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The easiest way to find new teammates and friends.

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Join our Welcome Room to start your GoPlay journey!

GoPlay Room

One-on-one room to play your favourite games.


Are you looking to find that next perfect Teammate or just someone to chat with? Either way we have exactly what you’re looking for. All you have to do is download GoPlay from the app store of your choosing and sign up for free.

1 You’ll be able to look at different GoPlayer’s profiles to make sure you find your perfect teammate.

2 You can also join our welcome room where you can start your GoPlay journey.

3 Once you find your preferred teammate, shoot them a message and join our one-on-one room.


Have you ever wanted to make money while playing games or chatting? Have you ever wished it was easier to meet new people? How about finding someone to play games with? Becoming a GoPlayer might be the right thing for you.

1 Navigate to the “Me” tab and find the “become a GoPlayer” button.

2 When you’re ready, click “apply” and complete the necessary steps for verification.

3 After becoming a GoPlayer, people will be able to find your profile on the front page.