• What is your cat?

    What is your cat?

    What is your cat? - Application joke! With it you can quickly find what you cat?Simply take a picture of yourself, and wait a little bit. The app analyzes your photo and tell you what the cat today! Maybe you're a cat-biznessmen or kitty princess? This will tell you our app!With our app you can make fun of relatives or friends! Your mom will be happy!Collect all the cats.Awesome:- More than 80 different cats!- Very nice pictures!- Cool Design!Most places our application, and receive bonuses for collected cats!If you do not like something then write in the comments, and if all liked then put 5 Stars!Help developers!

  • Pickup Truck Simulation 3D

    Pickup Truck Simulation 3D

    -Pickup Truck-Blue , Red models-Realistic map-Realistic physical engineThank you for your -support

  • Stickman Crash Testing ②

    Stickman Crash Testing ②

    This is the second stickman crash testing simulator. It's a collectionof various crashes, stunts, jumps and bone breaking stunt carsetups.These crazy stickman guys again have to face all kinds of of obstacles,free falls, fighting and jumps in a realistic rag doll phyics environment.Part of the game is like stickman golf cart crash derby!The stickmen are true 3D animated ragdoll testing objects.You will not see any stick death though, they are just bouncing ragdolls.The goal of the game is to find the hidden green frog in one of thesimulations and tap it!Good luck!

  • Eden River

    Eden River

    Eden River is a relaxation experience designed for Virtual Reality. It is the 5th game from Unello design. Eden River was created as a counterpoint to all the violent horror and action demos prevalent in VR. There is no blood in Eden River, there are no monsters. Instead you cruise down a tranquil river flying along with the animals of the forest. If you have one, set up a small electric fan blowing a slight breeze in your face. Eden River is a truly transcendental experience that is already in use in virtual reality research labs and special education classrooms around the world. The original score by Aaron Lemke was nominated for the Proto Award for Best Score.Works with:-Google Cardboard-Durovis Dive-ImmersiON-VRelia GO-Most other smartphone VR viewersAlso from this developer:Zen ZoneNebuland

  • Gunship-II


    EXPERIENCE VIETNAM WAR ERA COMBAT HELICOPTERS! Immerse yourself into the mist of the Vietnam war as an US helicopter pilot. Be part of the new air mobile tactic which helicopters are heavily used to insert troops into battles, transport supplies and weapons to the most remote outposts, hover and pickup a downed pilot in cross fires or fly dangerous low level Hunter-Killer mission.Choose from 5 Vietnam War choppers to fly with an intuitive combination of touch-screen and accelerometer controls.MISSIONS5 realistic and detailed Vietnam War single-player missions ‚fly different chopper each mission! Next 5 missions are coming soon as an update.REAL HISTORICAL HELICOPTERS Pilot 5 authentic Vietnam War helicopters : H-34 Chicksaw, H-13 Sioux, UH-1D Huey, UH-1B Huey Gunship, AH-1 Cobra.Support cockpit view and zoom in view with look around capability.

  • Crazy Shark 3D Sim

    Crazy Shark 3D Sim

    Crazy Shark 3D Simulator brings to you a deadly and addictive gameplay experience you can sink your teeth into! Devour and destroy all you can while looking out for the vicious hunter who will try to shoot you down. Don’t let him get to you. Attack and be a mean killing machine and be as angry as a shark can be. Bring out the carnivore inside you and unleash it with this crazy shark simulator. Sharks are angry all the time and looking for a prey to devour. Show absolutely NO MERCY and become the wildest and hungriest shark ever. You get to attack anyone and everyone, anything and everything! It’s going to be bloody mess so beware as it’s a race between you and the hunter and who gets to their prey first.Crazy Shark 3D Sim features include:• 3 giant and crazy sharks for you to control and unleash the shark anger• 30 crazy shark missions for you to destroy and devour all that you can• Genuine water physics, crisp shark movements and animations• Awesome 3D graphics with realistic water environments that include beaches, docks and the open seaDon’t miss out on all the crazy shark fun with the deadliest simulator you’ll find! Hunt down to feed the crazy hunger that is in your blood. Attack first and avoid getting hunted by the hunter!Don't forget to like us on Facebook at

