• QuizUp


    - A huge variety of topics ranging from current pop culture to obscure scientific facts, and everything in between. - Hundreds of specialized topics, allowing you to find what you’re truly passionate about and master it. - Thousands of beautifully illustrated questions. - Various educational topics for those who want to brush up on their vocabulary, spelling or foreign languages. - A comprehensive overview of your stats, showing you how you’re doing in individual topics and categories. - Fun and expressive titles and achievements to earn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find more QuizUp videos in GoPlay

  • MineQuiz


    Test your knowledge about Minecraft with this updated, new looking unofficial quiz game!Rules are the same: collect XP points to unlock harder levels with harder questions!Answer all questions and become masterFEATURES:• Over 80 questions• Different levels of difficulty• Innovative way to play quiz games• Cool graphicsHOW TO PLAY:Click on small yellow cube to answer the questions. If you answer all question right, then next cube will unlock. There are 3 types of "question cubes"ATTENTION !!!!!! GAME IS IN ENGLISH !!!1. Yellow - unlocked and you can answer the questions2. Green - all questions 100% right3. Red - lockedIMPORTANT!!!WE did not make Minecraft nor do we own it, MineQuiz is unofficial quiz about this game.Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.Enjoy! :)TRS, TwoRobotsStudio

  • Think


    The game uses a smart, contextually aware hint system and AI which will guide you to the correct answer - instead of just opening out few letters on the keyboard as most other games do. You will find yourself having delightful conversations with the game and trying out various combinations - just to elicit a response from the AI. Best played with friends and family together. You can find Think videos on GoPlay!

  • Trivia Crack

    Trivia Crack

    ◉ Share achievements ◉ Combine wit and strategy ◉ Challenge friends to a duel ◉ Chat live with friends and opponents ◉ Suggest, rate and translate questions ◉ Test your knowledge in various areas

  • True or False

    True or False

    Game for children and adults.In the game you have to choose the correct answer. All questions in the picture. The first 100 questions are very simple. The following 100 questions more difficult. At the end of the game you will see the result. The game will show you your level IQ.

  • 1 footballer 1 country

    1 footballer 1 country

    1 football 1 country - a new game-quiz for soccer fans. In total more than 100 countries and players, 4 levels of difficulty. Your task is to guess - for the national team which plays footballer country, reflected in the photograph. The correct answer is necessary to enter the letters given below. There are also 2 tips - you can hide the extra letters, or to open the correct letter. For the use of tips with you shoot the coins for the correct answer on the contrary added. The game has support for two languages - Russian and English.

  • Family Feud® 2

    Family Feud® 2

    Challenge your friends and family or anyone in the larger Family Feud & Friends Community.In Tournament mode, you will challenge up to 7 players, are you the heavyweight Champion? Can you become the Ultimate Feuder? Download and share your Family Feud® 2 videos in GoPlay community, let's witness your way to champion!

  • WWE Wrestling Trivia Premium

    WWE Wrestling Trivia Premium

    *** MUST HAVE WWE WRESTLING TRIVIA INSTALLED FOR THIS TO WORK ***This will also unlock Wrestling Trivia Federation!!This is the licence that unlocks 500 additional trivia questions and removes the advertisements from WWE Wrestling Trivia. Unlocked questions will be marked with "**" before them.WWE Wrestling Trivia is a basic version of Wrestling Trivia Federation. Games consist of 20 questions. Choose a difficulty level for the question, then answer the question. Choose the difficulty level carefully. You lose points if you answer incorrectly.

