan! Thanks for this quiz.-She will be absolutely a worldwide music star, it is impossible to not know her hits!You may know all this stuff…But are you ready for lyrics quiz?The top 30 hits in the app now today:*Everything is not what it seems ...*Nobody, nobody does it like you ...*Write your name across my heart ...*Our love was made to rule the world forget forever ...*Disappear I remember the first time ...*The lover in me is the lover in you ...*Wouldn't that be sweet? So magical ...*In and out of love but I like it that way ...*The music feels better with you ...*I, I love you like a love song, baby ...*Round and round you see me standing there ...*A day without you is like a year without rain ...*When you're ready come and get it ...*Yeah, baby, slow down the song if you want me I'm accepting ...*Who says, who says you're not perfect? ...*Tell me something I don't know ...*Love will remember you ...*We can keep it undercover ...*Send it on, on and on just one that can heal another ...*You're falling down, falling down ...*It's magic, you know never believe, it's not so ...*Walk like a champion talk like a champion ...*I can make the stars dance, dance, dance for you, you, you ...*Fly to your heart touch every rainbow ...*Take it up a notch all together now shake it up! ...*Oh, when the night starts slippin' away, save the day ...*Bang a drum you got me floatin' ten feet ...*I like the lights in my hand and the beat in my face ...*Hit the lights let the music move you ...

  • Create your Music Dance

    Create your Music Dance

    Create your Music DanceFeel like a real DJ Dance creating your music.Tablet Mpc 16 high quality sounds in dance music with many possible combinations. Here you are the composer and sound Your tablet.Have fun with electronic music by the best mixes and immerse yourself in the sounds of Dance music anytime.★ Sound Board easy to use.★ You can press multiple buttons simultaneously.★ Sounds in high quality.★ Fast charge.★ No time limit.★ Free, no purchase, no limits.Dance music game creator, is always available, no internet connection needed to play. This free application can contain advertising.

  • Piano And Notes For Toddlers

    Piano And Notes For Toddlers

    THIS GAME IS FUNNY!You will have fun while playing this game. Playing the piano is very easy and funny with this game. THIS GAME IS EDUCATIVE!This game is suitable for preschool children. It is possible to support of your toddlers physical, social and emotional development at your home. Piano is one of the best musical instruments. This game will be first piano lesson of your toddler for preschool.PLAY AND LEARN TOGETHER WITH YOUR TODDLER!This piano is very funny and it will improve your toddlers musical talents and their physical, social and emotional development. Your little one will love this piano game. When they touch the music notes will go to place in on the treble staff. There will be a lot of music notes. You can learn read the sheet music easily while playing this game.There are 5 notes of simple songs in the game to play the piano, you can play this 5 songs easily. 1- Twinkle Little Star2- Happy Birth Day3- Marry Had A Little Lamb4- The Itsy Bıtsy Spider5- Old MacDonald Had A FarmWhen they have played for the first time, your todddlers and babies may not be able to correctly touch the piano fireworks touches with his/her little fingers. Play the "Piano And Notes For Toddlers" game with your baby continuously for a few hours or days, and you will be surprised at the mobile development and musical intelligence of your toddlers."Piano And Notes For Toddlers" game must be played in the presence of a mother or father, and it is encouraged for you to guide your baby through the game for a few days at first.WHEN TO PLAY!When your baby is hungry or will not stop crying, playing this game can hold your baby's attention. (The various sounds, animated shapes stimulate your baby's curiosity.)"Piano and Notes For Toddlers" game is exceptionally handy for mothers and fathers who spend time with their toddlers but cannot figure out how to spend that time usefully.This game may be too advanced for infants under 6 months old.CAUTION!Playing the application too much amount of time or leaving the children alone with the mobile phone or tablet pc is not encouraged.Please feel free to notify us!Thank You...

  • Doremi Piano

    Doremi Piano

    A simple way to remember the location of notes on a stave. Help to learn and develop speed reading from a sheet. The application includes the treble and bass clef.

  • Cat Sounds .

    Cat Sounds .