  • Hoopa City

    Hoopa City

    **From the makers of Dr. Panda Games!**Top city-building app for kids by USA Today!**Awarded with an Editor's Choice Award by Children's Technology Review!**Winner of a NAPPA Silver Award!Plan and build in Hoopa City! Combine different materials to build roads, houses, and much, much more with your favorite Hippo from the Dr. Panda games! Can you find the secret combination for each building? Let your imagination run wild and build a village, town, or even a huge city of your own design in Hoopa City! Use different materials and combine them to create all sorts of buildings! Fill the landscape with shops, roads, schools, and even theme parks or stadiums! Each building takes a special combination of materials to create, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Whether you want to build a shopping paradise, a beach resort, or a quiet forest town, you can with Hoopa in Hoopa City! ***Note: This version of Hoopa City is identical to Hoopa City - Free Edition, except it comes with all content purchased from the start, and has absolutely no in-app purchases. If you have already purchased the in-app unlocks in Hoopa City - Free Edition, this version has no new or different content from the version you already have.***Hoopa City is designed with kids in mind, but people of all ages can build and have fun! Key features: - Build your own city – however you like!- Play and experiment with 7 world-building materials like water, electricity and brick!- Discover all of the different buildings!- Save multiple cities! If you’d like to make a new city, just go back to the start screen! Your cities will be saved automatically, so you can pick up right where you left off.- Building Glossary Guide - It will keep track of how many buildings you've discovered, and remember how to make them! If you want to make a building again, just check the book in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and see! It’ll also show you how many buildings you have left to discover.- Play however you want! No time limits or strict rules!- No in-app purchases or third party adsPrivacy Policy As a designer of kids’ games, we understand how important privacy is in this modern, digital world. You can read our privacy policy here: About Dr. PandaDr. Panda is a developer of games for kids. We develop games with educational values that help kids understand life and the world around them. All of our games are safe and do not contain inappropriate content, in-app purchases or any third-party advertising. If you’d like to know more about us and how we design games for kids visit our website www.drpandagames.com/about. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at or contact us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/drpandagames) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/drpandagames) or Instagram www.instagram.com/drpandagames.

  • Horse Simulator

    Horse Simulator

    Giddyup partner! This horse simulator is PACKED with fun interaction. Some of the secrets will take you a while to uncover. Features**4 HUGE Maps to explore**Choose a rider + horse, or just the horse**Find the Carrots to keep going**Goats, Sheep, Bears, Cows**Flying Jet Airplanes, Helicopters, Moving Cars, Trains, and much more!!Come on! Take a wild ride on this horse. Includes 4 HUGE maps for hours of Horse riding and racing fun. All with excellent, high quality 3D graphics. This is a simulation game you won't want to miss.On the Farm, you get to smash into other horses, goat, sheep, deer. Explore the miniature castle. Go and check out the airport and smash into the F-14 Jet. You hear that train coming - see if you can race after it. Load of interactive objects on the huge farm maps.You may also decide to take you horse into the city. Plenty of secrets on this huge city map. Helicopters, secrets moving platforms. Watch out for those Police Cars. The cops are too crazy about horses racing around and smashing up the city streets.Your horse uses lots of energy and needs to find carrots to keep going. There are plenty hidden around the 3D map.You've given Goat Simulator a try, now its time for something a little different. This Horse Sim has it all - and much much more. You wont be disappointed.Performance Note : This simulator app operates best of newer devices. If your device is more than 2 years old, you are probably going to have some problems with performance. Good luck!!