  • Lie Detector: True Scanner

    Lie Detector: True Scanner

    Lie Detector: True Scanner is a game of ‘tell me a story’ and ‘I'll tell you if it’s true or false (a lie or the truth)This is an application that can detect lies through the touch screen and by detecting the following physical changes in the body of the person being interrogated:★ Changes in emotional state★ Blood pressure★ Mood detection★ Finger sweating★ Finger temperatureWhether someone is lying or telling the truth, you’ll know it.Just place a finger (preferably the thumb) on the fingerprint sensor, interrogate your suspects and then ask them to remove their finger.Lie Detector: True Scanner has all the answers you need (in a binary way) .Investigate the truth about the sex or gender of a person; ask about the veracity of a romance; get to know your true friends; find out who deceives you; confirm the truth in a game of truth or dare. The Loch Ness Monster really exist?The future is in your hands with the Lie Detector: True Scanner.Sure ... remember that this application can’t really do any of what I said. Simply use it to have fun with your friends and family!

  • Hunger Games Trivia Edition HD

    Hunger Games Trivia Edition HD

    THE HOTTEST trivia about HUNGER GAMES on Google Play! Questions from all 3 books for real fans of Hunger Games Trilogy. To all the tributes ~ we are awaiting you in the arena. NO ADS! Are you a true fan of The Hunger Games Trilogy? All the questions are created by a real fan to challenge your knowledge and have some fun! Can you finish all the sections correctly? Have you read all 3 books? Well let’s see how much you know about your favorite trilogy ~ Are you the biggest fan? Katniss Everdeen is awaiting you! CATEGORIES ~ Characters ~ The Games ~ Story ~ Panem ~ Numbers FEATURES ~ beautiful eye catching design ~ questions based on all 3 books!!! ~ 5 exciting categories to test your knowledge ~ released in the recent event of Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie release~ we are aware of the fact that the new Mocking Jay movie is coming soon and we are working hard to provide you with the best content possibleDisclaimer: The App Fan Trivia - Hunger Games Trilogy Edition is based purely on facts about the books and is NOT affiliated with Suzanne Collins, Scholastic Group or Lions Gate Films. This game is created by a fan. Please contact us in case of any problems, we are happy to help

  • Hello Kitty's Pie Shop

    Hello Kitty's Pie Shop

    It's her famous and delicious pie! Join Hello Kitty in baking the most decadent and appetizing pastries in her newest official game: Hello Kitty's Pie Shop.Hello Kitty's Pie Shop is a fun sim game that lets you play as Hello Kitty in her kitchen. Don a baker’s apron and hat to start making the best cakes and pies in town.Choose from a wide variety of shapes for your base, select different fillings, cover it, bake it, take your creation out of the oven and decorate your pie with various colorful, mouth-watering toppings!After you're done, you can share your delectable creation with your friends!Features:1. The cute and cuddly Hello Kitty joins us to bake delicious treats!2. Cute and lovely graphics as only Hello Kitty can deliver.3. A wide variety of ingredients and pie options.4. Design and decorate your creation with loads of delicious toppings. ** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

  • Logo Quiz

    Logo Quiz

    Guess the brands with #1 Logo Quiz!Logo Quiz is a free game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies.We can see various company logos every day and everywhere.On TV, walking along the street, in magazines ... simply everywhere!How many of brand logos can you guess?More than 1 000 logos are available for you to guess in over 20 exciting levels.♥ More than 50 000 000 downloads around the world! Thank you! ♥FEATURES:★ More than 1 000 logos and a small size of the application!★ 20 exciting levels!★ 15 languages support!★ Helpful clues! Each logo has 5 hints! ★ New hints are granted for correct logo quiz answers.★ Swipe screen to switch between logos!★ Cloud Save! Start game on your phone and continue where you left off on your tablet!★ Detailed statistics!★ New leaderboard! Compare your scores with your friends!★ Learn more about brands after correctly guessing!★ Frequent application updates!New Extra Levels are available now!★ 32 new levels!★ New game modes: Slogans(200 riddles), Minimalist(300 logos), Expert(1000 logos)!Compare your answers with your friends! Challenge them to see who knows more logos!New logos coming soon.Check for the updates!----------Find Us on Facebook and stay up-to-date!

  • Bible Time!