    Are you "a dog" or "a cat" person? If you answer is "a cat person", this app is just right for you.Cats can say meow in many ways: funny, scary, unexpectedly, playfully, loud or almost in whisper. Cats can roar like a tiger or meow as a small little cute kitty. The meows are so different for different purposes. For example for purring, pleading, playing, showing the hunger and etc. Most people like cats: they are cute, lovely, but at the same time independent and smart animals.If you are amazed by cats this playful cat sounds app is just right for you and your family and pets. Play these cat sounds and make your dog to chase you. Or entertain your kids, by letting them play cat piano, using different cat sounds from this cat sound app. Or guess what cat sound means what. It is really entertaining for both: kids and adults. If you always wanted to keep cat at home, but it wasn't possible due to some specific reasons, this application can help you as well. By playing cat sounds you can have at least a part of the joy of having this pet at home. As you can see this a fantastic application with multiple usage possibilities.Are you able to understand what your cat trying to tell you? Is it hungry cat purring little cat mad cat felling funny cat happy cat silly cat roar tiger cat yelling at you cat pleading cat begging for food or simply fighting cat? There are so many different cant sounds and it is likely to be true that most of cat owners have not heard them all. This cat sound app and phone can help in this case. It contains very simple and at the same time unique meows. Thus your phone can become a cute cat, angry cat, silly cat or just very hungry begging for food cat. It can imitate so many cat sounds. And it also very simple to use.By pressing only one button you can choose any of available cat sounds. You know what - you don't even need to touch the screen. Just roll the phone from left to right or to any other side and cat sounds will be changing. So simple! This cat sounds app can be used in many ways: just to raise your mood by hearing a lovely and funny sounds, for having fun and making jokes with your friends, for playing with your pets or maybe even for teaching them a good manners. Cat sound could be set as your call melody. Want to make your children happy and make them laugh - this app can help you with this too. What about setting cat sounds as a ring tone in your phone. You will smile every time when receiving the call.Features for cat sounds:*litzkrieg flamingo wwii chimpanzee anubis aura*bison tomcat stalingrad whistler hanger nose *pillow accessory howl stranger lite uniform*zerg like sounds with pillow accessory howl*meow roar purring pleading as kitty in the roomWhat about your pets? Cat sounds application can be entertaining and engaging for them as well. Just imagine how your cat or dog would behave hearing the cat they cannot see? Would they start looking for that or start imitating the same sound or maybe they would act in other ways? Don't hesitate to try this application and you will find out. Let your pet control the game by changing cat sounds while moving the phone. This is one more way to use this cat sounds app. Also it can help to find out how your pet would behave when meeting angry cat. This application can give an answer if it is better to avoid such situations.

  • Beat Love Dance

    Beat Love Dance

    Come on everybody on dance floor the party started with Love Dance Beat an extra gameyou choreographer dancers for a series telecast so you must learn to yourartist make every effort to be the best and win the final battle of high floor style Flash mob!Beat in Love Dance Salsa you will learn the step dub and R B with five dancer.you will have to synchronize their movement to which am together on the same trackrhythm of the music come on everybody hands up in the air with super dj Natasha tonightgonna be hot atmosphere guaranteed come on baby let 's go party!For the love of risk you put all the chances on your side after a years trainingyou're back on track Saturday night in a media show in front of millions of viewers .already nearly a thousand fan you tweet and Facebook users in mode i like move it baby!After all Magic Sound System Pooandplay whole team and proud of youpresented the incredible Love Dance Beat the last of the series of flash mob my rap hip hopand rock and roll , not forgetting Space Crazy Battle of Move and dance floor .Program at Noris is night Salsa with an after R B and DubStep

  • Xylophone For Kids

    Xylophone For Kids

    Xylophone come.you have funny and learnin play Xylophone when you play the lXylophone..Fun are waiting for you.Children will have fun and learn both when they play Xylophone.Touch and works wonders.Xylophone notes almost like flying.Over time you will feel relax with the sound of music.Have Fun!!!CautionPlaying the application too much amount of time or leaving the children alone with the tablet pc is not encouraged