  • Final Days - Zombie Survival

    Final Days - Zombie Survival

    A deadly series of plagues has wiped out most of the worlds population. You're one of the few people in the world left uninfected, and you have to apply your skills of survival to live to see another day. Scavenge in a huge open world for weapons, medication, and supplies to increase your chance for survival. With a real time day/night system, you must prepare for long nights, where it is pitch dark and you are more vulnerable to zombie attacks. With a huge open world containing many vast locations such as military bases, houses, and enter-able 10-story apartment buildings, you are bound to have hours of entertainment!Will you survive?Features:- Huge open world- Tons of zombies- Lootable weapons, ammo, and health packs- Working inventory✖✖✖✖ ATTENTION ✖✖✖✖ Final Days is in beta and is being heavily worked on daily by me. Leaving a rating/review announcing any bugs/glitches would be greatly appreciated. It is required to have a newer device for the game to run smoothly.✖✖✖✖ TROUBLE SHOOTING ✖✖✖✖ If you are having performance issues, there can be many causes. Since the game is still in beta, one part of the world is a bit more laggy than the other parts (Because of buildings and zombies spawning). This will obviously be fixed in later versions. In the meantime, Here is how you can resolve any performance issues while playing "Final Days":- Make sure all applications are closed and not running at the time of you playing the game. Many active apps can cause the CPU in your device to cook, so making sure all applications are closed and inactive will greatly increase overall performance.- Your device greatly contributes to the performance of the game. Having an older device can result in performance issues, so make sure you have a newer device or a device with a decent processor. Final Days runs best on ARMv7 devices.Have anymore troubleshooting tips? Email us at: !

  • Real Spirit Radar Pro

    Real Spirit Radar Pro

    Do you wonder if there are spirits around you? Well thanks to Real Spirit Radar you can now find out!, Click on the loading logo, or wait three seconds and the app automatically will start. When a ghost symbol appears, that means that something is close! The words will pop up in the white box, they appear until a new word appears. There are now more options with the pro version, you can change the sensitivity, this version also comes with a larger dictionary!Because we cannot get this app scientifically verified, it should be used to entertainment purposes only.

  • Dreamjob Veterinarian

    Dreamjob Veterinarian

    You can open your own veterinary practice here. Slide into the role of veterinarian and help your fluffy patients with all of their ailments. While doing so you’ll learn a lot about dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and their various animal diseases.FEATURES• Open your own veterinary practice• Cool graphics and realistic sound effects• Learning rich veterinarian simulation game• Care for dogs, cats and rabbits as well as guinea pigs and birdsTAKE OVER YOUR OWN VETERINARY PRACTICEIn this game you’ll take over countless tasks from the day-to-day work of a veterinarian. You learn how to interpret symptoms and how different treatments can be used. The more patients you help on their road to recovery, the more money you’ll earn. With this you can buy new medical instruments or expand your clinic. Turn your career wish into a reality while enjoying cool graphics, realistic sound effects and simple touchscreen control. CARE FOR DOGS, CATS OR GUINEA PIGSRegardless of whether it’s birds, guinea pigs, cats or dogs, right on the first day many patients need your help. To find out what’s wrong with the animals you have to ask their owners very detailed questions. Perhaps they’re suffering from allergies, have parasites in their fur or have sprained a paw and just need a bandage? You’ll find out what the problem is by diligently examining them. You can x-ray, take blood samples, vaccinate and much more.Try it now and open your own veterinary practice today!

  • Car Transporter Truck Driver

    Car Transporter Truck Driver

    Park your vehicle in Car Transport Truck Trailer and drive cars to destinations. Do you think you can manage a huge truck that can carry heavy load? Car Transporter Truck Driver 3D Simulator will give you the mega experience of driving transporters and experience the heavy load. With this ultimate automobile transporter game, you’ll test your driving skills at parking cars inside the transporters and driving the big trucks yourself.You will be given with some amazing cars to park in the container trucker; you will move this heavy duty racing automobile transporter truck to its destination with precision and accuracy. Get your hands on the transport automobile trucker and be the road king.Dare yourself to become a driver of this heavy duty car transport trailer. Watch out! You’re about to drive the huge automobile transporter lorry and it contains the most expensive racing cars; don't let these classy racing cars hit each other.These high value beautiful racing cars does not belong to you, your duty is to transport them safely. Make sure to fulfill your duty and transport these awesome cars to the marked destination within the given time.You need to use the 3d camera and maneuver your big lorry through the streets of the city. These automobile transporter trucks will be very crazy at the turns of the roads. So, be careful while turning these big lorry trailer car transporters.Parking games usually are challenging yet simple, but this game can be very crazy because you are not only driving a huge lorry trailer but that heavy duty lorry also contains expensive cars to transport them to their destination.Features:3 new Trucks ready to unlock!20 Extreme and double parking missionsBe the King of the street with internal view.Transportation car chauffeur 3D challenging and outstanding environment.Clock is ticking so drop the passengers on time.Extreme precision 3d transportation car simulator.Great dynamic game play.Superb sound effects.Amazing 3d graphics.Best chauffeur simulator for kids, youngsters, teens and mature people who love to play time race games in their smart phone devices. In this extreme fun driving parking mania game, we challenge you to try this mega vehicle carrier and transport cars to the destination. Park the cars carefully and maneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. And extraordinary graphics that will also enchant parking simulation addicts and racers.