    Bible Time!

    Bible Time!(edition: The Gospels) is a Bible quiz game testing your knowledge in various categories from The Gospels. This Bible trivia game is unique because it keeps track of every question you answer while showing you what area of the Gospels you are knowledgeable at.

  • All Maps of the World - Quiz

    All Maps of the World - Quiz

    Guess ALL 197 countries of ALL continents by their outline maps! From Europe and Asia to Africa and America. Pass the easy level of 50 questions to get access to the more exotic countries. Choose the game mode and find the map of your country: * Spelling quizzes (easy and hard)* Multiple-choice quizzes - "challenges" (also easy and hard)* Time game (give the most answers in 1 minute)Guess the Geography Map of Your State!* This app is translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Dutch languages.

  • Don't tap White Tiles: Piano

    Don't tap White Tiles: Piano

    The simplest rule: don't tap on the white tile. The Blackwhite tiles with great piano/guitar sound makes you feel real!Highlighted features:# No.1 Charming piano, guitar sound effect.# Fantastic background music# Classic, Zen, Arcade, Speed, Relay game mode# Google Game Service support - Challenge your friends on google+Find more interesting features? Download, play and compete with your friends now!

  • Intuition


    Word Association GameYour task - to unite the words into pairs

  • Bottle 3d

    Bottle 3d

    Virtual bottle for your parties and cheerful company. Realistic physics, beautiful 3d graphics.

  • Guess That Singer

    Guess That Singer

    For all music lovers, an original quiz that will make you crazy. Many singers, soloists or members of a band, to be recognized. Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, singers of today and yesterday that you have to guess. As a help, you’ll get different clues on the image. Once recognized, you have to compose with the letters available his/her full name or in some cases only the last name. Can you guess them all? Take on 8 levels and challenge your friends! "Damn, I can’t go on!" Don’t worry! If you can’t recognize a character, you have credits to get clues. You will get the credits guessing the characters or purchasing them. "I wonder if anyone else is able to recognize them?" During the game you can often suggest to your friends to participate inviting them on major social networks (facebook, twitter, etc..) or by email. The more we are, the more we have fun! Can you be on top of the chart? "Ah-ah! I guessed them all, and now? " If you were so clever to complete the game, do not sit down: hundreds of other characters to guess are coming. Always update your app and follow our page on Facebook.

  • Photo Quiz - Guess Pictures

    Photo Quiz - Guess Pictures

    *** Guess hundreds of pictures, train your brain and hunt for stars and higher levels - Play the photo quizzes in multiple languages now ***Download Photo Quiz puzzle game now and guess from a lot of pictures from different categories. Is it an image of an apple, a football, a baseball or a pizza? Don't answer one of the 4 wrong words. Choose the correct 1 word for the pic to solve the puzzles and collect stars to unlock higher levels, new game modes and additional game languages. Can you find the words for every picture? Train your brain and learn new words by solving guessing the pics in different languages. Connect with Facebook, compete with your friends and share your success. Download the Photo Quiz game now and enjoy the challenging picture puzzle, it is 100% free, the perfect brain training!Features:- Photo Quiz is a 100% FREE trivia game- 4 game modes (Chill, Time, Speed and Learning)- 20 levels with unique pictures (fruits, spices, sports, tools, foods, herbs, kitchen, vegetables, drinks, nature, office, cities, bathroom, wild animals, flowers, world wonders, people, landscapes, writing, nature wonders)- Play Photo Quiz in multiple languages (english, german, french, spanish, italian and portuguese)- High resolution images- Facebook support

  • Genius Quiz

    Genius Quiz

    Challenge your friend to see who is faster and smarter in this 100 questions game. Use your brain to get as far as you can in this game. Your reasoning ability is measured in every situation. There will be no instruction, every decision will be part of the Challenge Module. A mistake can be a big time waste in the advanced levels. You can find Genius Quiz videos on GoPlay!