  • Navy Warship Combat 3D

    Navy Warship Combat 3D

    The Battle of the Deadly Seas is yours! Commanding your naval ships and destroy your opponent’s deadly warships.You’re not going to use some average navy battle 3D warship, you will get the best!Are you ready for the wild sea adventure war of nations? The waves won’t be the hardest to survive, just stay awake and be fresh and fast when it’s needed. Take control of the legendary vessels and fight for domination on the high seas. The Destroyer warship machine has its unique realistic combination of firepower, speed, armor, and endurance.Fend off the dangers of the Sea!The whole New Era of Fire Age War has begun. Do you know the Art of War? There are no Rules in the Battlefield except one; Victory!!!A great vicious naval combat is waiting for you. Destroy all the Enemy assets, lethal aircrafts and Crash the artillery; show no Mercy for enemy.3D High-tech tactical GunsEpic Shooting MissionSpecial Super Powers: air strikes, mine bombs, invulnerability shieldStrategize and ShootThousands of EnemiesHD graphicsBest thrilling destruction FPS style shooting game

  • Pokémon GO

    Pokémon GO

    Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many other Pokémon have been discovered on planet Earth! Now’s your chance to discover and capture the Pokémon all around you—so get your shoes on, step outside, and explore the world. You’ll join one of three teams and battle for the prestige and ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side.

  • Safari Simulator: Lion

    Safari Simulator: Lion

    Explore the wild savanna and live life as a Lion! Survive in a massive world filled with dangerous animals and crafty critters. Start your own pride of lions, raise baby lion cubs, stalk prey through grassy plains, and battle for your life against fierce predators like crocodiles, cheetahs, and elephants!Download the Safari Simulator: Lion today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time!Game Features+ REALISTIC SIMULATOR - You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy if you're going to survive in the hostile African savanna!+ EPIC BATTLES - Use your powerful bite, razor sharp claws, and swift speed to catch tasty snacks and fight dangerous beasts!+ START A PRIDE OF LIONS - Find up to three lionesses to bond with and raise your very own family of lions to help you hunt!+ LEVEL UP YOUR LION - Gain experience by defeating other animals and level up to increase your health, attack damage, and even unlock new lion furs!+ LION SURVIVAL GUIDE - Look to your handy survival guide for information on enemy wildlife, a map of the savanna, lion customizations, and much more!+ HUGE 3D ENVIRONMENT - Your lion is free to explore the vast plains of the African savanna filled with dangerous carnivores, tall grass, and a lush oasis!+ NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS - Brand intuitive controls let you navigate your animal like never before! Pinch to zoom and play from your lion's perspective or get a bird's eye view of the action!+ HD GRAPHICS - Stunning High Definition graphics will transport you to the African wilderness and surround you with nature's vibrant beauty!+ GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE - With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!Download the Safari Simulator: Lion and rule the Animal Kingdom as a ferocious wild Lion!If you liked living as a Lion then you'll love our other animal simulators! Download Jurassic World: Tyrannosaurus Rex Simulator to travel to a lost land of dinosaurs or check out the Wildlife Simulator: Wolf and start your very own Wolfpack!Follow us on Facebook for more awesome animal games and simulators!facebook.com/glutenfreegames Follow us on Twitter too! We love hearing feedback and suggestions!twitter.com/glutenfreegames

  • i Fishing 3 Lite

    i Fishing 3 Lite

    i Fishing 3 Lite is the much improved sequel to the smash hit iFishing. i Fishing has over 20 million players worldwide and we thank you for your support since the game was launched. We took all your suggestions and improved the game in every area possible! This is the lite version, which only gives you practice mode with a few lures. If you want career mode and to be able to buy new lures, lines and rods you must get the full version from the Google Play store. You can use this lite version to test if the game works on your device before buying.FEATURES- Full motion 720p video backgrounds (lite version has 4, full version has 17)- Photorealistic graphics and with fish that kick and jump - Compete in 50 tournaments in the new Career Mode (full version only)- Visit the Tackle Store to buy new lures, different rods, and line- New spinning reel controls- Scales better across phones and tablets- More sound effects and speech from your guideiFishing 3 is the perfect game to bring the great outdoors to you, no matter where you are.For more great games visit www.RockingPocketGames.com

  • Truck Simulator 2014 - Free

    Truck Simulator 2014 - Free

    Drive your truck in this amazing simulation game for Android!Choose real trucks, to drive in real cities with real names in this elaborate simulation.Many different trucks to explore the gorgeous landscapes and environments on Truck Simulator 2014.FEATURES: Trucks available: - Transport truck - Cargo truck - Tank truck / fuel truck - Fire truck - Peterbilt truck - Scania truck Scenario - Very detailed city. - Detailed roads and landscapes - Lakes - Real traffic with accurate IA. - More then 40.000 kilometers (24.840 miles) of area covered on landscapes, scenarios and cities.The simulator is compatible with more than 5000 android devices! We want to improve each day the experience of driving trucks in our simulator, getting closer to real world driving! So please, contact us with your feedback!Have a good drive!"Optimized for Intel x86 mobile device"

  • Fair Simulator: Machine

    Fair Simulator: Machine

    Did you ever control your own carnival ride? Sure not. But now you have the opportunity to catch up with the "Funfair Ride Simulator: Machine" on your Smartphone and Tablet!Control and marvel the breathtaking "Machine" ride.CONTROL Control your own ride with all possible movements and light controls. RIDE "Take your seat and fly!" - Hop on your ride and enjoy the ride in "point of view" sight. ENJOY Enjoy your own funfair ride with tons of different light and fog effects. FEATURES• Realistic movement and physics • Fully controllable • Unique fairground / carnival atmosphere • people in the gondolas• light and sound effects • day / night• different camera angles including "POV"• Cash box with camera• innovative interface• compact GUI and panel view• Recording / Playback function• Some cameras can be moved by wiping gestureATTENTION: This is the standalone version of the Machine ride, which also is available via InApp in "Funfair Ride Simulator 2" - if you want to have multiple rides, then go with Funfair Ride Simulator 2.

  • Truck Parking Simulator 2

    Truck Parking Simulator 2

    Truck Parking Simulator is a truck simulator with realistic controls and dynamic gameplay.This game simulates various parking skill.In this game, you need to connect the trailer to your truck and park to the desired parking spot.Find the trailer with the red arrow on your screen and park your truck to the parking spot by following the green arrow.You can change angle of view by click camera button.Control your truck with steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals.Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need.------------------------------------------------7 trucks and 5 trailers.------------------------------------------------

  • Flight Sim: Transport Plane 3D

    Flight Sim: Transport Plane 3D

    Flight Sim: Transport Plane 3D is a brand new 3D Plane Simulator Game! Your mission is to fly an army transporter jet, board the soldiers and vehicles onto the plane and drop them off at the correct destination, fly through the waypoints to ensure you stay on course and drop the soldiers inside the dropzones.How to play: You simply need to park your plane in the parking bay, let the soldiers and the Jeep(s) board the airplane. Once all have boarded, simply close the hatch and get flying. Some levels you must fly off and then land the plane in another location to collect the soldiers. Good luck pilot.